150TH Engr. Combat BN. Association

As stated in the first letter in Dec., we are returning to Shoreway Acres May 13th - May 15th and already 33 rooms have been reserved.

Following is a list of Comrades who will be at Shoreway Acres and the majority will be arriving Monday, the 11th of May.

Arthur Boucher, Otto Brauer,(from Fl.), Vincent Bianchi, Harry Buckner, Ed Bigenski, Joe Calve, Al Campopiano, Carl Ciambrone, Honey Carone, Vincent Dellova, John Disalvo, Jim Donoghue, Ralph Desimone, Phil Dobruck, Milt French, George Gaetani, Donald Galli, Pinky Harris, George Kimball, Henize Kahl, Walt Kulowiec, Carlton Leach, Roland Lee, Joe Lenza, Ted Lodi, Al Landano, Bill Morrissey, Pat MacIsaac, Bob Pearl, Paul Routhier, Herb Rollins, Curt Shaw, Charlie Tommasi, George Vieira, John Ventura, Bob White, and Mike Zorbas.

We hope to double this number by the time of the reunion. Donald Galli is returning, and hope to see Bob Crimmins again, along with Edmond Manfredi, who have been among the missing for many years.

Looking over the list, there is one name missing and we are in trouble if he doesn't show up! Joe Keegan, our treasurer. Joe hasn't missed a reunion in the 51 years that the reunion have been held. Remember the reservation forms should be mailed by the 1st of April or at the latest, the 7th of April.

Another name missing is Tim Butters, who has missed only one Reunion in 51 years, but with the help of the Lord, we will see him at this years Reunion, along with his wife, Ellie.

The Hospitality Room will again be in good hands since Jimmy Dellova and Johnny Disalvo are registered.

At the Semi-Annual meeting held in Nov., we had 15 men there with all the Officers in attendance. Phil Dobruck gave the Secretary's report and Joe Keegan, the treasurer's reports. President Bob Pearl again did a good job in conducting the meeting.

The coming Reunion was discussed in detail and it was voted that Vinny Bianchi and Ralph Desimone are in charge of obtaining gifts. Pinky Harris and his committee will head up the award presentation.

Prior to the meeting, 25 of us, including the ladies, had lunch at a nearby restaurant, in Auburn with reservations made by the Bouchers.

We were notified that Ed Nelson passed away June 22, 1997, also Roland Lee's wife Pat passed away Dec. 26th. Pat will be missed by all of us at the coming Reunion, as she was a joy to be around.

Again, we received, for this coming Reunion, a generous contribution from Mike Luciano, who will not Be able to attend because of health reasons. Blake Hughes, who also will be unable to attend, but hopes to be with us in following years, sent a check to cover dues and the Hospitality Room expenses. Again, thanks to Mike and Blake.

Thanks, also, to Charlie Mone for the list of names and address labels. Charlie and Phil Dobruck do a great job in keeping up with all the address changes.

Everyone on the committee does a super job in keeping the 150th a successful organization, but, as said many times, it is because of your attendance over all these years that makes it all worth while.

In closings we are looking forward to meeting you at this year's Reunion at Shoreway Acres, Falmouth, MA. on Old Cape Cod, May 13th - May 15th. Come early if you can.

Enclosed is the Reunion Reservation form. Please mail your response by April 7th at the latest.

Those who are attending the Banquet, only, Thursday evening, the 14th of May, send your intentions to Curtis Shaw, 25 Sagamore Rd., West Yarmouth, MA. 02673. The cost is $50.00 for the member and $25.00 for the guest. Make checks payable to 150th ENGR (C) BN.

Your Committee,

Vinny Bianchi, Art Boucher, Jim Donoghue, Tim Butters, Carl Ciambrone, Al Campopiano, Ralph Desimone, John Desimone, Jimmy Dellova, John Disalvo, Pinky Harris, Walt Kulowiec, Roland Lee, Pat MacIsaac, Charlie Mone, Bill Morrissey, Bob Pearl, Paul Rothier, and Curt Shaw.


Since this letter was written and before being mailed, 7 more men sent in their reservations. We are not in trouble anymore because Joe Keegan will be making his 52nd consecutive reunion, and Bob Crimmins is making it again this year. Nick Karunes will be attending and traveling all the way from Atlanta, GA. Leo Davis, Al Landano, Charlie Mone, and Bob Pitts have added their names to the list of attendees.

We have now booked 40 rooms and are on our way to another great reunion. The Scottish Highland bag pipers will be at our ceremony when respects are paid to our falling comrades.

Again, looking forward to meeting you on olde Cape Cod, Falmouth, MA.

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