150TH Engr. Combat BN. Association
March 23, 1995

It you haven't sent your reservation in, PLEASE MAIL IT NOW as they must be in by April 2, 95. Once again we are expecting a large gathering. When you think of getting together for 49 consecutive years, it is really quiite amazing. Very few outfits can boost of the records that the 150th has achieved both during the war, and these many years following World War II.

There were a few things I missed (probably more than a few) in my first letter, One being a portfolio put toqether by Bob Pitts, Bn Photographer. In the portfolio are many of the Bn. Commendations & Citations that the unit received during battle. Bob mentioned that if anyone had write-ups of interest, that he would add them to the portfolio. Send material to Mr. Robert F. Pitts, P.O. Box 2345 Jamaica Plain, Ma.. 02130-1220.

Another item missed was that we had a few follows that had not attended in several years, Ben Barr, Norm Channin, Joe Daugirda, Jim Kresge, Tom Sullivan & Hector Lee.

We Received a generous check from Bill Lamb, who now resides in FL, for his 1994-95 dues and also covering hospitality expenses. Thanks Bill!

While writing this letter, the mailman just delivered 2 more letters from wives whose husbands passed away. They expressed in these letters the strong bond that their loved ones had for the 150th, "C" Bn. The five men who passed away in addition to the six mentioned in the previous letter are Leslie Eaton, Contoocook NH, Alvin Landry, Marlboro Ma., Robert G. Schumacher, Philadelphia Pa., Georqe Semancik, Stratford Ct., and Mathew J. Waskiewicz, Swansea Ma. Our Prayers go out to the wives and families of these men. Their names will be included in the roll call of our fallen comrades of the 150th., during the ceremony at Shoreway Acres, in May.

Althouqh we may be getting on in years, we. still can whoop it up at the reunions. Only now its lights out BEFORE Midnight, (and fewer go to bed with their teeth in! --- Me included.) There is still story telling (bigger and better than ever), dancing, golfing, hospitality room frolicking, and just Plain sitting around enjoying each others company. Plenty of nap time too!

For those attending the banquet ONLY - Thursday May 18th., send your check for $50 made out to the "150th. Engr C Bn." and mail to Curtis Shaw - - W. Yarmouth, Ma. 02673.

As always, from the committee members, we are looking forward to seeing you at the Reunion this May 17th - 19th. Remember that many of us will be there Monday the 15th to get a head start, and you may want to do the same.

Your Committee,

Vini Bianchi, - Joe Bianchini, - Tim Butters - Eddie Borge - Carl Ciambrone - Al Campopiano - John David - Ralph DiSimone - John DiSalvo - Jimmy Dellova - Bill Morrissey - Bob Pearl - Pat Macisaac - Pinky Harris - Arthur Boucher - Roland Lee - Charlie Mone - Curt Shaw

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