Death Separates 'Inseparable' Pals

EVACUATION HOSPITAL INSIDE GERMANY, Dec. 18 (UP).- As a war story there is nothing much to this- - no important hill stormed, no enemy column wiped out. It is just a simple testimonial of the tenderness of a soldier who tried to erase from memory what sudden, violent death did to his buddy. It comes from a medical captain who would not divulge names.

Both were sergeants; both 23. One was in the medics; the other in the infantry, and both Joined this armored infantry regiment three years ago. Through Morocico, Sicily, Normandy, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany they were inseparable comrades. They took passes together, drank together and shared parcels from home.

In combat each looked out for the other. This time it was the medic's turn. There had been fighting and an explosion wrecked a house. A tank commander had radioed for the medics. Fifteen wounded, six left dead at the house. When his pal didn't show up the medic asked permission to return to the house, which was still under fire.

"He's beyond help," said the Captain. "I know-but I want to make sure." The broken body had been found under a pile of rubble. The medic brought it back to an empty room in a shell-ripped house that served as an aid station. There he wiped
away clotted blood, dressed the dead sergeant in one of his own clean uniforms.

Then he picked up the telephone. "There's a dead soldier here."

They found one man's pal, peaceful and quiet as if he might have been at home.

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