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We are writing this newsletter now to bring everyone up to date about the Internet. This will not replace the November letter that will include the Reservation Form for the 1999 REUNION again being held at Shoreway Acres. 

Following is the list of men in attendance. Which is just slightly more then last year which is encouraging. 

Vin Bianchi, Ed Bigenski, Art Boucher, Augustine Botelho, Otto Brauer, Harry Buckner, Tim Butters, Al Campopiano, Carl Ciambrone, Bob Crimmins, Dick Cutcliffe, Jimmy Dell'ova, Ralph DeSimone, John DiSalvo, Phil Dobruck, Jim Donoghue, Charlie Dwelley, Milt French, George Gaetani, Donald Galli, Jerry Gruber, Pinky Harris, Henry Holm, Anthony Jackett, Larry Insinga, Henize Kahl, Joe Keegan, George Kimball, Walt Kulowiec, Nick Kakunes, Al Landano, Carlton Leach, Roland Lee, Joe Lenza, Ted Lodi, Pat MacIsaac, Art Makholm, Bob Mahoney, Leigh Nokes, Edmond Manfredi, Bob Pearl, Bob Pitts, Tony Pinto, Henry Poisson, Paul Routhier, George Restucia, Curt Shaw, Norm Southergill, Charlie Tommasi, John Ventura, George Vieira, Bob White, Mike Zorbas. 

Also attending was Honey Carbone, Arthur Mawson's son Michael who is a Major in the Army - slightly higher rank then Art, Leigh Nokes' son Gary who could talk a bit more intelligently with Bob Pitts' son Rick about computers then most of us. Bob Hazelman an Air Corp. friend of Charlie Mone, Charlie Caliri from Falmouth a VBOB buddy of many of us. Rick Pitts who has put the 150th on the Internet and Bob Hultgren who has helped Rick in this endeavor. I have probably left someone out but will mention them in my next letter. We had a few men slated to come but because of illness and other reasons were unable to attend. They were Joe Calve, Merrill Cutler, Leo Davis. Jim Feeney, and Herb Rollins. 

In my last letter I mentioned about Mike Luciano and Blake Hughes who although unable to attend made generous contributions toward dues and expenses. Since then we have received many other checks made out to the 150th Engr C Bn. Tony Netishen made a very generous contribution toward dues and expenses. Others whom we cannot thank enough for these generous contributions are (in order received); George Hantis, Armand Pouliot, Leo Davis, Leo LePage, Mike Luciano-again, Bill Lamb, Ralph Knaust, Jules Trudel, Dick Gremlitz, Charlie Caliri, James Inman, Curtis Hinson, Gunnar Anderson and Joe Calve. All these men would have liked to have been with us. Again we just cannot thank all of them enough. Jim Donoghue insisted on making an extra contribution that defrayed the cost of the Bugler.

At the ceremony the Honor Guards were unable to attend because of last minute illness. Fortunately we had Pat MacIsaac's Scottish Bag Pipers that presented a different but excellent Memorial Program to our departed Comrades. Al Madden played taps once again. Bill Morrissey did an outstanding job in coordinating the Ceremony. Otto Brauer read the Prayer. Ralph DeSimone, Ted Lodi, Charlie Tommasi and Joe Lenza read the Companies deceased lists. Vin Bianchi lowered the American Flag to Half Mast as they were reading the names. It was a very impressive ceremony. 

At the Banquet Thursday evening, Bill Morrissey (the old Pro) was again Master of Ceremonies being entertaining as usual. Plaques were awarded by Pinky Harris, Phil Dobruck, Pat MacIsaac, and Bob Pearl to the following individuals; Harry Buckner, Charlie Dwelly, Henry Holm, Larry Insinga, Nick Kakunes, Bob Pitts, George Vieira and Bob White. One of the wives mentioned about her husband trembling on returning to the table. I believe that we all have felt proud on receiving this Plaque. Beautiful butterfly pins were presented to all the Ladies who attended. Ralph DeSimone and Vin Bianchi, with the help of their wives Fran and Flo, picked them out and they were beautifully wrapped with the Engr Logo printed on the box that Pinky Harris' daughter had done on her computer. 

The Reunion started Monday noon with close to 25 men mostly with wives. It was a little damp at the start but the weather improved and by Thursday it could not have been nicer. The ladies led by Fran Shaw and Ruth Boucher kept us well supplied with Ham and Turkey sandwiches along with a variety of snacks. Jimmy Dell'ova and John DiSalvo with help from others, again did a great job in the Hospitality Room. All the committee members helped in checking in the fellows and greeting them as they arrived. 

Now the reason for getting this letter out now instead of waiting until November. 

The 150th Engr C Bn. is now on the Internet with a Web Site that our children and grandchildren would call (Big Time) or (Awesome). Rick Pitts son of Bob Pitts (Bn photographer during the Big One, WW II) has been working on this for over a year. He has been helped by Bob Hultgren and Rick's father has been the Overseer of the project. This Web Site is Second to None as for any military organization. This Award winning Site would have cost Tens of Thousands of dollars if we had to pay someone. He started this out as a Birthday gift to his father and has since exploded into one big present to members of the 150th and their children. What a legacy to have to pass on to our Loved Ones. 

Rick brought two computers which were hooked up in our two hospitality rooms. Wed. and Thur. both men and women were crowding around the computers looking at the mass of information that had already been put into the Web Site such as: dozens of pictures of bridges built by the 150th; Treadways, Baileys, Pontons, etc. across the many rivers in France and Germany. Pictures from basic training, and of many of the men during the war. Decorations, Citations; Individual and Bn., Awards Rick recieved for his hard work. Stories by Col Reagan, Bob Pearl, Bill Morrissey, Norm Southergill, John David and others. Reunion information, Newsletters, and Pictures, past and present, and many other things that are interest to the men of the 150th and maybe to our children and even grandchildren. (How about great grandchildren). 

While at Shoreway Acres many brought pictures and articles that were or will be scanned into to the Web Site. The goal is for every member of the 150th (living or deceased) to have their picture one taking during the War, and a recent one to put into the Web Site. We will see if there have been any changes in appearances over the years??? 

We have had a couple of incidents that happened because of the Internet. Ray Chandler a Silver Star recipient and the first President of the 150th Association passed away many years ago leaving a loving family. Ray's son was surfing the Internet (whatever that means) and came across our Web Site. He contacted Rick about his father being in our outfit and sent pictures of Ray that are now on the Internet. His children and grandchildren are proud that this has happened. 

The other story is about Roland Lee. One of his children came across a newsletter that was on the Web Site mentioning about the passing of Pat and that she would be missed by all since she was a joy to be around. They had Roland come over and on reading this it brought tears to his eyes. 

Most of us know little about Computers, Web Sites, Internet, etc. but our children and grandchildren are very much at home around them. 

Since last year the website has moved. The new address is . But we have a shorter and easier way to remember it. or as a backup site . The E-mail Address is Click here for email 

Rick would like everyone to send him anything you have from your time with the outfit. Pictures, stories, cards, or any other memorabilia. Everything you send will be gone through carefully and scanned into the computer, and returned to you Registered Mail. 

Submissions & Letters: Robert & Rick Pitts PO Box 2345 Jamaica Plain, MA. 02130-1220. Please, be sure you send all pictures and non-replaceable items Registered Mail. This is a small price to pay for the security of it not getting lost in the mail. 

Changing the subject, the Annual meeting was held Friday morning with approx. 30 men in attendance.. President - Bob Pearl conducted the meeting.. Other officers present were Vice President - Arthur Boucher, Sec. - Phil Dobruck, Tres. - Joe Keegan. Sarg at arms - Bill Morrissey (his name I think has appeared before) Chaplain - Otto Brauer. Bob Mahoney will have to become an officer so I can mention him in the letter. Phil gave his usual excellent report and Joe's report said our heads were still above water. The main reason being due to the checks sent in by the previously mentioned men who were unable to attend. Thanks again. 

A second letter will be sent out by the first of Dec. with Reservation Forms and more about the up coming Reunion in 1999 - Our last one in the 20th CENTURY. 

Your Committee-
Vin Bianchi - Art Boucher - Jim Donoghue - Tim Butters - Carl Ciambrone - Al Campopiano - Ralph DeSimone - Vin Dell'ova - John DiSalvo - Pinky Harris - Red Kulowiec - Roland Lee - Pat MacIsaac - Charlie Mone - Bill Morrissey - Bob Pearl - Paul Routhier and others. 

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