Yanks, Crying in Rage, Tell How Nazi's Killed Wounded

Muddy, shivering survivors, Weeping with rage, told how German tankmen tried with machine guns to massacre 150 American prisoners standing in an open field.

"Those of us who Played dead got away later," said T/5 William B. Summers, of Glenville, W. Va., "but we had to lie there and listen to German non-coms kill with pistols every one of our wounded men who groaned or tried to move."

"Those dirty -. I never heard of anything like it in my life. Damn them. Give me my rifle and Put me in with the infantry. I want to go back and kill every one of those -."

Summers. who escaped with a gashed hand, was a member of an artillery observation battalion trapped at a road fork by a German armored column which had driven several miles into Belgium since the major Nazi offensive began yesterday.

Heavy guns on the enemy's Tiger tanks quickly shot up more than two dozen American trucks and light armored vehicles. The captured Yanks were then led into a field, and as the German column moved past less than 50 yards away, Nazi gunners deliberately raked the defenseless group with machine guns and machine pistols.

Survivors expressed hope that a majority of the men had escaped with their lives by diving to the ground and lying still, but hours later fewer than a score had made their way back to their own positions.

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