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Troop Picture
Carl Ciambrone
Troop Pictures
V. Bianchi, A. Campopiano,
P. Beliveau
Troop Pictures Harry Buckner
Troop Pictures
H. Harutunian, P. Dubruck,
James Cassidy, Hughes
(center) A. Campopiano, ?, ?
(Front) W. Smith
Troop Pictures
W. Harrah, E. Vose
Troop Pictures (rear)V. Bianchi, Ocalini,
J. Cassidy, J. Walsh
(front)Lanni, A. Campopiano,
H. Buckner, Hughes
Troop Pictures
Joe Moody
Troop Pictures Francis "Red" Copeland,
Heinze Kahl "Heinzie"  1945
Troop Pictures
Ed Loe, Harry Buckner

Troop Pictures
Francis Copeland, Albert Mason, Jim Wholey, Jim Daugirda, front Frank Mack 1944 in France.
Troop Pictures (Back)Lanki, J Cassidy, W. Catherwood, Hughes.
(Front) H. Buckner, W. Smith, V. Bianchi, J. Ballard.

3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon 
Back Row 
Teddy Hochaline, Ed Volts, Bill Chase, Tony Pinto 
Middle Row 
Carl Hiense, ???????, Andy Fasulo
Front Row 
Bill Burnell, Sam Meyers, Bill Schwartz, Ed Manfredi
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