A.P.O. 403 

25 February 1943 
Unit activated at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. Cadre assigned and joined; trained cadre; constructed training aids. 

19 March 1943 
Filler replacements assigned through Reception Center, Fort Devens. Average age of men 19 years; all from New England states. 

24 March 1943 
Major W. H. Van Atta joined unit and assumed command. Military training program started. 

19 June 1943 
First Maneuver, one week at Potanopapond, New Hampshire 

12 August 1943 
Ten officer replacements assigned and joined 

17 August 1943 
Second maneuver, one week on Mount Monadnock and Merrimac River, New Hampshire. 

19 August 1943 
First operational accident two (2) men drowned in practice crossing of the Merrimac River. Maj. Van Atta, Capt. Knight, Lt. Lyon and seven (7) enlisted men awarded the Soldiers Medal for Bravery. 

1 September 1943 to 7 September 1943 
This time was spent on the Rifle range, the men firing their newly drawn M-1 rifles. Ninty-eight per cent (98%) of the unit qualified. 

8 September 1943 
Departed from Fort Devens for the West Virginia Maneuver Area. 

9 September 1943 
Arrived at West Virginia maneuver area and assigned to the 1111th Engineer Combat Group. Also assigned various service missions for Provisional Corps Headquarters. 

10 September 1943 to 9 November 1943 
Involved in service work, road construction, plumbing, rifle and machine gun practice, mountain climbing training and general training in practice of Combat Engineering. 

10 November 1943 
Left West Virginia Maneuver Area and arrived at Fort Dix, New Jersey. 

11 November 1943 to 4 December 1943 
Prepared for oversea movement by drawing equipment, replacements, etc., at Fort Dix, N. J. 

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