New Pictures I have not placed in their locations. These were all scanned in and sent to me by Michael Fanell, grandson of Staff Sgt Pasqualle (Pat) Capparelle, Co B, from Greenwich, CT

If you click on each of these pictures, a larger and clearer picture will open up in a new window.

Reims Airport destruction- Reims, France

Muddy Roads in Germany

Burnt German Tankman - Chambois, France

Landing with Vehicles - D day Plus 2, France

Mortar Position firing -- Hill 122 - Normandy

American Tank gunner in France

German Messenger, Machine Gunned, Germany

Destruction at Falaise Gap, France

Loading Dead Germans, Normandy

Camouflaged Pillbox, Normandy Beach

Burnt Germans, Falise Gap, France

Crashed American Glider, Normandy

Destroyed German Jeep, Normandy

Replacing Bombed Bridge, St. Hilaire, France

Phosphorous Shell Hitting Pillbox, Germany

Large Road Crater, Fon-Toy, France

Ernie Pyle tries his New Coleman Stove, France

Prisoners Leaving Seigfried Line, Germany

90th Division Sign, Seigfried Line, Germany

8 Inch Gun near Saar River, Germany

Destruction at Port of Cherbourg, France

Flooded Moselle River, France

Shelled Ponti La Abbi, France

Ferrying Tanks, Dilligen on Saar River

Knocked Out German Tank, Germany

German Transport Plane, Belgium

Moselle River. Hatzenport, Germany (duplicate)

German 11th Panzer Division Surrendering

Destroyed Vehicles and Germans, Chambois

some of the names from the back

Robert A. Klass - PA, Aaron S. Reich - San Antonio, TX , Stephen Brook - Colorado Springs, CO, Bertran R. Lerf - Miami, FL, Aarley L. Stanley - El Centio, CA, Earl W. Jenkins - Zanesville, OH, Fred A. Fahs - Walters, MN, Lyle K. Murphy - Mankoto, KS

Bridge on the Rhine - March 22, 1945

Sgt. Pasqualle (Pat) Capparelle, "B" Company working on a bridge

George Chemess - Boston
Fredrick Bradbury - Dedham
Alex MacIsoor - Cape Cod
Carl V. Hoffman - Comfort, West VA
John R. Burrous - Marianna, AK
Hover P. Higdon - Dyersoorg
Ulyssis Caudell - Beautyville
Leonard Ross - Maine
Alvin Fred - Zimmerman, OH
Jake Lunty - Canton, OH
Earnie Deeb - South End Boston (Syrian)

Small bridge in Germany

Small bridge in Czechoslovakia

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