After the war had ended, the men decided to keep getting together. So they formed the 150th Combat Engineer Association. Since 1947 the men have got together each year for a reunion. In 1984 they took a trip back to Europe to retrace there steps from 40 years earlier. They also went to Mississippi, to the Activation of the new 150th Combat Engineer Battalion. Some members went to the dedication of a memorial for Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge. All this information can be found here in this section of the website.

Reunions Reunion & association information, including pictures, news articles, newsletters,
Trips Trip taken to retrace their WWII steps, & Reactivation of the 150th.
Bulge  Dedication of a memorial in Hyannis, Ma for Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge.
Reaping the reward - 50 years later, French honor World War 2 Vet


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SargeH, help scanning & pics at 1999 reunion.
Michael Bondanza, pictures
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Harry Buckner, pictures
Carolyn Buckner, typing
Joe Calve, Story
Honey Carbone, pictures
Carl Ciambrone, pictures
Jeff Chandler, son of Ray Chandler, pictures
Norm Channin, pictures & other information
Carl Ciambrone, pictures
Francis "Red" Copeland, pictures & other info.
Jack Copley, pictures & other information
Dick Cutcliff, Pictures
Jim DeLova, Pictures
John DiSalvo, pictures
James Donaghue, pictures
Charlie Dwelly, pictures
Ernie Deeb, pictures
Kenny Ely, pictures

Grace Feeney, pictures
Michael Fanell, grandson of Pasqualle (Pat) Capparelle, pictures
Richard Gremlitz, pictures & other information

Lawrence Insinga, pictures
Lawrence Insinga, pictures
George Kimball, pictures & story
Joe Lenza, blueprint of mock village & pictures

Leo LePage, pictures
Pat MacIsaac, pictures
Robert Mahoney, pictures
Linda McMahon & her daughter Jen for typing.
Charles Mone & Curtis Hinson for ETO sections of daily reports & pictures.
Bill Morrissey, stories
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Leigh Nokes, pictures
Bob Pearl, stories
June Reagan, Stories by Col. Bruce Reagan
Paul Ruthier, pictures
Henry Poisson, other information
Curt Shaw, pictures & other information.
Norm Southergill, pictures & other info.
Peter Van Atta, son of 1st Co. Comander, pictures
Red Weingartner, pictures
Bob White, pictures, & other information.
Michael Zorbas (and daughter), pictures
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