150TH Engr. Combat BN. Association


As we are getting older the years are flying by almost too fast. One event that many of us look forward to is the 150th Reunion, but wish they would not come along so quickly. It seems like only a few months ago we had the 50th Reunion but now the 51st is a little over a month away.

This past November, many of Our members attended the wake of John David, who for many years worked in the Hospitality Room along with Eddie, Borge. We knew what the 150th meant to John when the ENGR pin was in his lapel as he was at rest with the Lord. His, wife and family were very appreciative of the men and wives who were in attendance

Over the last few year Jimmy Dellova and John Disalvo have taken over the hospitality duties which is one of the focal points.

Letters have been received from Bill Lamb, now living in Florida, and James Inman, now living in the state of Washington. Both cnclosed cheers, for, dues and Hospitality Room, and wrote how much they enjoyed the 50th Reunion. They both regret that they would be unable to attend this year.

Our Semi-Annual meeting will be held Saturday, April 5th at 2 PM, at the American Legion in Auburn, Mass.

Enclosed is another Reservation Form in case the first one has been misplaced.

If you can attend only the banquet Thursday May 15th, send a check made out to the 150th ENGR (c) BN, and mail it to Curt Shaw, 25 Sagamore Road, W. Yarmouth, Ma. 02673. The cost is still the same $50.00 for the man and $25.00 for his guest.

The first letter had the names of those attending our 50th Reunion. We are looking forward to most of those comrades returning along with some first timers.

Bob Pitts, our historian, is looking for more stories from our members. He would like to include them in his booklet which he passes out at the reunions. Send to: Robert Pitts, P.O. Box 2345 Jamaica Plain, Ma 02130-1220.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Shoreway, Acres for our 51st Reunion

Your Committee

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