150TH Engr. Combat BN. Association


Here we are looking forward to our 53rd Reunion and once again getting a great response from those already committed on returning to Shoreway Acres. 

Going through records and talking with men who we will be forever grateful for starting the 150th Engr (C) EN association. Dick Cutcliffe was instrumental in the first reunion at the Boston City Club, along with Dan Duffey, Ray Chandler, but the problem with mentioning names is leaving out fellows like Tim, Pat, Red, Jim, Joe, Ralph, Vinny, Sal, Al, George, Roger and also others who have kept the Reunions going for over 50 years. We must also thank those who attend. 

Since the last Reunion, we are saddened by the loss of Joe Bianchi, our President for many years. Jim Feeney, a fellow Medic, who was one of the founders and a mainstay of past Reunions, and although handicapped, still looked forward to attending with his wife Grace. Bob Crimins, who only started attending three years ago and was looking forward to being with us this year, passed away suddenly. I was notified of his death by Al Mason of (C) Company who worked with Bob. We also learned that Al Clemen, James McCann and Floyd Romanik passed away. Charlie Mone represented the 150th at the Cape and there we met others from the 150th. Our prayers go out to the families of our beloved Comardies. 

Now on a brighter note, the Semi-Annual business meeting was held in Auburn, Ma. In attendance were President Bob Pearl. Vice President, Arthur Boucher, Secretary. Phil Dobruck, Treasurer. Joe Keegan, also Vinny Bianchi, John Di-Salvo, Jimmy Dellova, Ralph Desimone, Milt French, Joe Lenza, Pat MacIsaac, Paul Routhier, Bob Pitts, Rick Pitts, and Curt Shaw. Before the meeting, most of us had lunch with our wives, also Honey Carbone joined us and it is times like these. that we look back and cherish. 

At the meeting, it was voted to have the Bag Pipers along with the Honor Guards at the Thursday evening ceremony. We are also planning to have special entertainment for the Thursday night banquet. 

When the Treasurer's report was given, it was noted that the main reason for being in good shape financially, was money sent in by those who were unable to attend. Jim Donoghue already has started next year off by making a nice donation to help cover expenses. 

Rick Pitts presented information about the Internet and the 150th Web Site. As of now, over 4300 people have gone into the Web Site. More of this on a separate enclosure. 

Pat MacIsaac, Jim Donoghue, and myself attended a Veteran's Day ceremony where a wreath was placed on the Battle of the Bulge Memorial. Afterwards we had a cup of coffee, and as usual, talked about the War and past reunions. (I even heard a couple of stories that were new.) This was when Jim made this donation as he had last year. (Thanks, Jim.) 

I could go on, but I must save some news for the next letter, which should be mailed out around the first or second week in April.

Enclosed is the reservation form, and note that there has only been a slight increase. Send in your reservation now rather than waiting until April. Call it your Christmas present. You couldn't get a better one.

Have a good winter, and look forward to seeing you in May 1999. 

Your Committee 

Arthur Boucher, Vinny Bianchi, Jim Donoghue, Tim Butters, Carl Ciambrone, Paul Routhier, Ralph Desimone, John DiSalvo, Jimmy Dellova, Bill. Morrissey ,Bob Pearl, Pat MacIsaac, Walt Kulowiec, Pinky Harris, Roland Lee, Charlie Mone, and Al Campopiano.


From The Computer of Rick Pitts

It has been a busy 6 months since the reunion. The website has more than doubled in size since the reunion. It is up to over 200 pages of information. This is from help from many people who have donated material. Arthur Boucher, Honey Carbone, Jeff Chandler, son of Ray Chandler, Jack Copley, John DiSalvo, James Donaghue, Charlie Dwelly, George Kimball, Joe Lenza, Pat MacIsaac, Robert Mahoney, Charles Mone, Bill Morrissey, Curtis Hinson, June Reagan, Paul Ruthier, Curt Shaw, Red Weingartner, Bob White, and of course my father.. Bob Pitts.
We have had over 4500 visitors to the Website from 6 different continents. Some of the countries include France, Japan, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Czech republic, Luxemburg, Russia, China, and many more. We had a visitor from France who sent us pictures of the bridge sites crossing the Sarre River and the story of it before the war. He is about to send current pictures of the sight, as well as over the Blies River. Stay tuned for them to hit the website soon.
The following members of the 150th have signed the guest book; Gildas Angers daughter, Arthur Boucher, Otto Brauer, Al Carbones sister, Ray Chandlers son, Carl Ciambrone, Jack Copley, Robert Crimmins' son, John DiSalvo, Ralph DiSimone, Phil Dobruck, Milton French, Richard Gremlitz, Pinky Harris, Rolland Lee, Joe Lenza, Al Landano's son, Pat MacIssaac, Anthony Netishen, Leigh Nokes, Bob Pearl, Ralph Randlett, Col. Reagans Daughter, Herbert Rollins, Paul Routhier, Curt Shaw, Norm Southergill, Charlie Tomassi, William Weingartner, Wilber Varnados daughter, Michael Zorbas. I am sorry if I omitted anyone.
The address for the Website are; http://www.150th.com. Our E-mail address is rick@150th.com
If you still have not seen the Website, due to no computer, or Internet hook-up, then go to your public library. Ask them to help you out if you do not know how to use it. Most of them would be glad to help.
All submissions to the Website should be sent to Rick Pitts P.O. Box 433 Weare, NH 03281. They also MUST be sent via registered mail. This is the only way to assure they will get to me. Certified and insured have no guarantee.
I am looking for any of the following for the website;
1. Anything dealing with the war, including pictures of bridges, troops, etc. Any newspaper articles, citations, or whatever you have lying around, no matter how little or how much. Even if it is thought to be insignificant, let me see it. It may still be of use.
2. Reunion info --- Group portraits taken at the early reunions, and early newsletters. A list of all the association's presidents. We have no data, dates, or locations of the following reunions; 1951, 1954, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1975.
3. I also would like stories. Everybody has a story to tell about their experiences in the war. Maybe a story about a bridge you built, your time on leave(or a pass), or how you got your citation, i.e. Bronze or Silver star, etc... You can put it on tape, write it, or type it on paper or on the computer. Even if it is only a couple paragraphs.
4. Unit roster. Even if you only have one squad or platoon.
5. We are still looking to identify some of the pictures from A Company on the Website. They are located under troops pictures.
I have finished the sections on the trip in 1984, and to the reactivation of the 150th. I will be adding nothing further to these sections.
I want to thank every one who has helped make this website a successs. 

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