Bronze Star Ribbon
Bronze Star

Office of the Commanding General

A Bronze Star Medal is awarded to, ROBERT F. PITTS, 3130****, Tec 5, CE, 150th Engineer Combat Battalion, who while serving with the Army of the United States distinguished himself by meritorious achievement on ** Nov. 44 in France. Tec 5 Pitts was a member of an engineer, reconnaissance party in a forward area, in the vicinity of ****, France, when they encountered enemy artillery, and small arms fire which caused the patrol to take cover, but Tec 5 Pitts, continued to reconnoiter an enemy A. T. ditch which interrupted the advance of our forces. In the engagement at least ten of the enemy were wounded or killed by Tec 5 Pitts and other members of the party. Tec 5 Pitts coolness under fire and determination to complete the mission were outstanding and were an inspiration to other members of the party. The party withdrew under fire with valuable information vital in planning to span the ditch to allow our troops to advance. During the action Tec 5 Pitts outstanding devotion to duty, and his disregard for personal safety, were ever noticeable.

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