Signalmen Construct Super Athletic Field
Hard Work Pays Off

By, P F.C. Dave McGaw

Think back fellows, a way back when our ball field was nothing more than a huge pile of rock and sand. Now look at our field today. A hard and softball diamond second to none and equal to any in the states. That's quite a difference compared to when we first arrived at this post, and all of it was made possible through the efforts of Sgt. Guse and his energetic crew. They got out on that beat up field and really made something of it.
Lets just recall a little of what had to be done to whip that mess into shape. First there was the job of scraping all the rock, sand and old latrine signs to the side of. the field from where it was hauled away. It wasn't until then that the pw's began to bring in the two layers of top soil When this was all scattered' around and the large chunks broken up, a steam roller was given the tough job. of really smoothing it out. After this slow but necessary task was completed, the hardball diamond was layed out and the field was in "A" one condition. Next work was begun on the Back-Stop. Poles were erected and wire, wood and sweat finished it off. Never tiring, the boys then laid out the softball diamonds and built back-stops for them as well.
I think this is the best means of thanking Sgt. Guse and his gang, the Engrs. for the use their equipment and everyone else who helped in anyway to make our ball diamond what it is today.

League Games

The evening of June 20th was an opening date for our Bn. hardball team. The boys from the 238th Salvage came over and started the season rolling.
The first inning began with a run for the 238th, a result of an error by the 93rd. In the second inning the colored boys got 5 hits and 5 runs as compared to our one hit and one run. Two more runs in the third for the visitors and one in the fourth for us. Then in the sixth the 238th started another rally and brought in 3 more runs. At the begining of the seventh "Chuck" Jahnke, who had been doing the 93rd pitching honors, was replaced by Blasco who finished out the game. Luther threw a spectacular seventeen strike out game for the colored boys. The struggle ended with the 238th winning by a score of 11-2. The visitors racked up a total of 11 hits, 1 error, to our 8 hits, 6 errors.

'Don't worry about losing this one fellows, its just the beginning of the season for us. The rooting section looked good, lets continue to give our team all the support possible.

As scheduled, Monday June 18th our softball league played its first game between A-Co. Motor Pool and the Radio Platoon. The Motor boys k. o'ed Radio 8-5. Another game played that evening was on the field of the 66th Medics. These Medics Tangled with our lads from B-Co. And walked over them 5-0.
Tuesday night B-Co. Hqs. section lost to A-Co's No.2 team, 16-13, after B-Co batted out 12 -runs in the first inning. Quite a comeback for A-Co to boast of. The 66th Medics dusted off our Hqs. Co. 7-0, at another game played at their field.
Keep an eye on the next issue for final game results in this League.


Here is a chance for all you former amature and professional golfers to get back on the fairways. The Third Army is going to send one amateure and one professional golf team to Paris to compete in the ETO Tournaments. If you have ever played either amateur or professional golf and would like to get in on-this big affair, write a note to your unit athletic officer stating when you played and what your score average was. These records will in turn be forwarded on to Corps where a team will be selected.

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150th Combat Bn
T/4 Basil Castle - Baltimore, MD. (116)
T/5 Andrew Denham - Columbia, Tenn. (96)
P.F.C. Clarence Boshears - Wheelwright, KY. (98)
P.F.C. Harold Thompson - Williamson, W.. VA. (99)

166th Combat Bn
T/4 Alvin Norton - Siloam Springs, Ark, (103)
T/4 Walter Kliss - Laporte, Ind. (100)
P.F.C. Palmer Davies - Philadelphia, Pa. (100)
764th Dt Co. T/4 Augustus Harrell - Stanford, Conn. (90)

981 St Maint Co. (93)
T/5 George Mayo - Columbus, Ohio
1st Sgt. Kenneth Hodge - Long Beach, Calif. (104)
S/Sgt. lames Lloyd - Amhurst, VA. (99)
S/Sgt. Elmer Foskey - Elsmere, Del. (112)

613th Le Co.
T/5 Myles Standish - Oakland, Calif. (100)

150th Engineer SOFTBALL Teams Offer Tough Competition
H & S And A Co's Off To Victorious Start

H&C company is coming to the front and again with a top notch soft ball team. However, they seem to lack the proper moral support from both officers and enlisted men. What say fellows, let's get out there? If you can't play, you can at least cheer.

Here's the scores thus far in the season.
H&S Co. - 6 93rd Signal, radio sect. - 4
H&S-Co. -2 613th Engr. LE Co. 3
H&S.Co. - 6 66th Med. Bn. 5
H&S Co. - 14 93rd Signal C. Co. 1
H&C Co. - 2 150th Engr. C Co 1

Bennedusik saved the day when he lugged a two bagger in the eight inning, knocking in the two winning runs of the game with the 93rd Radio Sect.
I was told on reliable authority, that he only reason we lost the game with the 613th was because of two Foul balls, any way we don't like to talk about that.
The game with the 66th Medics at koffering led to a hard fought see-saw battle. In the early part of the game raasch, (our chief medic) knocked in three runs with a three base hit. Shaw, whaled in the winning runs in the last inning with a two base hit.
On Saturday nite, C Co. of the 93rd Signal really took a pasting. Johnny Koket opened up with a home run, and it was slaughter from there on. Bill Moses was really on the spheroid that nite, as the opponent only had two hits.
Sunday afternoon we started our first game in the group series, with C Co. of the 150th. This game was a true pitchers battle between Vinny Hayes of C Co. and Ray Raasch for H&S. The score was one to one until the ninth inning when Show poled out a homer to win for H&S.
Next week we'll have a schedule of all the forth-coming games, and the scores to date.

1137th Gp. Toumment

Below are the league standings of teams participating in the Group Tournament. These Standings are for games played up to and including June 19th.

  Won Lost Pct.
Co A 88 Engr Hv. Pan. Bn. 1 0 1000
Co. B 204th Engr C Bn. 1 0 1000
H&S 150th Engr C Bn. 1 0 1000
Co A 150th Engr C Bn. 1 0 1000
Co C 150th Engr C Bn. 1 0 1000
H&S 166th Engr C Bn. 1 0 1000
966th Engr Maint. Co. 1 0 1000
Co B 88th Engr Hv. Pan. Bn. 0 1 00
Hq. Co. 1137th Engr C Gp. 0 1 00
H&S 88th Engr Hv. Pan. Bn. 0 1 00
Co A 166th Engr C Bn. 0 1 00
H&S 204th Engr C Bn. 0 1 00
Co A 204th Engr C Bn. 0 1 00
Co B 204th Engr C Bn. 0 1 00
Co C 166th Engr C Bn. 0 1 00

Softball Notes From 204th

A word about the 204th softball league.- Let's, take a look at the four clubs and six them up to date. At this writing each of H and S, A, B and C Companies have five games of tournarnent competition under their belts. It's too early to make any serious prediction but so far C company has shown the best all-around ability. With B company very dissatisfied with a second place birth. These two companies have used their games with H and S and Able co to fatten up their Percentage.

  Won Lost
C Co 5 0
B Co 3 2
A Co 1 1
H&S 1 4

764th Bows To 613th

The 764th Engr. DT boys pulled away to a two score lead against the 316th Engr. LE Co. for the first four innings. However a few errors caused the downfall, by our losing at the c1ose margin of two points. Now that we have the feel of the softball against the fellows in the Group - we are ready to challange any team to Series. Remember fellows, 764th boys don't bet. However the losing team always buys the beer just, "Another deal", what about it men?
Our intracompany games are pretty good. Hq team, composed of the officers and Hq personnel, just won a five game series with the first and second platoons.
Our first Group League game score:
764th Engr. DT Co. - 10
613th Engr. LE Co. - 12


Our own XII Corps soft ball championship will be held on the 16th of July


Track for Army will commence July 24th. Watch the "post" and your Bullentin Board for our turn out.

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