AG 201.22 (GNMLA)                     1st Ind.
    (3 Apr 45) 

TO:   Commanding Officer, 1135 Engineer Combat Group, APO 403, U S Army. 

     Let me add my own commendation to that of General Irwin's for the major role you played in the crossing of the Rhine River.  The careful planning and magnificent execution of your mission were largely responsible for the successful overcoming of this formidable barrier by the XII Corps.  Your performance must be regarded as one of this war's notable feats of engineering. 

/s/t/ M. S. EDDY
Major General, U. S. Army
2nd Ind.
HEADQUARTERS, 1135 ENGR C GROUP, APO 403, U.S. ARMY,   13 Apr 1945 

TO: Commanding Officer, 150 Engineer Combat Battalion,  APO 403, U S Army. 

1.   It is a  pleasure to forward this very fine tribute to the 1135 Engineer Combat Group to you who have played such a major part in this success. 

2.   Since assuming the command of the 1135 Engineer Combat Group on 4 March 1945, it has been my pleasure to receive the highest type of cooperation from you and the officers and men of your command.  This cooperation carried through in a most exemplary manner not only in the crossing of the Rhine but also in the crossing of the Moselle and Main Rivers.  I should like to add to my commendation and also my appreciation for the fine work that you have performed at these crossings. Your magnificent performance in the first assault crossing of the Rhine as well as the crossings of the Moselle and Main Rivers, will be recorded in history as a major contribution to the success of the United States Army. 

3.   I should like for each of you to accept my personal commendation and to express my appreciation to the officers and men of your command.

Col, 1135 Engr C Group
APO 403
31 January 1945
SUBJECT:  Commendation

TO: Commanding Officer, 150th Engineer Combat Battalion, APO 403, U.S. Army.

1.   It is with a feeling of deep gratification and great pride that I reproduce below a letter which I have received this date from the Commanding General of the Fifth Infantry Division: 

30 January 1945
SUBJECT:   Commendation
TO :  Commanding Officer, 1135th Engineer Combat Group, APO 403, U.S. Army

1.   A letter from the XII Corps Commander states in part "The 5th Infantry Division's successful secure of the Dicket hill mass commanding the Our River crossings marks the completion of a brilliantly planned and executed attack that has contributed magnificently to the Corps' operation to drive the enemy from Luxembourg."

2.   During the operation referred to, starting with the night attack on 18 January 1945 during which the Sauer River was crossed and the subsequent advance of the division to capture Dicket hills, the 5th Infantry Division was directly supported by the 1135th Engineer Combat Group.  The engineer operations were brilliantly planned and efficiently executed.  The fact that the group completed two Class 40 bridges on the Sauer River on D-Day (a treadway bridge at Gilsdorf and a Bailey Bridge at Ettelbruck) was a principal contributing factor of the success of the operation. The early completion of these bridges materially  assisted the rapid exploitation of the initial success. In addition, the assault crossings of the 10th Infantry Regiment was magnificently supported by the 1135th Engineer Combat Battalion in their preparation and execution of the plans for assault boat crossing.

3.   The success of the operations of the group was attained by the outstanding technical knowledge of the personnel as well as by the forceful leadership of the officers and devotion to duty of the men.  Their accomplishments are more outstanding because of the bitterly cold weather and initial darkness in which the operations were performed.

4.   The operations of the group to which I have referred were a superlative example of the application of engineer tactics and technique and is worthy and exemplary of the highest tradition of the Corps of Engineers and the military service.  It is my personal pleasure and privilege to commend you, your officers and men for their accomplishment.

/s/t/ Leroy Irwin
Major General, U.S. Army
         This well merited tribute to the manner in which you and your commands performed your assigned  missions eloquently expresses my sentiments concerning your performance in this occasion.  I can only add my own commendation for a job well done.
Col, 1135th Engr. C. Group

Office of the Commanding General
APO 312, U.S. Army NO. 124
21 AUGUST 1945

      Under the provisions of Section IV, Circular 333, WD, 22 DEC 43 and 2nd Ind, Hq Third U.S. Army, 3 Aug. 45 to Ltr, HQ 1135 Engr. C Gp, 24 Jun. 45, the 150 Engr. C Bn. is cited for outstanding performance of duty against the enemy from 7 Feb. 45, to 13 Feb, 45, on the Sauer and Our Rivers in Luxembourg and Germany. The 150 Engineer Combat Battalion was assigned the mission of ferrying the assault troops and supplies across the Our River during the 319 Infantry Regiment's assault Troops on the Siegfried Line. Following the attack, which began at 0200, 7 Feb, in the face of withering small arms fire from Pillboxes with heavy Artillery, Mortar and Rocket Fire from the carefully planned positions of the Siegfried Line, this Battalion waged a bitter struggle with the raging torrents of the flooded Our River Repeated efforts were made to construct foot bridges, infantry support bridges, and Treadway bridges. However due to excessively and accurate fire from the fortifications of the Siegfried Line and the torrential water of the Our River, all efforts to construct Bridges or ferries met with complete failure. It was therefore necessary for the 150 Engineer Combat Battalion to rely entirely on the use of assault boats to support the Bridgehead until it could be expanded sufficiently to eliminate the small arms fire and the observed artillery fire upon the only existing Bridge site. On the night of 9 Feb., when it had been decided that additional troops could not be ferried until the 319 Infantry Regiment's bridgehead was further expanded, the 150 Engineer Combat Battalion was given an additional mission of constructing a treadway bridge over the Sauer River in the vicinity of Dillingen. Despite the mailing casualties and the strain from the continual struggle against the flooded River, and with a spirit of grim determination, the officers and Men of the 150 Engineer Combat Battalion undertook their new mission. Throughout the night of Feb. 9 and the following day, small arms and accurate mortar fire from the Siegfried line repulsed every effort to construct the bridge. Although severely handicapped by the flooded river and the enemy's accurate mortar artillery fire, the battalion was able to complete the bridge on 13 Feb. The admirable spirit and devotion to duty of the gallant officers and men of the 150th Engineer Combat Battalion is in keeping with the highest traditions of the corps of Engineering.

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