March 26, 1945
Dear Mother and Dad,

It was swell to hear that you received my laborious letter on the Paris deal. I was a little worried about it because it took me so long in writing it, I didn't want it to get lost. So you think I would make good with a job in sales promotion?

I'm sorry you can't go to Fla. this year but maybe next will be different. Hell, the war over here is far from won and don't ever think it isn't! That is as far as the individual German Soldier is concerned, they still have the fighting guts they always had. Everyone over here feels when Patton finishes over here and takes his tanks to fight the JAPs it won't last long with them, why, we feel that the JAPs haven't got the guns and armor to knock out our tanks. Maybe it's a different story but that front looks ok for Patton to take care of.

Yep, we used the good ol anti-freeze in our trucks. Had to, if we didn't we couldn't move, so.

When I get time, I'll send some more junk home but as yet I just can't seem to get around to doing it. I'll let you know when I do send it for it contains a German Flag about 4' by 2'. This is all for now you too but I'll write again soon. Ok?

Love Always,

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