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1 May 1945 
"A" Company continued in support of the 2nd Cavalry Group. The first platoon supported the 42nd Cavalry Squadron while the third platoon supported the 2nd Squadron. The second platoon filled bomb craters and made road reconnaissance North and East of Zwiesel. "B" Company had the third platoon on maintenance of roads and the first platoon constructing and maintaining a by-pass route. The second platoon erected a modified Treadway Bridge twice for training. "C" Company had one platoon patrolling and maintaining road and another repairing with black topping and improving shoulders. The second Platoon constructed a modified Treadway Bridge for training. 

2 May 1945 
Preparatory to the battalion moving billeting parties from all companies moved out with Capt. Makbolm at 0600. The battalion moved at 1200 hours a distance of about 80 miles to Hutthurm approximately 7 miles North of Passau, arriving at 1830 hours. "B" Company and "C" Company are billeted in the vicinity. "A" Company was to be relieved of its assignment with the 2nd Cavalry but the work changed first platoon constructed a ford and reinforced a bridge to Class 12 7 miles East of Grafenthou. 2nd Platoon removed abatin and destroyed enemy ammunition. Third Platoon built a 60' D/S Bailey Bridge near Ludwigathal. "B" Company and "C" Company were alerted to the possibilities of early morning work in preparation for construction of a heavy pontoon bridge across the Danube. 

3 May 1945 
"A" Company in its work supporting 2nd Cavalry had two platoons clearing woods north of Zwiesel of traffic hazards. The third platoon placed guard rails and painted bridge. They also destroyed some enemy ammunition. "B" and "C" Companies assisted the 88th Engrs on a Heavy Ponton across the Danube at Passau. "B" company had one platoon filling a crater on the approach road and preparing an anti-mine boom, while "C" Company worked on the approaches to the bridge. Battalion Headquarters moved back across the bridge and down to Riess 3 miles Northwest of Passau. "B" and "C" Companies moved down near the bridge site. 

4 May 1945 
"A" Company continued in support of the 2nd Cavalry Group. The first platoon operated with the 24nd Squadron included removal of snow from roads. The second platoon sent out to clear a road block, couldn't reach it and outposted a road junction until the Cavalry relieved them. The third platoon worked clearing roads of traffic hazards, road blocks and abatis. The road net worked was North and East of Zwiesel. The third platoon also prepared a Bailey Bridge for demolition and posted a guard. "B" Company assisted the 88th Engrs in the construction of a 620' Treadway Bridge across the Danube River at Passau. Lt. Gilliss's platoon worked on the bridge laying the tread, etc., while Lt. Olson's platoon constructed the anti-mine booms. Lt. Villadsen's platoon filled a crater on the main road approaching the bridge. "C" Company worked on the approaches to the bridge cutting out the building an road on the far shore to the railroad tracks. Lt. Calve left a squad with a dozer to watch and maintain the approach on the far shore Bridge was open for traffic at 1815 hours. S-4 set up a water point on the Danube. 

5 May 1945 
The battalion was alerted for the support of the 4th Armored Division and Lt. Sparling went to their division headquarters at 0200 hours for instructions. Battalion Headquarters left at 0900 hours moving Northward for a junction with the Fourth Armored at Zwiesel. "A" Company continued in support of the 2nd Cavalry Group. They were having trouble with their 60' Bailey Bridge due to heavy rains washing away the abutment. They added 10 more feet and raised one end of maintenance of the Danube Bridge at 0800 hours and moved North with the Battalion. "B" Company left one platoon to finish the boom across the Danube and moved the balance of the company North. A Bailey Bridge column was added to the battalion train. We are keeping a sector of Bailey Bridge attached to us most of the time. The column pulled up at Rinchnach 4 miles east of Regen. It developed the Fourth Armored was not able to move so the battalion went into billets. The battalion relinquished tank dozer which had seen month of service in the hands of Sgt. Tarravella. It had no blade for a considerable period. 

6 May 1945 
Fourth Armored Division began to move up in the morning for the drive into Czechoslovakia. The battalion moved out at 1140 hours to join the division column traveling Northwest. Headquarters set up in the RR station 2 kilometers to the north while "B" and "C" Companies obtained billets near the end of the town. We reached Susice at 1850 hours. It was the first day of Susice's liberation and the people welcomed us joyously. "A" Company continued in support of the 2nd Cavalry Group moving well into Czechoslovakia. 

7 May 1945 
With the exception of "A" Company the Battalion continued in support of 4th Armored Division operations. "B" and "C" Companies had two platoons maintaining roads along the "SR South of Susice and the third platoon in reserve. "A" Company with the 2nd Cavalry Group worked on road maintenance, the destruction of enemy mines and demolition and the guarding of P.W.'s Col. Reagan brought in the big new officially at 1600 hours when he returned from Fourth Armored with copies of the order from General Eisenhower to cease offensive operations. 

8 May 1945 
"A" Company remains in support of 2nd Cavalry performing such jobs as road repair, destroying German teller mines, disposing of captured weapons and guarding P.W.'s. "B" and "C" Companies in their support of 4th Armored Division. Maintaining roads as assigned. The initial step in disposing of combat equipment such as mines, flame throwers, bazookas, etc., was taken by Major Merzweiler in questioning Group on this matter. There personnel Section rejoined the unit. Lt. Gilliss and T/4 Moses left for Paris in connection with Battalion Athletic programs. 

9 May 1945 
Guarding P.W.'s provided principle tank in "A" Company's support of the 2nd Cavalry. "B" Company and "C" Company continued road maintenance for the 4th Armored Division. Towns within are included Hostice, Volyne, Stribrne, Hory and Horrazdovice. The 528th Engineer Bailey Bridge Train, which has been attached to us during recent operations, departed for it's unit. Proposed semi-permanent billeting arrangements and plans are in general discussion. 

10 May 1945 
A quiet day for "A" Company in support of the 2nd Cavalry Group and "B" and "C" Companies in their support of the 4th Armored Division. Care and cleaning of equipment was stressed. Lt. Sparling left early with the parties form "B" and "C" and H&S Companies for reconnaissance of newly assigned area north and east of Regensburg. The mission was to locate suitable P.W. enclosures. 

11 May 1945 
The entire Battalion is now back on XII Corps Engineer Operations. All Companies were busy procuring materials to erect Fixed Bridges on the Danube River near Straubing. The finishing touch to our pleasant stay in Susice was in the H&S sponsored Battalion party at the Lid-Bio. Pfc Ben Pokrywa ably handled many important details. 

12 May 1945 
The entire Battalion moved a distance of approximately 80 miles back into Germany to the vicinity of Straubing. We set up in our billets and work and plans were immediately in action on bridges across the Danube River. "C" Company alone billeted across the River on the South Side. 

12 May 1945
 The entire Battalion moved a distance of approximately 80 miles back into Germany to the vicinity of Straubing. We set up in our billets and work and plans were immediately in action on bridges across the Danube River. "C" Company alone billeted across River on South Side.

13 May 1945
"A" Company performed a variety of tasks. First Platoon picked up I Beam in Passau and started blasting operations of a gravel pit. Second platoon started construction of bridge three fourths of a mile N.W. of Unit. Parkstetten. Third Platoon hauled 3" lumber. "B" Company had two platoons working on culvert on roadway to Danube River. Third Platoon and all Company Trucks hauled lumber. "C" Company furnished one squad to assist Captain Morgan in sounding the river. Another squad blew debris from river and placed high line 300' upstream from demolished bridge.

14 May 1945
"A" Company had one platoon operating two saw mills, one platoon hauled lumber, one squad operating rock quarry and two squads loading and transporting I beams. "B" Company hauled lumber to bridge site and prepared bridge approaches. "C" Company constructed high line upstream, prepared bridge approaches, and loaded and transported lumber. "A" Company bridge of 33 feet was open for traffic at 1800 hours.

15 May 1945
"A" Company took over job of procurement. They worked the quarry, operated saw-mill and hauled lumber. "B" Company erected cribs and bents for bridge. "C" Company hauled I beams and 3" lumber and prepared approaches to bridge. This project involves approximately 1050 feet of bridge with that of "B" Company 514' and "C" Companies 509'. Two bridges are required due to the fact that an island divides the River at this point. Much equipment has been attached for this job including 3 cranes, Carry-All, Traxcavator, Patrol Grader, additions are expected.

16 May 1945
"A" Company continued working quarry and two saw-mills also loaded and hauled lumber. "B" Company worked on cribs and approaches and erected bents for the bridge. "C" Company erected bents, prepared approaches and hauled steel I beams. Battalion of work in Grance was forwarded to Group for contemplated Unit Citation of the Croix De Guerre.

17 May 1945
"A" Company continued operation of rock quarry and three saw-mills. Also loaded and hauled lumber and secured and maintained treadway bridges on the Danube River. All of "B" and "C" Companies were preparing approaches and constructing their fixed bridges. These are now approximately 15 percent complete. P.W.'s are already being used to some extent, especially in connection with "A" Company work. There is now considerable reconnaissance work for industries, housing and supplies.

18 May 1945
"A" Company continued to perform their variety of jobs with the help of P.W.'s. This included operation of rock quarry, saw-mill, securing and maintaining Treadway Bridges, and repairing road surface at the same. "B" and "C" Companies worked on their respective project this type of work has presented new problems. "C" Company had the bottom pull out of one of their cribs. Use of iron straps prevented this happening a second time. The Reconnaissance Section is already in the midst of many forms. Industrial and town reconnaissance are the principal two.

19 May 1945 
"A" Company continued maintenance and security of the two Treadway Bridges in addition, 1 Platoon patrolled roads for prisoners or war on and around Parkstetten. "B" Company had all three platoons engaged in construction of their 541 feet fixed Bridge. "C" Company however had all three platoons on Care and Cleaning of equipment.

20 May 1945
"A" Company continued their long list of jobs. These include security and maintenance or two Treadway Bridges, operating rock quarry, P.W. cage, and lumber mill, and patrolling roads around Parkstetten for P.W.'s. In addition they have a new assignment of constructing three stands for 5000 gallons water tanks at P.W. cages. This latter was a priority assignment and is already 40% completed. "B" and "C" Companies devoted all efforts to construction of their fixed bridges. Concurrent with progress on the Battalion History, Major Merzweiler took steps to insure group pictures of all to be included in the book.

21 May 1945
"A" Company continued operation of rock quarry, and saw-mill, P.W. stockade, construction of Water Tank stands at P.W. enclosures in Regensburg and securing & maintaining of Treadway Bridges. "B" and "C" Companies had all platoons on fixed bridges. About mid-afternoon Col. Starbird came to Danube Bridge site of "C" Company and advised that all work on the fixed bridge would cease. New plans would have to be made to allow a navigation span with 20' Clearance. The Personnel Officer announced that the Battalion Average Point Credit of 60. 81.4 is average for officers with 13 men having 85 or better.

22 May 1945
At 0800 hours 1st Sgt. Gordon, 1st Sgt. Swetland, T/Sgt. Sczyhulski & Sgt. Wichowski departed for first lap of trip home. These were first men effected and benefited by the new plan. "A", "C", "B" Companies all continued on same work. The P.W. Water tank stands at Regensburg were completed and Tanks would by filled by morning.

23 May 1945
"A" Company continued their jobs at Treadway Bridges, rock quarry, & saw-mill. "B" Company and "C" Company had all available men on the construction of their Fixed Bridges. T/4 Castle returned to unit today after a two month's furlough at home. He was on the first group to leave for U.S.A. and the first to return.

24 may 1945
One Platoon of "A" Company went to Regensburg. Their mission was to start repair of our assigned billets. The remainder of the company operated rock quarry and saw-mill. In addition to securing and maintaining Treadway Bridges. "B" and "C" Companies had all men on Fixed Bridges.

25 May 1945
All of "A" Company now in Regensburg with task of preparing billets and road repair. In addition to the bridge job "B" Company operated rock quarry. "C" Company operated two saw mills, maintained and secured Treadway Bridges, cleared debris of demolished bridge, and continued bridge construction.

26 May 1945
"A" Company continued their assignment in Regensburg. P.W.'s were used to large extent on this work. "B" Company operated rock quarry and saw-mill with one squad to each. The others worked at Bridge. "C" Company continued same operations as yesterday. Our present group of P.W.'s were taken East, but 200 new ones were picked up at Cham.

27 May 1945
Care and Cleaning of equipment occupied all three platoons of "A" Company today. "B" Company derailed 1 squad to rock quarry and had all others on bridge construction. "C" Company had 1 squad cleaning debris of demolished bridge while all others worked on their equipment.

28 May 1945
"A" Company busy preparing billets and cleaning roads. "B" Company was on Bridge construction with one squad each detailed to operation of rock quarry and saw-mill. "C" Company cleaned debris of demolished bridge, operated two saw mills and engaged in Bridge Construction. Operation and Personnel Sections moved into new quarters, in Regensburg.

29 May 1945
"A" Company again had a wide variety of jobs, they were preparing billets, hauling materials for RR Bridge repair, repairing roads and streets, hauling aggregate for road repair, and cleaning warehouse in RR yard. To make all this possible they had 20 trucks from 528th Engrs., 10 Semi-Trailers from 88th Engrs., and 500 P.W.'s. "B" Co. operated rock quarry and saw-mill in addition to Bridge Construction. "C" Company operated two saw-mills, cleared debris of demolished bridge. The remainder of H&S Company moved into new quarters.

30 May 1945
"A" Company continued their several jobs with new assignments of two squads and 100 P.W.'s laying water pipe. "B" Company operated saw-mills & Rock quarry. Construction of 549' Fixed Bridge on Danube River about 25% completed. "C" Company operated saw-mill & cleared debris of demolished bridge . Their 514' 6" fixed bridge on Danube about 25% completed. Two parties left in power boats to make reconnaissance of Danube River. A hundred mile stretch has been assigned. Already high supplies of paint, newsprint, shoe soles, wool and toys have been found on barges on River.

31 May 1945
"A" Company remained distribute on their many jobs. In addition to yesterday's work one squad was assigned to destroy a quantity of enemy ammunition. "B" Company was engaged in bridge construction and operation of saw-mill and rock quarry. "C" Company had two platoons and one squad on bridge construction. The remainder of the men were needed for maintenance of the two treadway bridges on Danube River at Straubing. The operation of two saw-mills in vicinity and clearing debris of demolished bridge next to their site on the Danube River. All equipment of the 528th Engineers which we had been using had to be returned preparatory to their leaving and going to France.

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