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Picture right
First squad A Co. Taken in back of Copleys
truck after loading for trip into combat. You
can see it in their faces, the anxiety & fear of 
not knowing what to expect, if they would
come back. The man in front behind the rifle
was our medic, you can see the white arm
band on his sleeve. It's believed he was killed
trying to help wounded on this mission.
Troops Picture
Troops Picture
Good ol' hard workers looking back at
Copley not having to work as hard as they
did.(Co A)
Troops Picture
Copley on right. Took flag home.
Jim Giadonni next to Copley.
Dick Cutcliff in back left side.
Troop Pictures
Copley, ????, ???? in London
Troops Picture
At rest, doing a little target practice.
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Troops Picture
1st squad. Ely, Cutty, Jim Giadonie

Troop Pictures
Top L Earl Smith,
Bottom R Henry Graham,
Middle Soldier, Paul Routhier

Paul Ruthier, ???? John DiSalvo


Kenny Ely

 Barr, Gondowski(Medic),
Ken Ely
Troop Pictures
Don Galli
Troop Pictures
?????????, Jim Giadoni, 
Troop Picture
Jim.Giadonni, Jack Copley
Jim lived thru the war. He was a
close buddy and a friend to Jack.
Jim died in construction accident
a few years after the war
Troop Pictures Jim Giadoni
Troop Pictures Tom Heatley, ?????
Troop Picture
Lagrande, Charlie Norris,
Morrisey, Earl Smith,
Charlie O'Niel in Front
Troops Picture
L-R Morgal, Cutty, Sgt
Gogan, ???
Troop Pictures
Jim Melanson
Troop Pictures Jim Melanson
Troop Pictures
Daniel Morgan
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