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A special thanks to Ralph Grandest, "C Co." & his family for making a donation to the website, and for a gift certificate for my son and I.

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Started the next guestbook. And the new changes page. I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years eve. We had about 11,000 visitors in 1999! Lets see if we can do it again! I would like to see 20,000 in 2000! So keep coming back, and tell your friends!
Also PLEASE do not forget, access us on our server.

1/23/2000 Added a way to help support this website. So we can grow further and be even better than we are. Just click on the banner on the bottom of the page.
2/23/2000 Fixed a few small problems. I have not had much time to do updates the past couple months. I have been spending most of my time helping out the local school, by fixing and building computers, and getting them up and running.
3/21/2000 Removed all the links to websites that do not exist, or are linked through the old guestbook's. I have also fixed many broken links in the military websites section.
3/25/2000 Added a story from Jack Copley about his revisiting Normandy in November 1999. It can be found under trips taken -- post war activities
4/24/2000 Added 2 pictures to Company "C" in troop, and one to Reunions, under 5 pictures from the early days. Identified a couple people under troops H&S Page 4. Fixed a few small things through out the website.
5/8/2000 Added a complete index to the website under table of contents. Fixed a few pages of pictures so they show up better on your screen.

Identified "A" Company Cadre, page 2 of Basic Training. Identified troops pictures now on Pg. 2 & 3 of "A" Co., Pg. 2 of "C" Co., Pg. 1, 3, 4, & 5 of "H&S", 3 pictures from 80's & 4 men from the early days, under Reunions.

Added 10 new pictures to the following sections; dogs of the 150th, basic training pg. 3 (new page), & Misc. Pictures

I have started scanning again, so keep checking back...... I have upwards of another 200 or more pictures to put on the website.

6/15/2000 As of now we will no longer allow requests for information to clog up the guestbook. The Bulletin Board is the place for that. As of this time I also am no longer taking requests for the website on CD.
6/19/2000 Added to the Reunions Page; The latest reunion! Over 60 photos from the professional photographer. 20th Reunion pictures, 3 pictures from the early days to reunions, another picture to the 11th reunion. A picture to the news article of the 50th Reunion and my dad receiving a plaque.
Updated the credits of everyone that donated pictures and stuff to the website.
Added the overseas burial plots to the final tribute.
6/23/2000 I have started working on making it easier to navigate this website. It has become so big it is hard to get from one section to the other without doing a long trip back and forth. I have taken the Table of Content and made all the pages listed in it, active links, and I am adding a drop down menu to make it easier to go from one section to another. It is going to take some time to edit all 310 pages so the menu is on it. I hope before July is over to have this completed. Please let me know if you come across any broken links with this new system
6/24/2000 I now have worked out a bunch of bugs in the new menu navigation. It is now on 18 pages. This is going to be a long process. But will be worth it when I am done. I also am making it so you can stop the music if you want to. Unfortunately you have to hit stop on each page. Right now it only works if you use Netscape. I will have to figure out how to disable it in Internet Explorer later. (update this never worked and has been stopped as an option. sorry for the few that do not know how to mute it on their end if they do not want to hear it)
7/30/2000 I have removed the music controls, seeing there was no way to make it so it worked right, and looked right, for everybody. Mostly because of how poorly Internet Explorer handles it. Really made the site look low class. I am also back to working a little bit on the site. Had to take time off to work on the house and other stuff. Hope you all are enjoying your summer.
8/3/2000 Added a new counter to the opening page. It is only off by 25,000 or more visitors. I also added another 30 E-mail's I received about the my (great & hard) work on the website. Also have added the navigation bar to so many more pages. I think the site is 1/2 done. I hope this week to have most or all to be finished finally!
8/5/2000 I finished putting the navigation bar on the entire 311 pages! (I think). PLEASE, try using this bar as much as possible, and let me know how it works, if there is any problems. Now, after all this HARD work, I am off to a vacation on the Beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire!
10/5/2000 I noticed it has been 2 months since I last worked on the website. I have been so busy working on the house, and raising my son, I have not had time. But times are changing again. Last week I finally scanned in about 50 pictures. I will work on them as time allows this month, and try to get them online before the end of the month. So keep checking back.
12/2/2000 I have to apologize, as I have not managed to get the pictures I promised 2 months ago online. I am putting all my free time into my house, before winter hits full force. Then maybe I will finally have some free time to update the website. Thank you everyone who writes and compliments the website! I assure you the final pictures I have will make it online sometime early winter.
12/11/2000 Added a new award to the awards page

Finally! I have added in the pictures scanned in months ago! It is under troops, unsorted files. 38 pictures on 2 pages. Added 5 pictures to pg. 3 of Company `A' troops.

3/23/2001 Added the motel application to the reunions page.
3/24/2001 Added 2 awards received last month. Added the history of the word ESSAYONS to history and traditions. Added more info about the River crossed in Parroy France, including a then and now photo. Updated the Table of Contents to include a few new pages and missing pages.
6/13/2001 WOW! It does not seem like 3 months since I touched the website! Well all I have done is identified 2 more of the troops on pg. 5 of Company A. Thanks to Floyd Nickerson. Also removed the motel application, until next years comes out.

Added another great story to the stories page. It is An odyssey with the 150th by George Kimball. There is so much more to come, but I have not had the free time to get the updates done. It will happen eventually. Added a story about Michael Zorbas to post war activities.


I have done a lot of minor things over the past 9 months not worth putting in here. I just added 2 pages to B Company, under troops. 1 page is unidentified, so please help.

The men just finished their 56th annual reunion! It was a great success, and as always, I thank everyone who helped my son and I feel so welcome.


Although I have not changed this page, over the past 9 months I have done a lot of little cleanup things on the site, identified a few pictures, and today fixed the webring page people use to navigate to and from the site with.

Every week I still continue to receive many emails dealing with the website, WWII, and requests for information. I do enjoy hearing from people, but I need to make it clear for those who can not understand, I can NOT help people find ANY information about people, units, or anything NOT dealing with ANY outfit besides the 150th.

7/21/2003 I added the amber alert system to my front page and my main page. Over the last 5 months I have done some minor changes. I have been to busy with my computer business to do much to the website besides minor maintenance. If I find time over the next couple months I am going to post a bunch of pictures on an unsorted pictures page. Maybe as time goes on I can sort them and identify them for you.
10/7/2003 I have made the guestbook's. from 2000, 2001, & 2002 to their own pages. I added a FAQ page for more help for all of the people who want records or want to find people, or other information. Cleaned up the front page some.
11/15/03 Added in a new section called UNSORTED pictures pages. Many of these pictures are either low quality, or there are many others like them on the site. I have created page 1 so far. There is about 10 pages of them coming, as I edit every picture. Also, I have some real nice pictures coming online soon too. So keep checking the site out.
5/8/04 Added another new section called new pictures. This section has both the low resolution and higher quality pictures with them. This has been long waited. Thanks to Michael Fanell, grandson of Staff Sgt. Pasqualle (Pat) Capparelle, Co B, from Greenwich, CT for all these pictures.
5/10/04 Fixed a lot of deal links on the page of military websites.
5/12/04 While at the 58th reunion, I corrected the error in Sgt. Poisson's great honor, from British medal of honor to British Medal. Still a great honor. The first night at the reunion is a great success. The dance floor was very busy with everyone dancing. From my son Robert who is 10, dancing with all the women, to Lt. Col. Makholm who is 90 years old burning up the dance floor.
5/13/2004 36 Men where out in formation today to honor their fallen comrades. The dining hall was just about as full as it has been for many years. This is due to many family members coming to the reunion. What a great success this has been.
5/14/2004 What a sad day. After the reunion committee had been telling people for the last two days that there would be 2 more reunions like this one, they voted to end all formal reunions after next year. They also took a few minutes to honor ME for all my hard work on the website. This was a great honor for me. I have enjoyed putting this website together, and enjoyed the past 7 years of meeting up with these men. They have welcomed me at the reunions and the association meetings as if I was one of there own. Thank you to these men, from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget you.
5/16/2004 Worked on adding a bunch of new pictures to Basic Training, Pictures of Deutschedorf. Added many larger pictures to this section so you can see it clearly now.
1/26/2005 Added a new section to stories. It is for stories from guys from other units in WWII
12/04/2005 Identified Major Merzweiler on the officers page, and added a story about the young Czechoslovakian girls.
10/5/2006 Tonight we moved the 150ths website to a new server. Unfortunately, as with any major change, there is likely to be problems, and this move was no different. Many of the picture names were in the wrong format, so when you go to a page, it shows up with no images. This means I have to rename over 500 pictures to get them to work right. This will probably take me a week or so.

The entire website section is working now.

If you find anything NOT working right, please let me know right away so I can fix it. Thanks.

I also fixed all the links in the extensive list of website links. I have clicked on each one and made sure they worked, removing all the dead links.


We had to move to a new guestbook. While at it I cleaned up a few typo's. Still to come is the new bulletin board, & counter for the main page. We managed to find the lost guestbook & bulletin board, so they have all been formatted and put online. Thanks to Jason at Dream Networks!

I have added this history of taps again to the website. It is on the Final Tribute page. Due to so many complaints that I was wrong on what I had on the site about taps, I took it off, as I did not have time to do the full research. Upon finding out that the story I had online was correct, I have put it back on, and I have also included the source.

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