March 13, 1945
Dear Mother and Dad,

Ever since last December we have been billeted in a town or city. Sometimes we would get bombed out homes and ones that had been shelled, but all in all it was better than living out in the field. Sometimes there would be the people in the houses with us and they were swell to us. Coming through France and Luxembourg they would do anything for us, bake, wash our clothes, etc. When it came time for us to move on, they would always be up saying good-bye and, of course, the usual crying because of it. A lot of times it was even harder for us to leave than it was at home, the people just couldn't believe we Had to go! You know me and Good-byes, I hate 'em and they always had me ready for tears. When we were in a house back in Luxembourg ( the one where I received Dad and Bill's package) They insisted we sit and eat with them every Sunday dinner.

At night after work of a job, we would sit around playing games or talking. Dick and Jimmy both know a little French, me I could understand a few words of it along with some German I remembered from school. So we made out swell. They would make waffles each night at nine, along with coffee, we actually gave them everything we could get our hands on, food, etc. Marco, their daughter(21) was to be married in Feb. So we gave her a complete set of dishes we had taken from a German warehouse. They washed our clothes and made minor repairs also press our O.D.'s We called the older woman "Mom" and the older man "Pop"

When we went out on a job they could always tell and would wish us luck and say a prayer for us. When we returned they would be waiting with anxious eyes to see if......

Each time we would be welcomed with kisses and opened arms. They always knew when we were going out, I guess they sensed it. When it came time to leave and move on they just couldn't understand why. They cried, and kissed us and etc. It was just like leaving home all over again. That will be one place I want to go back to if ever I get the chance. We told them we would and by God we will!

No, Mom, They can't write or understand English so it's no soap as far as receiving any mail from them. If I ever get back there I'll give them our address and have her write to you. I guess she can by now.

Now that we are in Germany we are doing the same thing but the people are moved away from us. You know about the Non-Fraternization policy, that is what we are following now.

In our paper "S&S" It has one page all about the home front. So we are kept up on the news from home in that way. Certainly we are rationed, why not? We get seven packs a week and that is all any man would want. I don't even smoke one pack a day so I have all I want. Even so, some of the men don't smoke and anyone can get more by getting his. If some Joe writes home that he isn't getting enough cigarettes he is nuts or else he is in Paris or in "Com 2". They are in Paris too. They only get 4 or 5 packs a week which is only right for they are only doing jobs back of the lines, way back!

Yes, I named my new truck. You'll get a kick out of this I'm sure. "Back alive in Fifty, Ain't that a nifty". How do you like that one? ( have the lighter too)

Please check on that war-bond, the one you didn't get. For I can have it checked on at this end very easily so please do find which one and I'll have it sent through if it wasn't. They took out money for it so, you should get it.

This is all for now I'll write again soon.

Lots of love,

P.S. How about some store cookies and cake, and magazines? Would like them very much.

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