The Honorable Gillespie V. Montgomery
United States House of Representatives
Washington, D. C. 20515

Dear Congressman Montgomery:
  This is a thank you and a request on behalf of the 150th Combat Engineer Association composed of veterans who served in the original 150th during WW II.
  First, it was great and an honor to meet and participate with you in the outstanding Activation Ceremony of the new 150th Combat Engineer Battalion. It was obvious that this group of young people will serve the State and Nation well whenever the opportunity arises.
  Second and last, there seems to be some question as to whether the new 150th can be a part of the old 150th and wear the ribbons and carry the streamers on the colors that are warranted by unit citations that were earned by our service in WW II. If possible please take the necessary action to allow the new unit to wear our ribbons and carry our colors.
  In closing, thank you for your many services to veterans and soldiers. You will be missed.

                                                                  Respectfully yours,

                                                                  Robert W Pearl
                                                                  150th Combat Engr. Bn Association

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