The Medics

Medics Picture
Mike Bondanza, Ed Murphy, Curt Shaw (standing)
Jim Feeney, ??Not Medic, Ned Pricket, Porter,
??Not  Medic, ??Not Medic.

Medics Picture
Medics Picture
Medics Pictures
Capt. Pickolz

Medics Picture Capt. "Doc" Doyle


Medics Picture Middleton
Medics Picture Pinky Harris, Hank 

Mike Bondanza, G. Gilbert

Mike Bondanza,
in France

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back Bondanza, Pickolz, Doyle, Murphy
front Seavey, Shaw

Pickolz, Bondanza, Murphy, Seavey, Gondowski

Bondanza, Gondowski, Seavey

James Feeney, Mike Bondanza, George Seavey, George Gilbert
Taken in England May 40, 1944
Medics Picture
PFC Copley (A Co.) on L. Watson
Middleton, Medic, on R. During the
war he was not allowed to carry a gun
being a medic. But he captured 3 Germans
using a claw hammer as his weapon.
Picture taken on bank of Rhine River.

Pictures of the Medics
Front Row
Capt. Pickholz, Frank Syner, Mike Bondanza, Peleorino Russo, Ev Murphy, Capt. Richard Doyle

Back Row
Ray Raasch, C. Rich, Randy Roy, Jim Feeney, Curt Shaw, Ned Prickett, Clyde Seavy,
Hank Gondowski, O'Connell, Pontes


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Medics Picture Curtis Shaw
Curtis Shaw
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