[The following information was extractedfrom articles which appeared in The Meridian Star and the Clarion Ledger, both papers originate in Mississippi. 7he Star article was written by John Surratt.]

  The 150th Engineer Combat Battalion, which was disbanded after World War II, has been reactived as a unit of the Mississippi National Guard. For 15 years the 150th Quartermaster Battalion existed at the Montgomery Complex of the Army National Guard. With the order "Retire the Colors," that unit ceased to exist and the 150th Combat Engineers received life.
  Approximately 100 people attended the ceremonies, including 12 members of the old battalion. Congressman G. V. "Sonny" Montgomery, who was the 150th commander when it was a transportation unit, watched the changing of the colors with mixed emotions.
  "You're happy to see the unit continuing," he said after the ceremonies, "but you're retiring a unit. I don't think there will ever be another (quartermaster) unit with that number. It's like when we retired the 31st Dixie Division colors (after the Korean War)."

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