150TH Engr. Combat BN. Association
December 1, 1994
1943-1994 (52 years of Comradeship)

We are returning to Shoreway Acres as once again the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of this Cape Cod resort.

This year there were over 70 comrades and 40 wives in attendance. Which is slightly below last year, but a great time was had by all.

As time goes by we are losing many of our buddies who are passing on. While driving to the meeting in Auburn, Jim Donoghue mentioned that he says a prayer every morning for the members of the 150th. It would be well if we all followed Jim in this endeavor.

Col. Reagan was planning to attend but passed away a few weeks before the reunion. Al Carbone attended this year, but passed away shortly following the reunion. Twenty-two members of the 150th attended the services, of which fourteen were honor guards and two were pall bearers. Andy Capuano was in the hospital and unable to attend the reunion and died soon afterwards. Again a large contingent of the 150th attended the services. We met John 0'Hare at the wake and we're looking forward to seeing him at Shoreway Acres this coming May.

Joe McGlinchey passed away in a Veterans nursing home and after a few phone calls, Arthur Makholm was contacted and attended the funeral.

We also learned sadly of the death of Tom Humphrey from Manchester, CT., Dave Middleton of Woburn, MA., and Ted Occhialini from So. Venice, FL.

Just about everyone who attended the '94 Reunion is looking forward to returning next year. The timeless bond that we have for each other is something very special and very evident at our ceremony with the Honorguards. The reading of names of our departed comrades, the twenty-one gun salute and taps being sounded bring tears to many eyes.

Those who traveled a great distance were Jack Sparling from the state of Washington, Gunnar Anderson - IL., John Powell - VA., Sylvester Szychulski WI., Otto Brauer & Norm Cortis - FL.. Harry Buckner & Leo Davis PA., Art Makholm - MD., Nick Kakunas - GA.

Attending from the northern New England area were Roland Anderson, Ben Barr, Lionel Dumais, Herb Rollins, & George Restuccia from Maine., Armand Boudreau - VT., Roland Lee, Charlie Mone, Bill Morrissey - NH.

Just about all the men that I mentioned in last years letter who came from MA. RI. & CT., were in attendance at the 48th Reunion.

At the Thursday night banquet Plaques were awarded to Ed Borge, John David, Bill Morrissey, Pat Macisaac, & Curt Shaw for many years of dedicated service. This custom will continue for years to come.

Again we wish to acknowledge those who made numerous contributions to the 150th, but were unable to attend, namely Elliot Antognoni, George Hantis, James Inman, George Kimball, Lao LePage, Curtis Hinson & Armand Pouliot.

A second letter will be sent out early April '95, but don't wait until then to send in your enclosed Reservation Form. The prices remained the same as last year, with the exception of a one dollar increase for Monday & Tuesday. This should not deter the large group that showed up early last year.

For those who will be attending the banquet only on Thursday evening May 18th, send your check for $50.00 made out to the "150th. Engr. C Bn." and Mail to- Curtis F. Shaw - 25 Sagamore Rd.- W. Yarmouth, Ma. 02673, Guests will be $35.00, (This cost remains the same as last year.)

Remember the rooms are assigned on a first come first served basis! As always, we're looking forward to seeing you at another great reunion this coming May.

Your Committee

Vini Bianchi - Joe Bianchini - Tim Butters - Eddie Borge - Carl Ciambrone - Al Campopiano - John David - Ralph Desimone - John Disalvo Jimmy Dellova - Bill Morrissey - Bob Pearl - Pat Macisaac - Pinky Harris - Arthur Boucher - Roland Lee - Charlie Mone - Curt Shaw

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