Page 4 of "B" Co.

R - Ernie Deeb visiting his brother Jim Deeb

Red Griffin

Dutch DeMase'

Ernie Deeb Al Campopiano

Red Kalowici

Red Griffin

Red Kulowiec - Jim Graves

John Dietz

Walter Savoy

E. Deeb Al Campopiano

Biancini, Kalowici, Butters

Ernie Deeb

Ernie Deeb



Back Left Al Landry
Front Left Floyd Romanchi

Bradbury, Kulowici, Done, Ventura, Butters, McIsaac


Cheanes, ?????, ?????, ?????, Schoffe, Landry, Kolowick
?????, Hapla

Bottom Left Ken Hanley Right Mike Zorbas
Top Armand Boeudreu, John Givova, Gil angers, Bergeron

Left Mike Zorbas, ??????, Armand Boeudreu, ?????

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