150TH Engr. Combat BN. Association


We complain about the years going by too fast! What about the century zipping by? This is it! The. last reunion of the 20th century and with the Lord willing we will continue the 150th ENGR reunions into the 21st century.

This last reunion of the century is shaping up to be as successful as last years and possibly even better. Following is the list of men already committed to attend and many of these will be arriving Monday the 10th of May.

Vin Bianchi, Ed Bigenski, Art Boucher, Otto Brauer, Tim Butters, A Carbone, Joe Calve, Ralph Desimone, John Disalvo, Jimmy Dellova, Jim Donoughue, Phil Dobruck, Milt French, Don Gallie, Pinky Harris, John Herlihy, George Kimball, Al Landano, Joe Lenza, Pop Leach, Ted Lodi, Red Kulowiec, Heinze Kahl, Roland Lee, Charlie Mone, Pat Maslsaac, Bill Morrissey, Bob Pearl, Bob Pitts, Rick Pitts, Armand Pouliot, Paul Routhier, Herb Rollins, Curt Shaw, Charlie Tommasi, John Ventura, George Vieira, Bob White.

Quickly scanning the list there are many more who I know will be at Shoreway Acres for our 53rd reunion. I am positive of one more--Joe Keegan our treasure who has made all 52 reunions. If he forgets we are all in real deep----(trouble).

A chapter of VBOB (Veterans Battle of the Bulge) is being for med on the Cape with Pat MacIsaac and Charlie Caliri heading it up. At the meeting Charlie handed me a check made out to the 150th which will be a big help towards covering expenses. Ralph Knaust sent a check to Charlie Mone. Thanks Charlie Caliri and Ralph Knaust, and again to Jim Donoghue for contributions for this years reunion.

Letters have been received from Gunnar Anderson and Norm Channin--both will try to make this years reunion. Norm suggested getting shirts with the 150th logo made. This will be looked into. Fifty years ago we would have needed small, medium or large. Now we will need large, extra large, extra extra large and a few tents. There may be a few who could fit into their old uniform, but probably only Art Boucher can put it on and still breathe.

Since my last letter we are again saddened by the death of our comrade Mike Luciano who passed away just a few weeks ago. Mike attended almost every year until ill health forced him to stay home. Even though unable to attend, Mike would send the 150th a sizeable contribution each year. This helped us greatly in covering expenses. Mike was well known for his imitations of Col. Reagan and no one enjoyed it more than the Col. himself. Another death was Bob Pitts' wife--Rick Pitts Mother. Flowers from the 150th were sent to both families and our prayers go out to them.

On a brighter note is that the 150th WEB site, thanks to Bob and Rick Pitts, is still going strong and growing. They both will be at the reunion and will be entering pictures, stories, etc., that those attending the reunion wish to give em.

Enclosed is the reservation form and although it has March 1st as the date to be mailed, send it in right away and it will be OK.

If you are attending the banquet only Thursday Evening please send a check for $50.00 made out to: 150th ENGR (c)BN. and mail to Curtis F. Shaw, 25 Sagamore Road, West Yarmouth, Massachusetts 02673. Guests will be $35.00 extra.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Shoreway Acres Falmouth MA.

Your Committee,

Arthur Boucher, Vinny Bianchi, Jim Donoghue, Tim Butters, Carl Ciambrone, Paul Routhier, Ralph Desimone, John Disalvo, Jimmy Dellova, Bill Morressey, Bob Pearl, Pat MacIsaac, Walt Kulowiec, Arnold Harris, Roland Lee, Charlie None, Al Campopiano.

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