Anne L. Duquette
Wilton, CT 06897

150th Engr. C. Bn.
Attn: Mr. Curtis F. Shaw
West Yarmouth, MA 02673

Dear Mr, Shaw:

I guess I should call you "Curt" because I heard that name often from my brother Mike Luciano. The enclosed check is coming to you at Mike's request. I was supposed to have done this much earlier. Your last letter - postmarked 3/30/99, was a good reminder. You do not have to acknowledge this check - you have much to do, and I know it's appreciated. As Mike always said - it's for the hospitality room, for whatever little cost it might cover.

Thank you for sending the newsletter and mentioning Mike. He would have enjoyed that very much. I know I did. You were his other "family".

So many of you were so kind to me when Mike passed away, with your phone calls, cards and the beautiful flowers at his funeral Mass, unofficially representing the 150th.

May God bless all of you for your past friendship to Mike. I will never forget how his Captain - Joe Calve - boosted his morale during his last months (of course Ann's food and cookies helped to make Joe's visits really enjoyable for Mike).

When I think of the 150th I remember the young men who sat in the Bridgeport railroad station going back to camp after a weekend pass. My brother "Red" and I usually came into the station with Mike where so many of you would be waiting for the Moonlight Express or whatever that train was called, and Mike would ask if all were present and you'd hear the shouts of "A Co., B Co., C Co., Quartermaster" and it would give you chills, and still does when I think about it. I was still a kid in High School and Mike was barely an adult, like most of you.

Please forgive me for rambling - I guess it's my age, or maybe it's just because I feel I know you all - through Mike.

Thank you again.

Kindest regards,

Anne Duquette

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