150TH Engr. Combat BN. Association

The 150th Eng. Combat Battalion held their 51st Consecutive Reunion May 12th-16th on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which we feel could be a record.

The 150th was activated in March 1943 with approximately 600 men, mostly all coming from New England.

After basic training at Ft. Devens, MA., our Training continued in West VA., then we went overseas on the Queen Mary, landing in Grenock, Scotland, Dec. 30th, 1943.

We trained in England, building Bailey Bridges, Treadway Bridges, Infantry Support Rafts, and 25 ton Ponton Bridges. Other training sites were on mines demolition, roads, etc.

We left England, and arrived on Omaha Beach, July 3rd, 1943. After the break-through at St. Lo., we were attached to different armored calvary and Infantry Divisions.

We were at Sarreinsming when the B.O.B. started. Leaving Sarreinsming, we arrived at the Bulge with Patton's 3rd Army just at Christmas time.

Mine fields were hastily prepared, bridges prepared for demolition, trees notched and explosives in place, roads sanded, and men providing security on bridges.

Once the enemy started to be pushed back, we then, once again built the bridge for the river crossings. The 150th built the first bridge crossing the Rhine River at Oppenheim. When the War ended, we were in Czechoslovakia.

The 150th was a highly decorated Battalion as were most of our Armies in the ETO.

The 150th earned their awards by building over 300 Bridges, many under heavy artillery and small arms fire.

Awarded to the men were 1. DFC, 18 Silver Stars with 4 Clusters. 11 Solders Medals, 1 Legion of Merit, over 200 Bronze Stars with Clusters, 280 Purple Hearts with 45 Clusters, 66 Certificates of Merit, the Presidential. unit Citation, along with the ETO Ribbon with 5 Clusters, and numerous other Commendations.

After being discharged in late 1945, three fellows got together in Boston the following year and thought a Reunion would be great, little knowing that 51. years later, the tradition would still be continued.

The first Reunion was held at the Boston City Club, with over 150 (Men only) in attendance. Last year, almost 100 men attended, along with approximately 50 wives, so the totals just about equal the same.

We have a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sgt. at Arms. Both Phil Dobruk and Joe Keegan have been our Secretary and Treasurer since the Association was founded. Bill Morrissey, our Sgt. at Arms, leads us every year in the ceremony honoring our departed Comrades He is also the Master of Ceremonies at the Banquet.

Being a New England Outfit, has helped us to stay together, although a few men will come from different parts of the country.

This year, although the numbers were fewer, a great time was had by all, which was just over 100.

This year we were honored with Stanley Wojtusik, V.B.O.B., National President, and Tom Jones, National VP Membership, joining our Reunion at Shoreway Acres, Falmouth, MA. We were also honored in having John E. McAuliffe, v.b.o.b., President Central Mass. Chapter, along with his brother, Frank and Charlie Caliri.

Every year, a few men will show up who have never attended a Reunion. This year, one of the men had not attended a Reunion since the first one held at the Boston City Club.

The Comradery among the members grows stronger as the years pass. When a member passes away, we have had as many as 25 men attending the Wake and Funeral, Last year, the wife of a member passed away and the waiting room was filled with men and their wives from our Outfit. Flowers from the 150th are also sent to the Funeral Home of Departed Comrades when we hear about it in time.

During the year, we hold three business meetings, one in the Fall, one in Early Spring, and the other, Friday morning before leaving the Motel after the Reunion.

This year, when leaving Shoreway Acres Friday morning, over 25 rooms were reserved for the following year which will now be our 52nd Consecutive Reunion.

Having now approximately 240 men on the Roster, what other Outfit can claim 40% of their men over the past two years attending their Reunion?

We of the 150th ENGR (C) BN. ASSOC. are quite proud of our Accomplishments, during and after WWII.

150th ENGR (C) BN ASSOC.

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