150TH Engr. Combat BN. Association

We are now working on the 51st Reunion of the 150th Engr. Combat Bn. Asso. Hoping to make it as successful as the 50th Reunion. At the Annual Banquet there were 150 in attendance, including wives, honor guards and guests.

The following is a list of men that were at Shoreway Acres where it was unanimously voted to hold next year's Reunion.

Washington: James Inman
California: Luciano Boranno
Ohio: Merril Cutler
Penn.: Leo Davis
Arizona: Dick Gremlitz
New Jersey: Larry Insinga
Georgia: Nick Kakunes
Virginia: John Powell
Alabama: Bob Spear
New York: Ralph Kuaust
Maryland: Arthur Makholm
Florida: Otto Brauer, Tom Casale, Norm Channin, Norm Curtis, John Herlihy, Henry Holm, Bill Lamb, Dick O'Brien, Ken Ely.
Maine: Alyre Ayotte, Roland Anderson, Jack Copley, Lionel. Dumais, Gerald Goulette, George Kimball, Henry Poisson, Herb Rollins George Restuccia
New Hampshire: Charlie Dwelly, Roland Lee, Charlie Mone, Bill. Morrissey, Jules Trudel.
Rhode Island: Vin Bianchi, Carl. Ciambrone, Ralph Desimone, Charles O'Meara
Conn.: Ed Bigenski, Joe Calve, Phil. Dobruck, Milt French, John Gdovin, Heinze Kahl, Walt Kulowiec, John Meli, Armand Pouliot, Norm Southergill, Bill Weingartner, Bob White, Ned Prickett;
Mass: Arthur Boucher, Hank Bunton, Tim Butters, Dick Cutcliffe, John David, Vin Dellova, John Disalvo, Joe Daugirda, Jim Donoghue, Jim Feeney, George Gretani, Pinky Harris, Anthony Jackett, Peter Kane, Joe Keegan, Jim Kresge, Al Landano, Carl Leach, Joe Lenza, Ted Lodi, Pat MacIsaac, Bob Mahoney, Henry Petralia, Bob Pearl, Tony Pinto, Bob Pitts, Paul Routhier, Tom Sullivan, John Ventura, George Vieira, Mike Zorbas, George Hantis, Curt Shaw.
We had a few who were planning to attend, but were not able to come.
Gunner Anderson, Angustine Botelho, Ed Borge, Al Campopiano, Francis Copeland, Hughes Blake, Charlie Tommasi, Paul. Inman, George Prescott.

We wish to thank the men who were unable to attend for their generous contribution toward covering Reunion expenses. Also to be included are Mike Luciano and Curtis Hinson.

Dick O'Brien of Florida attended for the first time after reading about, this Reunion in a Veteran's magazine. Merril Cutler from Ohio had not been in many years. James Inman from Washington traveled the greatest distance, but Luciano Bonanno from California and Dick Gremlitz from Arizona were close seconds.

Hats with the 150th (C) Eng. Bn. Logo were given to all the men in attendance when they arrived for the Reunion. At the banquet Thursday evening, all the men received a colorful letter opener with the 150th emblem on the handles

All of the ladies received a beautiful pin given in memory of Al Carbone by his family.

In attendance at our annual. banquet were John McAuliffe, president of the New England Chapter of veterans of the Battle of the Bulge and also Charles Caliri from Falmouth, a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge member.

The ceremony was held on the Town Green in Falmouth and gets more impressive each year. Besides the Honor guards that are the best, we had Bag Pipers, and then, to top it off was Bill Morrissey as Sergeant at arms in his WW-II uniform. Pictures were taken of the ceremony that were printed in the Cape Cod paper.

The entertainment at the Banquet was excellent and the Awards Presentation surpassed the floor show.

Those receiving plaques this year for dedicated services were: Arthur Boucher, Vinny Bianchi, Al Campopiano, Norm Cortis, Jack Duffey, Ralph Desimone, John Disalvo, Vinny Dellova, Jim Donoghue, Milt French, Jim Feeney, George Gaetani, Pinky Harris, Anthony Jackett, George Kimball, Bill Lamb, Roland Lee, Joe Lenza, Tony Pinto and Paul Routhier.

Every recipients received a round of applause, but none greater then when I had the honor along with Ned Prickett in presenting Jim Feeney and his wife Grace with their award which was inscribed, "Profile in Courage".

We have learned about, the death of Francis A. Schiavi, Livermore, CA, George Ward, Glendale, Arizona, and also Jim Donoghue wife's very sudden death this Fall. Our condolences go out to Jim and the families of Francis and George.

Last year we were involved with the newly formed 150th Combat Eng. Bn which was activated in Meridian, Mississippi. Through the effort of Bob Pearl, along with Congressman "Sonny" Montgomery, the new 150th will be carrying our (ETO) Battle streamers alone with the Presidential Unit Citation which we were awarded.

This year, a few of us were involved in the "Battle of The Bulge" Reunion held at Hyannis, Mass. Pat MacIsaac, Bob Pearl, Arthur Boucher and myself, helping in many different ways in making it a success The Reunion was held Sept. 8th thru the 12th. The highlights were the dedication of a beautiful monument at Hyannis Green with over 400 people in attendance, and a banquet at the Cape Codder Hotel. with Alphonse Beans, Luxembourg Ambassador to the United States, as the guest speaker.

Bob Pearl made presentations to John McAuliffe, President of Mass. chapter Battle of the Bulge. Pat MacIsaac helped with the Unveiling of the monument along with Mrs. James Gavin, widow of General James M. Gavin.

Our Honor Guards from Dedham performed with their usual precision at the unveiling, along with the Bag Pipers that we had in Falmouth.

We have already booked the Pool Building with those who made their Reservations before leaving last years Reunion. I have just talked with Marion at Shoreway Acres and she will start a waiting list in case of cancellation for those who would like the Pool Building Accommodation. There are other first class accommodations available, but remember, it is first come, first serve, but all the accommodations are excellent.

We are getting more and more people each year who come Monday so that they can enjoy five days of companionship with the men and wives of the 150th, and the cost for the extra two days is very reasonable.

Wishing you all a good winter and looking forward to seeing you in May.

Your Committee

Arthur Boucher, Vinny Bianchi, Tim Butters, Ed Borge, Carl Ciambrone, Al. Campopiano, John David, Ralph Desimone, John Disalvo, Jimmy Dellova, Jim Donoghue, Pinky Harris, Roland Lee, Charlie Mone, Bill Morrissey, Bob Pearl, Pat MacIsaac, Paul Routhier, and Curt Shaw.

P.S. Enclosed is your reservation form which shows only a slight increase from last year. Send it in now so as to get the type room of your choice.

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