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Incidents, Messages, Orders, Etc.
  5 December 1943
  Fort Dix, New Jersey
1 Unit departed Fort Dix 1300 hours by motor convoy arriving at Permanent change of Station Camp Kilmer at 1600 hours. 
  6 December 1943
  Camp Kilmer, N.J.
1 Refresher training continued.
  15 December 1943
  Camp Kilmer, N.J.
1 Unit has organized a Fife & Drum Corp.
  16 December 1943
  Camp Kilmer, N.J.
1 Unit preparing for intra company competition drill. Weather clear and fair.
  17 December 1943
  Camp Kilmer, N.J.
1 All companies engaged in a competitive contest; 1 platoon, 1 squad, 3 M-1 Armed EM: All judged at different times on Close order drill and manual of arms. 


"B" Co. Winner in platoon drill, H&S Co. ran second. 

SQUAD DRILL - "B" Co. Winner and H&S Co. Second. In the individual test "C" Co. Was winner and H&S Co. Second. 

The weather today was fair and cold.

  19 December 1943
  Kilmer, N.J.
  Usual camp duties.
  18 December 1943
  Kilmer, N.J.
  Usual Camp Duties.
  21 December 1943
  Kilmer, N.J.
  Departed from Camp Kilmer, N.J. 0640 by rail. Arrived Bayonne, N.J. 0840 Boarded Ferry to Now York Terminal and arrived at POE at 0900 to board and transport Queen Mary at 0930.
  20 December 1943
  Kilmer, N.J.
  Usual Camp Duties.
  23 December 1943
  Aboard Transport
Queen Mary left New York today for unknown destination. Weather clear and cold. Morale very good. Food aboard ship fair.
  22 December 1943
  Aboard Transport
1 Our battalion selected as a detail battalion. Captain Stern in charge of all details aboard ship.
  25 December 1943
  Aboard Transport
1 Christmas Day. Seas very choppy. A few of our unit became seasick. Weather very cloudy.
  24 December 1943
  Aboard Transport
1 Routine operation aboard transport.
  27 December 1943
  Aboard Transport
  Sighted convoy off starboard side, a very inspiring sight. Radio aboard ship described sinking of the German battleship "Scharnoff" accomplished by the "Duke of York" and English Ship.
  26 December 1943
  Aboard Transport
  Sea very calm; weather cloudy. Members of our unit engaged in recreational facilities such as playing cards etc. On the promenade deck nothing could be seen but water. We were way out from land at this time.
  29 December 1943
  Aboard Transport
1 This morning found our transport docked about two miles inside harbor at place called Firth of Clyde, Greenock, Scot. 

Weather was very warm and clear.

  28 December 1943
1 Routine ship detail and operations. Sea extremely choppy causing transport to keel at a 20 to 25 degree angle. This was really our first "rough day".

Weather was cold and cloudy. Morale very good despite difficulties encountered in messing and a few cases of seasickness.

  30 December 1943
  Debarkation from ship commenced. Advanced party of 26 men from H&S Company and complete roster of Company "C" men disembarked for destination. Remainder of our bn remained on board ship. The advance party left by rail from Greenock at 2050 for destination.
  31 December 1943
  Advanced party arrived at Base Camp. Swindon, England. Remainder of bn still aboard ship. Our bn performed MP duties for approx. 24 hours.
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