January 20, 1945
Dear Chuck,

It has been very good fortune to have some excellent assignments since I saw you a year ago. I went directly into a General Staff job on the European theater staff upon arrival and was one of these selected for combined US.- British staff that worked out the details of the invasion, and put the troops through the south coast prots on their way to Normandy. I went to France on D+8 the first time and between then and D+60 I shuttled back and forward about every week until Bradley's 12th Army group staff became operational and I was assigned to the G4 section. In the race across France I was on Movement Control work and believe me we had our hands full. At present I am the G4 Liaison Officer from Bradley's staff to Patton's third army. It is an interesting job and a good outfit to work with. Old "Blood and Guts" is definitely one of the greatest military geniuses of this war and his men love him. In between shuttling between one headquarters and another I get a chance to visit most of the front line outfits and just happened to stumble on to Johns's outfit by chance. Our job is to ride hard on the lives of communication and apply to see if things are clicking and if they are not to find out why and do something about it right now. There is only one place to find out the facts and the is up front where only the tough survive. If the G.I.'s are not getting everything they need and plenty of it. I want to know why and rank don't stop me when it comes to putting the bee on some brass hat, who is falling down on the job. That is one thing you can always depend on, the old man won't tolerate inefficiency, and he will back you to the end if you are right. God help you if you are not! Give my love to Beth and remember me to any of our mutual friends in your part of the world. Drop me a line when you have time. I would like very much to hear from you.

Sincerely Yours,


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