TO: Adjutant General, XX Corps, A.P.O. 340. 

ATTENTION: Historical Officer 

1. In compliance with letter Headquarters XX Corps dated 23 August 1944, Subject; "Submission of After Action Report.", and in conformity with AR 345-105, the following After Action Report is submitted covering incidents of engagement with the enemy by this organization from the date of assignment (5 August 1944) to the Third U.S. Army until 31 August 1944. 
   The 150th Engineer Combat Battalion departed its initial location in France, Canchy, 070800B August 1944, destination Longville, verbal order of Group Commander. 
  Lt. Col. W.H. Van Atta transferred to First U.S. Army Engineer Section VOCG First U.S. Army. Major Bruce W. Reagan assumed Command 070800B August 1944. 
  Established bivouac Longville 080900B August 1944. Assigned to Third U.S. Army VOCG and attached to XX Corps. Company B attached to Infantry Division for construction of Infantry Trdy bridge and establishment of bridgehead in the vicinity of Angers on the Le Maine River (Angers 30 17' N, Europe Road Map, Sheet 62, Scale 1:200000). 
  Battalion less Company B departed Longville 091300B August 1944 and arrived at Becon 1800. Battalion attached to V Division, verbal order of Corp Engineer. Capt. McCann established Liaison with 7 Engr. C Bn. 
  At 082100B August 1944 the seconds Platoon of Company B moved to the vicinity of Angers on the Le Maine River (3 deg. 17" W, 52 deg. 70" N, Europe Road Map, Sheet 62, Scale 
1:200000) to provide security and support for the 994th Infantry Trdy Bridge Company in Construction of Infantry Trdy bridge at the above mentioned site. Upon reporting to the O/C it was evident that little or no reconnaissance had been done in that Area and disposition of the enemy not clearly defined, with the exception that the S.E. Flank was known to be exposed. The platoon Commander Lt. Gary, was ordered to take charge of constructing the bridge. Upon approaching the job-site it was necessary to breach the existing minefields. Construction of the bridge was interrupted at 0300 by intense enemy small arm's fire, pinning down the entire platoon. Mortar fire was requested of the adjacent Infantry platoon which silenced the enemy fire in approximately ( ½ ) hour. Under cover of darkness Lt. Gary sent one (1) squad to the enemy shore to establish a bridgehead and reconnoiter that are for possible enemy mines. The enemy evidently brought up additional Arms in the interim and brought heavy fire to bear once again. Weapons employed included 20 MM and automatic weapons. 
  The platoon Sgt, Squad Sgt and three men were hit and became casualties. The platoon engaging the enemy with rifle and automatic fire exhausted their ammunition at 0845. Despite this adverse circumstance the casualties were evacuated under intense enemy fire 
  The following named individuals of this organization deserve the greatest of credit and praise for their commendable action during this engagement and in evacuating the wounded. These individuals were recommended for Award of the Bronze Star 26 August 1944. Private Abelallah Monsour, Private Donald J. Hapala, Sergeant Edward J. Thomas, Tec 5 Relegrino Russo ( Medics), Pfc Charles C. Fonck. 
  The remainder of the Company was brought up as reinforcements and crossed the River in assault and Recon. Boats under cover of our Artillery fire. Company C provided additional security as "A" Company salvaged the bridge, since a change of plans did not require its completion. The second Platoon of Company B captured two prisoners. All companies returned to Base Camp. 
  The following narration relates an enemy engagement involving Company C of the 150th Engineer Combat Battalion 101600B August 1944. Company C was assigned to improve an existing bridge located near Angers France, to widen and fill the bridge approaches and to replace the planking in preparation for ensuing traffic. Construction was interrupted at 2300 hours by heavy Artillery fire (88MM) and pinned down the working party from 2300-0300. Despite sporadic fire the mission was completed at 0600. 
  The Third Platoon of Company C assigned to prepare bridge (853729) for demolition 110912 August 1944. 
  Company A assigned Road maintenance (N-23 St Jean de Linieres) and minefield clearance in vicinity of Angers. 
  Battalion moved to Vaiges (4 miles East of Angers ) arrived 131300B August 1944 and were attached to 1103rd Engr. C Gp. B.O. XX Corps Engr. Departed from Area at 13200B August 1944, arrived V745762 14110B August 1944. Attached to 1139 Engr. C Gp. 131545B August 1944. No additional engagements were encountered for the remainder of current month. 
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