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2 January 1944 
Main body departed for Swindon. Had been serving as MP's aboard ship since docking. 

3 January 1944 
Assigned to Southern Base Section for period of orientation and acclimation. 

14 January 1944 
Our Battalion moved to Kingston, Bagpuise, near Oxford, by motor convoy and commenced construction of airport. 

15 January 1944 
We laid the first pierce plank run-way in England, constructed Butler hangers, runways, and Nissen huts; laid 2 miles of concrete roads; prepared hard-stands, drains, etc., on runway. Worked with 342nd Engineer General Service Regiment during this time. During this period we were assigned to the First United States Army, 1103rd Engineer Combat Group. 

1 March 1944 
Moved to new camp site at Clifton Heath, South of Oxford and commenced construction of new camp. 

2 March 1944 to 29 March 1944 
Constructed summer tented camp to British specifications. Construction included two Nissen kitchen huts; several hall huts for drying rooms, Headquarters and recreation rooms; three Nissen latrines; plumbing; drainage; water supply; and roads for entire camp. 

30 March 1944 to 30 April 1944 
Battalion trained on Bailey Bridge, Treadway Bridge, Infantry Support Raft, and 25-ton Pontoon Bridge at Maple Durham, England. The companies were detached from Battalion on above missions and also were detached for short periods of time at other training sites on mines, demolition, road, and bridge training. Ceremony on award of Soldier's Medal was held during this period; we also drew all rolling equipment for our unit. 

1 May 1944 to 16 June 1944 
Continuous training in general engineer subject including several four day periods of Battalion maneuvers, emphasizing road repair and maintenance, mines, demolitions, security, and staff functions. Conducted numerous parades and reviews with aid of the Battalion fife and drum Corps; conducted school for radio operators, machine gunners, etc. All companies and officers held parties at the Riverside Inn, Abingdon, Berks. Much softball and other forms of athletics. Our officers often defeated the officers of the 204th Engineer Combat Battalion. 

17 June 1944 to 27 June 1944 
We were on alert status during this period and spent most of our time waterproofing vehicles, garnishing camouflage nets, practicing leading, drawing equipment and in general preparing for movement. 

28 June 1944 
Our forward echelon moved to marshaling area at Southampton, England. 

30 June 1944 
Our main body moved to the marshaling area at Weymouth, England where we drew additional equipment and made final preparation for the movement.

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