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This picture was taken Ft. Dix, NJ just before they shipped out overseas.

Officers of the 150th

The Officers of the 150th
Col. Van Atta & Maj Reagan
Lt. Col. Van Atta Company Commander
Maj. Reagan Executive Officer
(eventually became Company Commander)
Taken Dec 1943, before going overseas.
troop pictures
Col. Reagan & Gen. Eddy
troop pictures
Capt. Oberdorf
troop pictures
Lt. Feldman 

troops pictures
Col. Van Atta, the first C.O. 

Troop Pictures
Colonel Van Atta & Major Knight
Troops Pictures
Capt. Makholm
Troops Pictures Capt. Christiansen
Troops Pictures
Capt. Christiansen
Medics Pictures
2nd Lt. Baker, Capt. Makholm

Major Merzweiler & a few young girls in Czechoslovakia

One of the girl's mothers in the picture insisted on giving the Major pictured above
one of the traditional costumes the girls are shown wearing.  He said they buried
them during the war for safe-keeping and dug them up when they were liberated
to celebrate.
His daughter was about the age of the girls, and he took the traditional dress home
to his daughter. His granddaughter now has that dress you see in the picture.

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