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S-4 (Water Point) party in Abington England. 1944 before d-day
Troops Pictures This is a picture of the bridge and the tea room
where we held our S-4 party.
The boat used to make us laugh, as it had to
lower it's smoke stack to go under the bridge.
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Troops Pictures
Troops Pictures
Back- Sgt. Harry Gardner, Cpl. Frank "Red" Copeland,
Pvt. Beaver Burgess, Pvt. Doug Callow, & Sgt. McDonald
Front - Sgt. "Gabby" Lamica, Sgt. Kishalonis,
Cpl. Steve Kasay,
Pvt. Brennan
July 22, 1944 Normandy. 
Troops Pictures

Taken at the 90th inf. Hdqrs. Bill Towle and Ed Bigenski

Leigh Nokes, ???

L-R Beveau, ????, ????, Andy Hall, Wininchy
Jack Fratus, Robert Burges

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