Here is all the changes done from 11/28/97- 12/31/98
Added more space to the site. Sorted files into subdirectories for easier management. Uploaded all the new pictures & created the holiday page. Added sound to main page.
12/14/97 Created the final tribute.
12/27/97 Inspected all pages to be sure they were working & edited bridge files slightly for minor blemishes
12/28/97 Made index for pictures, fixed Rhine River pictures, posted this file.
12/29/97 Resized some pictures & graphics, created and posted opening page.
1/05/98 Added a page to miscellaneous bridges, & fixed where bridge pages linked to.
1/06/98 Added to awards page, finished fixing where other pages linked to.
1/07/98 Added 8 pages to Bridge Pictures.
1/10/98 Finished adding the bridge & troops pictures.
1/14/98 Added Miscellaneous pictures section. (3 pages.) & a picture to page 4 of troops
1/23/98 Changed to the welcome page. Changed the darkroom picture and text around so if fits on every ones screen. 
1/27/98 Linked the awards page to the opening page, fixed minor blemishes, Added the coming soon page.
2/1/98 Started duplicate sight. I will shorten this address later. It's now (2/12/98)
2/12/98 Joined program, so people can get here easier.
2/21/98 Fixed the map to look MUCH better.
2/22/98 Added Announcements to opening page. 
2/24/98 Added Europe 50 years Later, Sarre River Crossing, Mock German Village built in Basic.
3/2/98 Added Purple Hearts in H&S. 
3/4/98 Fixed a couple broken links. Added 2 new commendations. Worked on new pages coming in the next couple days.
3/5/98 Added Basic Training, under the pictures index.
3/6/98 Added more commendations.
3/7/98 Added 1943 to the unit history.
3/8-10/98 Moved stories and articles to it's own index page.
3/25/98 Consolidated the pictures to less pages. Cleaned up the many more pages. Now it will be easier to add to the sight.
3/30/98 Added the newest Newsletter, you can find it under reunions.
3/31/98 Finished May 1945 in the ETO.
4/2/98 Finished the Daily History, adding June - August, 1945.
4/5/98 Fixed the blanks in Sept. - Dec. 44 & Mar - Apr. 45 of the daily history.
4/6/98 Added names to troops pages.
4/7/98 Added names to the bridges, reorganized the Bailey Bridges, and added pictures to the Sarre River story.
4/9/98 Finished getting rid of the "misc. bridge" section, put them where they belonged. Added 3 "misc. pics" I missed somehow earlier.
4/13/98 Added Emails I have received to the sight.
4/14/98 Major work on the pictures. Got rid of "new pictures" section, added them where they belonged. Put in a new picture section dedicated to the battalion photographer, combined Christmas and Postcards.
4/18/98 Added 27 more pictures, between troops, basic, and misc. Fixed error with the final bridge, added pictures to that page.
4/20/98 Added 2 more stories. One to stories, one to Rhine.
4/22/98 Added history and traditions of the Engineers.
4/23/98 Added the NEW 150th's section.
4/25/98 Added pictures to Basic, and page two of troops. Added the military website section.
4/26/98 Added Patton to stories, changed daily history section to Reports, added interesting reading there. Added picture to page 2 of troops. (last week that was the smallest page, now it is the biggest)
4/27/98 Added the bulletin board for people to leave messages or requests.
4/30/98 Added 3 more great stories from Col. Bruce Reagan.
5/3/98 Reconfigured the troops pages broken down by Company. Added 25 more pictures. Located in troops- Company A, Basic pg. 1&2, Photographer, Bailey bridge, pg. 1, Reunions, and Misc. pictures pg. 1&2. Reformatted the main pages pictures.
5/9/98 Worked on the webrings page, removed myself from a couple useless ones, and joined a history ring. Added engineer graphic to opening page.
5/10/98 Facelift to main page, putting trim around many of the graphics. Added bridging data to picture index page. Remade the map, and added Bn Locations to map page. Added more to the stories, from Col. Reagan. 
5/11/98 Worked on opening page some, fixed cartoon drawing of my dad on the main page, the 150th drawing on the commendations page, added another of the stories of Col. Reagan..... and more to be done before the reunion on Wednesday.
5/12/98 More work on the opening and main pages. Added a new section... The list of Decorations the men received.  I also added to that, the citation for Ray Chandler.
5/19/98 Added  Reunion Portraits to the Reunion Page. Fixed the reunion list. Removed the motel application from the page until next years comes out. Added Motor March map to basic training.
Added music to all the pages. Added names to more of the troops, fixed a few links, fixed many little things. Added a couple pictures to misc. pictures. This sight now consists of 150 pages and 500 files.
5/29/98 Added 2  stories to the story page, a news article to the reunion page, and finished updating the decorations.
5/31/98 Changed the music configuration on EVERY page so those with Internet Explorer can enjoy the music also.
6/2/98 Latest newsletter, located under Reunions
6/4/98 Worked on quite a bit here;  Reunion page, added news articles and pictures. Basic Training - News article to the first page, bunker hill parade link, and pictures to Deutschedorf. Misc. Pictures - A rocket to the 1st page. Treadway Bridges - News/picture of bridge over the Sure River. Final bridge built. 4 more pictures of the Cassidy bridge. Troops - Page 4 of H&S, Page 1 of "A" Co. plus added 2 more pages to "A" Company. Added "C" Company. This added about another 120 pictures to the website. We need your help. We need everyone on page 2 and 3 of "A" Company identified. All the above work is not even a dent in what is still coming!
6/7/98 Added a new section called Trips taken. It is all about the trips taken by the men of the 150th to retrace there steps they took during the war. This includes the 1964 & 1984 trips. We moved stories about the trips from the stories section to there. We moved a story from the story section to the reunion section. We added a short story from Jack Copley, and a story from Col. Reagan to the story section.  Added more pictures to the troops, added "B" Company, and more to page 2 of "C" Company.
Added another story of Col. Reagan's to the Rhine River Section. Started reducing the load time of the picture pages. This will be done gradually in the next few days. I revamped the dedicated to section. Load time very quick now.  Finished fixing the sight to load quicker. Adjusted the troops pages so the have 15 or less photo's each page. There should be no further problems with slow loading pages. Added to Troops, Company "B" & Reunions.
7/10/98 Fixed the ID on the large "A" Co. Photo, and added names to a few others. I also added a link to the WWII Memorial homepage under both links and military websites.
7/14/98 Added a section for the dedication of the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Monument.
8/1/98 Added third reunion picture. In the past two weeks also added new guestbook, and a few cosmetic changes.
8/6/98 Added names to one page of "A" Co. Troops
8/11/98 Added "more pictures" section to the New 150th area. Another page of B Company, 52nd reunion pictures to reunions. Created a page about behind the scenes, and the insight to the websites creation.  Added more to the emails sent to me about the website.
8/17/98 Added a couple more emails, and 2 better Rhine river pictures
8/23/98 Added pictures to Bailey bridges and Treadway bridges. Added 1948 newsletter. Made the new page for changes.
8/26/98 Added Pat MacIsaac's picture to "B" Co. troops, added more past newsletters & pictures to reunions. A great story by Arthur Boucher in stories. More to the New 150th & Moved the New 150th to tips taken. Also gave a facelift to the links for guestbooks, emails, and the bulletin board system.
8/27/98 Had to temporarily close the backup site, due to it crashing everyone's system. If they are unable to repair there problems soon, we will look for another backup server.
8/28/98 Added another page of misc. reunion pictures, pictures to the medics, a picture to battle of the bulge, one to H&S troops, and another of the photographer. Added reunion presidents information to the page with the list of reunions. Unfortunately we do not have a lot of info yet.
9/7/98 Another step into the major facelift this site will receive over the course of the next few months. Added the River Crossed Section, and moved the final bridge built, Rhine & Sarre River's, and Bridging Data all moved to the New Rivers Crossed Section. Deleted the coming soon section, at least for now. There is still quite a bit coming though.
9/8/98 More of the facelift. All the bridges are now under Rivers Crossed. If you saw them in there old format, it is worth looking at again!
9/9/98 Added quite a few newsletters to reunions.
9/17/98 Added 3rd page to B Company troops pictures, 1 picture to "Leftovers" in rivers crossed.
9/19/98 Changed backup site servers. The backup address is still Changed the opening page so the same page can be used on both sites.
10/1/98 Added pictures of the trip taken in 1984 to retrace the steps the 150th took. Taken by Arthur Boucher. Also corrected an error in the date on the story by Bill Morrisey. Added backgrounds to all the trips pages. As of this posting, the sections of the reactivation of the 150th, and the trip taken in 1984 are complete. I will not be adding anything further to those sections, unless it is something of high quality and significance.
10/5/98 Added 50th Reunion Newspaper article into reunions. Fixed a few typo's on the 1984 trip pictures. (Thanks Norm). Added the trip itinerary to the 1984 trips. (Forgot it earlier). More of the facelift, added backgrounds to the reports section. Working hard on adding more to the reports section. Should be done in a week or so.
10/10/98 Moved the map of the route the 150th took to rivers crossed. Added to Sarre River Crossing, including pictures from before/after the 150th was there. Removed the duplicate 50th reunion newspaper article. More of the facelift to the site... Made a new section called Post War Activities. This is where all the reunion information is, the trips taken, etc. Moved pictures from misc. to Troops -- Photographer, H&S (pg. 4.), Officers. Bridges -- Sarre River & Leftovers. Fixed final tribute page so all names are in one column. Put background on all the bulge pictures.
10/14/98 Added pictures (taken from the misc. section) to Troops -- H&S (pg. 2, 3, & 4), and the troop index page. Added 4 pictures to the reunions page. Picture to Page 2 of "B" Co. troops.
10/22/98 More of the facelift. Did away with the page linking to pictures. Moved them to the main page. Moved commendations to the respective rivers. Put backgrounds on basic training files. Many little cosmetic things. Spent the past week promoting the website. I have added a few links to other engineer sites under military links. Added backgrounds to cards, misc. pictures, new 150th, and troops. Moved road crew (or roadwork) to troops.
10/25/98 Finished fixing links in reunions and stories. Finished adding backgrounds to everything but stories and new 150th. I will get to them soon. --- Got to them. I have finished with backgrounds on all sections of the website. If you find a page without a background, or and page that the background makes the page hard to read, PLEASE Email me and let me know.
11/8/98 Fixed a few minor blemishes. Corrected some of the credits to those who donated to the website. Combined the banner and text links together. I am unsure how much longer before the next major update. I am working on a lot of things to add.
11/20/98 Moved the last of the commendations to the reports section. Also did other minor touchups. I have been hard at work on the next update. So much valuable and interesting material to be added. Including pictures, stories, letters, and more.
11/28/98 Added a new version of the coming soon page. It consists of 12 Enlarged images as a preview of the pictures coming. There is a lot of new stuff going to be added as December roles along.
12/2/98 Added the latest newsletter and motel application for the next reunion to post war/reunion section. Added more names to the credits for donations to the website. I am sorry I missed a few names earlier. I also adding my Email address to the bottom of each page, and fixing a bug in the site which causes peoples browsers to crash when they try to print the page.
12/8/98 Added the newest section of pictures. The PTA. Which is the Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. (Jeeps & Trucks) Still much more new stuff coming.
12/28/98 Added pictures to basic training. Added names to Pg. 1 Troops Company B. Found a major problem in the new software I was using. Although I fixed one bug that was causing a few older browsers to crash, it was creating a whole new problem! So I am kind of stumped on which one to use, or find a new one. I will try over the next few days to get about 30 more pictures online.
On Christmas day we had our 6000 visitor! Great milestone!
12/30/98 Created a new section of pictures... Front Lines & German Equipment. Added page 4 of Co. "A" troops. A few of the pictures there have a story. 
12/31/98 Another new page of bridges. Under "Rivers Crossed" it's titled bridges built. Also fixed some minor errors and the music in the rivers section. I removed the coming soon previews because I just finished putting most of them on the website. Now that all this is done, I found I still have about another 20 pictures scanned in almost set to go online. Added more to the Reports Section. All the reports during basic training. I also did the facelift to that section, and fixed the music bug in it. Added a little poem by Bob Mahoney to River Crossed main page. Added a second page of bridges built. Added the XII Corps map to rivers crossed. I have now started our 4th new guestbook. Thanks for all the support. For the final thing of the old year..... I have added 4 large color pictures of the Sarre River's current looks, in Sarreguemines, France. Including the new bridge. Located under Rivers Crossed, then Sarre River Crossing. Thanks to Benoit Lorang in France for taking the time to take these pictures and scanning them in for us. This concludes the final 14 straight hours of work on this website for 1998.
Now I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and may we all find peace, once and for all.
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