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1 April 1945 
"A" Company was relieved of responsibility for approaches and maintenance of bridges at 0800 hours on Main River. "B" Company was also relieved of its responsibilities on roads and reassigned new area from Lauterbach to Willofs and Schlitz. One squad guarded supplies at R.R. Station in Queck. A fixed bridge at Hutzdorf was reinforced by a platoon from "C" Company. Battalion CP was located now in Schlitz. 

2 April 1945 
"A" Company held one platoon under alert to construct bridge at Heimboldshausen. Two platoons repaired road net from Lauterbach to Willafs to Schlitz. Also from Lauterbach to Landenhausen to Salzschlirfand and Schlitz. The route maintained by "B" Company stretched from Schlitz to Hutzdorf and Nieder Jessa to Hersfeld using two platoons. One squad was dispatched to Queck to guard lithograph equipment on RR cars. At 1200 hours all companies were relieved of there assigned missions. "B" & "C" Companies were alerted for an assault crossing of Werra River with location awaiting further reconnaissance. Battalion set up Headquarters at Friedewald with a Fwd operations CP at Honebach. 

3 April 1945 
"C" Company assisted by one platoon from "B" Company completed 156' Treadway at Widdershausen. A second "B" Company platoon maintained as well as prepared the bridge approaches. "A" Company had two squads collecting 4" lumber for decking and committed a squad for security to Group. One squad also guarded a trailer at RR yards in Queck. A demolition unit of  a squad destroyed 5 anti-personnel bombs in Friedewald. Some delay on bridge construction was caused by tardiness in arrival of crane. Actual work commenced at approximately 0735 hours. 

4 April 1945 
Trailer on RR car under guard of "A" Company was unloaded and delivered to Corps by 1 squad. Two squads collected materials for continuous Bailey Bridge at Vacha with balance of company alerted to build continuous bridge. A "C" Company platoon maintained Treadway approaches. "B" Company maintained road sector from Friedewald west and south. Battalion Headquarters was set up in Tiefenort at 2030B. 

5 April 1945 
"A" Company commenced rebuilding 66' of fixed bridge at Dorndorf. "B" Company maintained it previous road work plus sector through Dorndorf, Vacha to road junction north of Kisselbach to Tiefenort. Also from C2 south of Tiefenort to Inzelborn to Barchfeld through Waldfisch to Ettenhausen, Weissendiez to Donges. "C" Company was relieved of bridge and approach maintenance at 1300B. 

6 April 1945 
Battalion Headquarters was moved to Breitungen and set up at 2000B. Alert was lifted for "A" Company to build Bailey at Immelborn as order for construction was rescinded. Two platoons from "A" Company had 30% of 66' Fixed Bridge at Dorndorf finished. A squad also guarded mine shaft at Springen. "B" & "C" Companies were occupied with road maintenance with one platoon of latter company readying to build Bailey at Breitungen. 

7 April 1945 
Progress was slow on "A" Company's Fixed Bridge. 65% completion was reached at 091800B. Bridge was expected to be done at 081800B. Mine shaft was still under guard at Springen. "B" Company used two platoons on road starting at Bad Salzungen and working west and northwest. Also from Dorndorf and routes east to Barchfeld. Two platoons of "C" Company constructed a 140' D/S Continuous Bailey at river just west of Barchfeld completing bridge at 1830B. 

8 April 1945 
Some finishing touches like hand-rails were yet required on Dorndorf fixed bridge to complete it. This was expected to be done by 090800B. Relief of mine shaft security was awaited tomorrow at 0800B. "B" Company disposed two platoons on road maintenance and one platoon from "C" Company. The approach and bridge maintenance of 140' D/S Bailey at Barchfeld was cared for by one squad from "C" Company. Also barricades were constructed at blown bridges at Immelborn and Bretungen. A change in Headquarters personnel took place. Lt. Sparling reported as S-2 and Capt. Morgan reverted to ADV. 

9 April 1945 
Final completion was reached 090530B on fixed bridge at Dorndorf. Road maintenance was the major task of the battalion. Five platoons were assigned this work. Three from "B" Company and two from "C" Company. The road sectors stretched from Barchfeld Bailey southeast through Schmalkalden and continued east through Steinbach-Hallenberg, Zalla Mehlis. One squad from "C" Company maintained approaches of D/S 140' Bailey at Barchfeld. The whole battalion was now located in vicinity of Suhl. Battalion CP was set up there at 082030 hours. 

10 April 1945 
Two platoons each from "A" & "B" Company worked on road assignments of 80 Division MSR's. Sectors stretched from Schmalkalden to Herges-Hallenberg through Viernau to RJ and Zella Mehlis to Suhl and Scmiedofeld to Stutzerbach. The balance of companies and Battalion were in reserve maintaining and cleaning equipment. 

11 April 1945 
Elements of the Battalion fired newly assigned weapons at range at Bernbach. Lt. Swenhalt was range officer. "A" Company placed two platoons and "C" Company three on road maintenance. Work started at Asbach eastward to Zella Mehlis. From this point "C" Company operated further east to Schmiedefeld. "B" Company was kept in reserve. 

12 April 1945 
Battalion Headquarters set up CP at 0845 in Neustadt just 6 miles south of Timenear. All companies were also in the same area. One squad from "C" Company served as security on railroad car of enemy explosives and ammunition at Suhl. All companies worked along supply routes of 90th Div. "B" Company worked eastward from point vicinity of Schmalkalden. "C" Company area commenced at Zella Mehlis forward to Ilmenau. "A" Company was in reserve. One platoon from each company trained with footbridge and its assembling. 

13 April 1945 
Battalion moved again from Neustadt to town of Grafenthal 8 miles south of Saalfeld with all companies in adjacent areas. CP was operating at 1800 hours. Training on footbridge continued and companies were occupied with the road maintenance starting at town of Zella Mehlis and running generally eastward to point 3 miles west of Grafenthal. 

14 April 1945 
"A" Company repaired damaged RR overpass with a crib at Probstzella. Job was completed at 1800B. "B" Company put one platoon on road maintenance, clearing abatis and debris. Route started at Gros Breitenbach following MSR to Grafenthal. "C" Company started work at noon on Treadway at Blanken-Stein and had 15% done at 1900B. Final bridge completion was reached at 2300 hours. Approaches remained to be cut. 

15 April 1945 
Two platoons of "A" Company and one each from "B" and "C" cleared traffic hazards and obstacles. "A" Company worked routes extending from Bros Breitenbach through Grafenthal to Probstzella and Ludwigstadt. "B" Company operated on roads out of Wurzbach to Lobenstein and Lichtenberg. "C" Company worked roads from Lobenstein to bridge at Blankenstein. This bridge was also maintained and its approaches prepared by "C" Company. Approaches required extra work and time to complete. Traffic commenced to roll at 0860 hours. Battalion moved to Berg two miles southwest of Hirschberg and set up operations at 1930B. Of interest was the capture of 41 of the enemy by "B" Company and a U.S. jeep operated by the enemy. This was preparatory stages of bridge construction at Hirschberg. 

16 April 1945 
All companies with two platoons each maintained roads and bridges clearing traffic hazards and obstacles. Work commenced at Grafenthal and proceeded along MSR and some alternate routes eastward to RJ north of Hirschberg. "C" Company repaired bridge on Autobahn over Saale River approximately 4 miles north of Hof. 

17 April 1945 
An unchanged assignment of road maintenance work was continued by the companies. "C" Company completed by-pass on stone arch at Saale River Bridge on the Autobahn at 1200 hours. Once squad maintained Treadway Bridge at Blankenstein just south of Lobenstein. 

18 April 1945 
All companies with two platoons each maintained their assigned sectors for road maintenance. One platoon from B Company widened the flooring system on the Bailey at Hirschberg. "C" Company with two squads widened the flooring system on the Double Carriageway Bailey on the Autobahn approximately three miles north of Hof. Squads from "C" Company also maintained Treadway at Blankenstein and provided security on rail road cars in Hof. 

19 April 1945 
Besides a fairly extensive road maintenance task on the part of all companies one platoon from "C" Company was sent to clear a sector of woods of suspected enemy, weapons, and ammunition. This was located directly west of Autobahn near Hirshberg. "B" Company completed the repair and widening of bridge for two-way traffic in the Northern part of Hof at 1800. "A" Company with a platoon of two squads speedily constructed a seventy foot D/S Bailey Bridge in three hours on road between Hof and Rehau. As they finished the Bailey, they rushed one squad to build a thirty-six foot Fixed Treadway at Rehau. At 1800 hours the Battalion moved to Marktleuthen. 

20 April 1945 
All Companies were partially committed to the maintenance of roads, removing obstacles and clearing traffic hazards. "C" Company constructed a fifty foot D/S Bailey Bridge at Wunsiedel which was finished at 1700 hours. H&S Company demolitions men destroyed 1800 lbs TNT, 300 grenades of enemy explosives. The entire Battalion moved late in the day to Marktleuthen. Ten miles north of Marktredwitz the Battalion has encountered an unusual number of abatis containing anti-personnel features. 

21 April 1945 
All Companies were partially committed to the maintenance of roads involving the clearing of hazards and obstacles. "B" Company set up a tar heating unit in order to fill and tar chuck holes. "C" Company removed two road blocks and erected two barricades for bridges that were out. One squad destroyed a truck load of enemy demolitions. The entire Battalion moved to the vicinity of Marktredwitz. 

22 April 1945 
All of, "A" Company and part of "B" Company were assigned to maintenance of roads, the clearing of traffic hazards and the moving of obstacles. "B" Company had one platoon alerted for a Bailey Bridge. "C" Company had one squad working on an abatis that was heavily booby-trapped and filling a crater. "C" Company was moved at noon to Windischeschenbach with a section of Bailey Bridge from the 528th L.P. to be ready to build a bridge. At 1800 hours Battalion Headquarters, H&S, and "A" Company moved to Windischeschenbach about twenty miles south of Warktredwitz. "C" Company commenced operations on a 130 foot D/D Bailey Bridge at Neustadt at 2000 hours. 

23 April 1945 
"C" Company, which had begun a 130' D/D Bailey at Neustadt at 2000 hours, finished same at 1430 hours. "A" and "B" Companies each had two platoons assigned to the maintenance of roads. "B" Company also had one platoon on work patrol along roads. It shall be S.O.P. for all road work to include the inspection of bridges to see if they have been prepared for demolition. Lt. Olson reported a mine field and was instructed to sweep it border and to supplement the German warning signs with ours. Because of casualties and booby-trapped mined abatis and road blocks all companies were instructed that mechanical means would be used to remove them. 

24 April 1945 
At 0800 hours the Battalion HQ. moved to Roggenstein about 8 miles East of Weiden and the companies moved into the vicinity. "A" and "C" Companies had their full strength committed to the maintenance of roads. "B" Company had one platoon alerted for the construction of a 60' D/S Bailey near Lokma. They moved with bridge train at 1835 hours and began construction at 2015 hours. It was open for traffic at 2245 hours. Casualties suffered in removing abatis and road blocks resulted in the Division Commander ordering the use of explosives initially in the removing of these. 

25 April 1945 
"A" Company had one platoon attached to "B" Company of the 315th Engrs and another platoon working on the maintenance of roads and the clearing of hazards. "B" Company used one platoon for road work and had a second platoon procuring materials for a Fixed Bridge underneath their Bailey near Lokma. They began construction about 1300 hours. "C" Company had all platoons working on the maintenance of roads. At 1800 hours the Battalion moved to the vicinity of Glaisthal about 30 miles NW of Cham. 

26 April 1945 
"A" Company had two of their platoons attached to the 315th Engrs and the third platoon removing a cribbed road block. "B" Company had one platoon working on the Fixed Bridge during the day and used another platoon to continue the work at night. A third platoon was assigned to maintain roads. "C" Company used two platoons for the maintenance of roads and a third platoon worked on removing cribbing and road blocks. At 1800 hours Battalion HQ. moved to Katzbach about a mile from Cham. The line Companies occupied towns in the vicinity. 

27 April 1945 
"B" Company had one platoon on their Fixed Bridge during the night and another continued the work during the day. They had it open for traffic at 1700 hours. The Bailey Bridge was dismantled and piled neatly for removal. Another platoon was used in the maintenance of roads. "A" Company had two platoons on the maintenance of roads. "C" Company had two platoons working on the repair and reinforcement of three bridges. 

28 April 1945 
"A" Company used two platoons, "B" Company one platoon and "C" Company three platoons for the maintenance of roads and the cleaning of traffic hazards and abatis. S-4 placed in operation our own battalion shower point consisting of five shower heads which had been constructed by the Motor Pool, using the asphalt heater. 

29 April 1945 
"A" Company had two platoon maintaining roads and the third spent several hours training on the modified Treadway Bridge. At noon they were alerted and moved out with the 2nd Calvary Group 1430 hours. "B" Company used two platoons for the maintenance of roads. Two squads were assigned to the modified Treadway Bridge training. A third squad destroyed some enemy explosives. "C" Company had two platoons on road maintenance and the third on bridge training. 

30 April 1945 
"A" Company continued in support of the 2nd Cavalry while one platoon was standing by the two others were working on three road craters near Zwiesel. The prisoners taken by the 2nd Cavalry must have been high as it was necessary for them to use three of "A" Company's trucks. "B" Company had two platoons committed to the maintenance of roads. The third platoon constructed a modified Treadway Bridge for training. "C" Company used two platoons on the maintenance of roads and the third platoon is training on the modified Treadway Bridge. For the past couple of days our area of road maintenance has been bounded by Cham, Furth, Eschlkam, Kotzting and Miltach. 

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