APO  403
20 June 1945
SUBJECT: Commendation 

TO:             150th Engineer Combat Battalion, APO 403, U S Army 

                 It is fitting that recognition be given the 150th Engineer Combat Battalion for the outstanding contribution it made to the successful completion of all assigned missions of the 1135th Engineer Combat Group during the period 8 September 1944 to 11 June 1945 in operations in support of the XII Corps' drive against the German Army in France, Luxembourg and Germany. 

                In every phase of these operations the manner of performance of all tasks gave ample demonstration of thorough training, devotion to duty and unstinting cooperation on the part of all elements of your organization. Every individual is justified in a feeling of great personal pride in the accomplishments of this group. 

               The group, joining XII Corps 21 August 1944, established an enviable reputation by the execution of many difficult and exacting tasks including the participation in 10 major assault river crossings and the construction of a total of 4.6 miles of all types of bridges. 

                It is with a feeling of pride and humility that acknowledgment is made, that this record would not have been possible without the unfaltering devotion to duty of the 150th Engineer Combat Battalion.  It can be said with assurance that this view reflects also the views of the Group's two former commanders Col. Keller and Col. Starbird. 

                 It is with deep regret that the group moves on to other tasks without your assistance.  All members of this hq offer best wishes for your continued success. 

/s/ Hugh B. Hines Jr.
/t/ Hugh B. Hines Jr.
Lt. Col. 1135 Engr C Group
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