Northern France 1944 Streamer
July 25-September 15, 1944

"Operation Cobra" commenced July 25 with the Eighth and Ninth U.S. Air Forces launching a surprise raid against enemy positions with startling success. Unfortunately, some of the bombs hit American positions as well. These attacks allow U.S., British and Canadian ground forces to begin their advances on enemy positions. Advances on enemy positions exceeded expectations thus causing a problem in the supply lines. By September, many began discussing being deployed to another theater after the Germans were beaten. German forces faced severe shortages in fuel as well, which hampered not only ground operations, but their air battle as well. Unit morale began to suffer and a rising sense of panic worried the German leaders. An effort was made by Hitter to reinforce his position by lowering the draft age and moving people from the Luftwaffer to ground forces at the West Wall, however it was too little too late. The Allies continued their advances and by Sept. 15, crossed the Moselle River.

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