150th Engr. Combat Bn. Association

Once upon a time we were GI'S, But now we're just a bunch of old guys. However, in the Spring, even old saps rise.
It's time to gather and reprise.
The 150th has a place in history made.
So, let's retell the stories, relive the glories.
And, we'll remember.
As the names are read and time rolls back,
We'll think of our buddies with smiles and tears,
And, know how lucky we are to gather After all these years.

D-Day May 13, 1988
H-Hour 3pm
Mission Bridqe old friendships
Ordinance Memories, old pictures, big smiles, friendship and love
CP Holiday Inn, Center of NH, Manchester, NH

The Holiday Inn is holding 75 rooms for arrival May 13, 1988 and departure May 15. Check in time is 3pm and check out time is llam. All reservation information is contained in the enclosures. Another $20 should be added to all prices as that goes directly to the 150th Association to cover the cost of food in the hospitality room, open bar, Saturday night orchestra, honor guards, etc. It also covers the cost of mailings, flowers for departed buddies, meetings at Auburn, and bribes. Please note Saturday night walk-ins price is $24 per and must be forwarded to the Holiday. The extra $20 will be paid by all at the sign in desk we'll have. We have the governor's suite again for the hospitality room and will have libations and Earl of Sandwich creations. Golf will be available so hackers should bring their weapons. All reservations will be sent directly to the Holiday with the enclosed form. Do not send them to me. We had one of our bigger reunions here a few years ago and most everyone was pleased with the accommodations, food and service. If you were here you know how great it is. If you weren't, find out what you missed. Bigger is better, so get your wheels in motion and make idlans to attend the 42nd reunion of the 150th Engineer Combat Battalion.

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