Local boys take part in push into Reich
War correspondent at front tells of Francis Copeland, Everett Murphy and Victor Puzzo.

According to special dispatch from the third army front in Germany, three local boys are taking an important part in the advance into enemy territory. Those mentioned were Private Francis Copeland, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Copeland of 49 Hackmatack Street T-5 Everett Murphy, of 25 Perkins Street, and PFC. Vic Puzzo of 24 Charter Oak Street.

Murphy, who was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Murphy was awarded the bronze star for courageous action few weeks ago. Murphy is in a medical unit and performed unusual feat of daring under fire to win his award.

Copeland Interviewed

Copeland, trying to cross a river in a boat, was shelled and the boat hit a log throwing the Manchester soldier into the water. "We swam ashore, " Private Copeland told the correspondent. " Some of the infantry men, load with equipment were drowned. Some were killed by shells, and many were saved. Generally we did see a German but we got their fire all right. "

Pfc. Vic Puzzo, one of the Puzzo twins, was also in one of the boats that were under German artillery fire in the river crossing.

This appeared in Manchester Conn. paper December 1944.
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