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It seems impossible, but we are now coming up to our 50th Reunion. There are other outfits who will be celebrating their 50th Reunion, but I would bet that we are the only one holding a 50th Consecutive Reunion.

Those who only attend every twenty five years, please don't miss this one, because you will probably be shaking hands with your self at the 75th Reunion.

The 49th Reunion was again held at Shoreway Acres and it was unanimously voted to return to Shoreway Acres on Cape Cod for our 50th Reunion this coming year May 15th- 17th, 1996. Many of the men have already made their reservations, starting May 13th, (Monday), which enables them to enjoy an extended week of Comradeship.

Our 49th was again a huge success. Carol Burnett, Carol Channing and Elvis Presley (AKA) , Eleanor Ruthier, Valerie Pinto and John DiSalvo entertained every night and believe they are already starting to get their act together for the 50th. (This letter was started soon after the Reunion while events were fresh in my mind). Regretfully, Valerie passed away suddenly, October 16th. Over twenty men plus the wives of the 150th attended the Wake and also the funeral. Our condolences and prayers are with Tony.

This is the list of men in attendance at Shoreway Acres. Florida: Otto Brauer, Norm Cortis, John Herlihy, and Henry Holm. Michigan: Lloyd Schwandt. Indiana: Everett Weaver. Virginia: John Power. Georgia: Nick Kakunes. New York: Jack Duffey. Penn: Leo Davis, Harry Buckner. New Jersey: Jerry Gruber, Larry Insinga. Maine: Lionel Dumais, George Kimball, Henry Poissent, George Restuccia, N.H. Charlie Dwelly, Roland Lee, Bill Morrissey, Charlie Mone, Charlie Tommasi, R.I.: Vin Bianchi, Al Campopiano, Carl Ciambrone, Ralph DeSimone, Charlie O'Meara. Conn: Ed Bigenski, Phil Dobruck, Milt French, Walt Kulowiec, Armand Pouilet, Henize Kahl. Mass: Arthur Boucher, Tim Butters, Henry Bunton, Ed Borge, Dick Cutcliffe, John David, Louie DePrato, John DiSalvo, Jim Donoghue, Jimmy Dell'Ova, Jim Feeney, George Hantis, Pinky Harris Anthony Jackett, Joe Keegan, Carlton Leach, Joe Lenza, Al Landano, Ted Lodi, Pat MacIsaac, Arthur Mawson, Bob Mahoney, Tony Pinto, Bob Pearl, Bob Pitts, George Prescott, Paul Routhier, Curt Shaw, Tom Sullivan, John Ventura, William Wheet, Mike Zobas.

Joe Calve and Ralph Knaust were planning to attend, but were taken ill, just prior to the Reunion. Hope to see them along with their wives at the 50th. Both made generous contributions toward covering Reunion expenses. Thanks.

Others besides Joe and Ralph who sent checks toward dues, Hospitality Room etc. were: Leo LePage, Elliot Antognoni, Jules Trudel, Joe Digruda, Gunnar Anderson, Norm Southergill, Curtis Hinson and Howard McHenry. If anyone was omitted, please let me know. These contributions have been one of the reasons that we have been able to cover expenses.

Plaques were presented at the Banquet to men for dedicated service over many years: Tim Butters, Charlie Mone, Joe Bianchini, and Otto Brauer. More will be presented at our 50th Reunion.

Bob Pitts passed out additions to the 150th Portfolio. Norm Southergill wrote an interesting story concerning himself and men in his squad during the war. Bob Pearl also contributed to the portfolio. Bob Pitts is looking for other stories to be added to this booklet. If you wish to relate your experiences, please mail them to Bob Pitts.

A newsman from a local TV station recorded interviews from a few of the men. Bob Pearl led the interviewing. Tim Butters and Pat MacIsaac related a few tales on how they won the war. Charlie Dwelly, Art Boucher, George Kimball, Joe Lenza, Bill Morrissey and others added their two bits worth, not taking a back seat to anyone. Bob Mahoney had a moth eaten fur jacket that he wore in Germany, but Tim and Pat mentioned the dangers of being hit with the jacket on. It would take Medics hours trying to get the stinking fur out of the wounded area. Vinny Dell'Ova was standing behind the Bar of the Hospitality Room in utter disbelief of the stories being told.

We want to thank Vinny along with Johnny DiSalvo and others for the great job they did in tending bar. Accolades also go out to the ladies who made the sandwiches and preparing other foods for the Hospitality room.

As we get older, it is becoming a hardship for many of the fellows to attend these Reunions. Jim Donoghue, Jim Feeney, Milt French, Ed Borge, John David, Hank Bunton, Carlton Leach, Otto Brauer, and a few others who are not challenging anyone at the hundred yard dash any more. In fact, I don't believe any of us could even do a ten yard dash.

Joe Bianchini, our former President, was unable to attend this year, so let's keep him in our prayers along with others who will be absent because of ill health.

The Officers elected at the meeting are as follows:

President: Bob Pearl - Vice Pres.: Charlie Mone
Secretary: Phil Dobruck - Treas: Joe Keegan
Sergeant at Arms: Bill Morrissey - Historian: Bob Pitts

Enclosed is the Reservation Form for the 50th Reunion being held May 15-17th at Shoreway Acres. As mentioned before, many will be arriving Monday Noon, May 13th. Get your reservation in early as the Pool Building is filling up fast. Remember, your Deposit will be refunded, except for a $10,00 cancellation fee.

For those attending the banquet only - Same as prior years - Cost: Members $50.00. Guest $25.00. Make check payable to: 150(C) Engr. Bn. and mail to Curtis F. Shaw, 25 Sagamore Rd., West Yarmouth, Ma. 02673.

A second letter will be sent out the first of April 1996, but don't wait, because we expect most of the rooms to be taken by then.

Arthur Boucher, Vinny Bianchi, Tim Butters, Ed Borge, Carl Ciambrone, Al Campopiano, John David, Ralph Desimone, John DiSalvo, Jimmy Dellova, Jim Donoghue, Pinky Harris, Roland Lee, Charlie Mone, Bill Morrissey, Bob Pearl, Pat MacIsaac, Paul Routhier, Curt Shaw and others are your Committee.

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