Stanley A. Wojtusik
The Veterans Of The Battle Of The Bulge
P.O. Box 11129
Arlington, Virginia 22210-2129

May 10, 1996

Dear President Wojtusik,
  This is a letter of introduction and a request for your assistance and support.
  First I am the President of the 150th Combat Engr Bn Assn composed of nearly 300 members who fought together in WW II. Our Bn fought in the ETO received many citations including a Pesidential unit citation and five campaign stars including the Ardennes. Some of us are members of the VBOB and will attend the meeting in Hyannis.
  Now in 1995 a unit of the Mississippi National Guard became the 150th Combat Engr Bn. (Our unit was deactivated in 1945) and some of us were invited and did attend the activation ceremony in Meridian Ms on Dec. 4th. Since this is a new unit and a National Guard unit, it is our understanding that they will not be able to wear our streamers on their colors or our ribbons on their uniforms.
  We would like an official order from the Army or preferably a Presidential Order declaring the new unit a reactivation of the WW II 150th and authorizing the wearing of our Presidential Citation, other service ribbons, and streamers with the colors.
  I have written two letters to Congressman Montgomery and I understand that these have been forwarded to the Army but this was in Jan. and Feb. and no reply has been forthcoming. There is a large gathering of the National Guard in Quitman scheduled for October with perhaps 10,000 people in attendance and the new 150th would like to have the reactivation order at that time with some of our unit in attendance.
  Surely as close as you are you can in some way help to move an order through the process. Ms Sharon Johnson in Congressman Montgomery's office is a beginning contact.
  Since we played a role in the BOB, you and the VBOB might gain by participating in the official union of the two 150ths.

Sincerely and Thanks,

Robert W. Pearl
President 150th Combat

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