To: Commanding General, XII Corps, Attn: AG (Historical Officer) 

  In accordance with AR 345-105 and changes there to the following After Action Report with all available documents is submitted: 
  The following narrative relates incidents of Military interest which we, the 150th Engineer Combat Battalion, experienced thru direct or indirect engagement with the enemy in France for the period 010001A October 44 - 312400A October 44. 
  The most of October was rather uneventful for the 150th Engineer Combat, Battalion Company "C" being the only Company engaging the enemy. 
  071645A October 44 Company "C" departed from the Battalion bivouac area 1 ½ miles Southwest of Champenoux, France by motor convoy arriving at Bezange, France 071800A October 44. The mission which had been verbally assigned Company "C" was that of supporting the 166th Engineer Combat Battalion as Infantry in a defensive position holding the MLR of the XII Corps. 
  During the period 7 October 44 to 10 October 44 Company "C" supported the 166th Engineer Combat Battalion being under harassing enemy artillery fire at all time; operations consisting of the removal and destruction of enemy AT mines and ammunition. 
  On 11 October 44 the Company relieved one Company of the 166th Engineer Combat Battalion, holding 800 yards of the front line in Foret de Bezange. Continuing to hold the MLR on the morning of 12 October 44, enemy artillery landed in "C" Company's sector causing two casualties ( Pvt. Joseph Cadorette, KIA' Tec 5 Daniel Burke, LWA) 
  120900A October 44 Company "C" was relieved of holding the defensive position by Company "B" of the 24th Armored Engineers, at which time they returned to the Battalion bivouac area (still 1 ½ miles SW of Champenoux), arriving 121100A October 44. 
  On 13 October 44 Company "C" was assigned mission to build a triple-single Bailey Bridge at a site previously reconnoitered over the Marne Canal near Parroy; the bridge being constructed approximately 400 yards West of the XII MLR. 
  At approximately 2230 hours an intense barrage of enemy artillery fire hit the bridge site; thirty two rounds landing within two minutes. Also another smaller barrage hit the site at approximately 2255 hours. No casualties resulted from either barrage; however, the bridge and equipment was chewed up a bit. 
  The bridge was brought to successful completion at 1600 hours, 14 October 44. 
  Preparing the bridge for demolition, Company "C"; less a demolition section of four men, with the responsibility of demolishing the bridge if necessary; departed from Parroy arriving safely at the Battalion bivouac area 1 ½ miles Southwest of Champenoux. 
  The demolition section remained until 17 October during which time they were continuously hit by harassing sporadic enemy artillery fire. The section then returned to their Company with no casualties among them. 
  "A" and "B" Companies spent the entirety of the month building various types of bridges, maintaining and repairing roads, drainage projects, operation of rock quarries, and removing mines; "C" Company partaking in identical missions from 15 October to 31 October.. 

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