Some of the men from the 150th revisited Europe, and went to places they where at in the war. They also went to Meridan Mississippi for the reactivation of the 150th. This section is all about the trips.
1999 Normandy Revisited -- By Jack Copley
1984 Battle Sights Tour -- by Norm Southergill. Complete with pictures.
1984  Luxembourg Citizens of Luxembourg Remembered by Bill Morrissey
Nothing is the same. Revisit of Europe by John Ackerman and John J. David
The Trip Itinerary  The itinerary for the 1984 trip
Europe Revisited 40 years Later Story published in the Manchester Union Leader, 11/22/1984
1984's Pictures  Pictures of the trip taken in 1984 retracing the steps.
The NEW 150th!    It's now a Mississippi National Guard Unit
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