APO 403
U. S. Army
20 October 1944

TO :     Commanding Officer, All Attached Units.

    1. I have received a personal letter from Major General Eddy, the Corps Commander which I think will be of interest to all our Officers and men. The letter reads as follows:

"Dear Colonel Keller:

The fighting of the last few weeks has punched home to us one point so obvious and so clean cut, that I want every Soldier and every officer in the Corps to realize its full significance.

That point is this; The Germans, even the best and most experienced of them, are visible frightened of us. They are frightened by the superior equipment, the more skillful tactics, and above all, by the magnificent courage and will to win shown by the troops of this corps.

We are now between rounds of a fight to the knockout. The last round saw the Bouche stagger back into his corner. While we gather our strength for the kill, he is hanging on the ropes. He cannot last another--he is bound to go down. I am confident when the next round comes up, that the troops of the 1135th Engineer Combat Group will show the same courage, the same skill, and the same driving determination to get this war won, that have won for us our successes to date.

I congratulate the 1135th Engineer Combat Group on its performance in the past--I wish it Godspeed and early victory.

Sincerely yours,
/s/ M. S. Eddy
/T/ M. S. Eddy
Major General, U. S. Army

    2. I want to make one additional point not covered by General Eddy. While we must prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the next round, we have a very important role to play between rounds. The ability of the other arms to start quickly when the bell sounds for that next round depends in a large measure on how well we do our job now. Each us must be impressed with the urgency of our present mission, and leave no stone unturned to do it properly. I am sure that each of you will do your part now and in the future with every increasing proficiency.

/s/ Charles Keller, JR.
/t/ Charles Keller, JR.
Col. 1135th Engr. C Group
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