I am sorry but there is a step to go through BEFORE E-mailing me. I have gone through a great deal of time and effort gathering information to assist people who are looking for information. If you are looking for a friend, family member, person you served with, or military records, PLEASE, do not E-mail me, as I can not help any further then for you to go to my assistance page. This was created to help you. I get a large volume of mail from people asking for help finding someone. All I do is refer you to my assistance page. Unfortunately I will be unable to answer any further E-mail's asking to locate someone, as I can not help.

So.... if the above is what your looking for, please, click here ASSISTANCE PAGE

Or Click here for the FAQ page on the how & where's. FAQ PAGE


If you want to E-mail comments ONLY please click below. I am no longer able to answer most e-mail's due to lack of time. Replies may take 2-4 weeks on occasion.


2/20/03. Every week I still continue to receive dozens of emails dealing with the website, WWII, and requests for information. I do enjoy hearing from people, but I need to make it clear for those who can not understand, I can NOT help you find ANY information about people, units, or anything NOT dealing with ANY outfit besides the 150th. This is what the Bulletin Board is for.

10/7/03. Added the FAQ page. This came from the US gov't on how to research the info you want.


E-mail me at webmaster@150th.com

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