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Basic Training
Pictures of the men in Basic
Pg. 2 Pg. 3
Bunker Hill Parade 1943
Pictures of Deutschedorf
Map of the Motor Pool March
S-3 Map of Ft Dix 1943

Rivers Crossed & Bridges Built
Sir Bailey's Bridge

Rhine River
The Story
Plans for the Bridge
The Pictures
Crossing The Rhine

Sielle River
Pg. 2
Moselle River
Pg. 2 Pg. 3 Pg. 4
Parroy France
Pg. 2 Pg. 3
Sarre River
Pg. 2 Pg. 3 Pg. 4 Pg. 5 Pg. 6
Blies River
Sauer & Our Rivers
Danube River
Pg. 2 Pg. 3 Pg. 4 Pg. 5
Variety Pack
Pg. 2 Pg. 3
Building Bridges
Pg. 2
The Map
History & Map of XII Corps
General Patton

He stood between me and death
The war as seen by a soldier
Pg. II Pg. III
WWII with the 150th Engineers
An Odessy with Patton
Action at Nancy
Some suffer in survival
Action in Vain
The Lil Burgermeister
Queen Mary
One Lived and One Died
4 Purple Hearts for H&S
Sergeant Sylvester Szychulski
A Night Out
S.S. Pontotoc
Germany Surrenders
The Saga of Jumping Joe

The Officers
The Photographer
H&S Company
Pg. 2 Pg. 3 Pg. 4 Pg. 5
"A" Company
Pg. 2 Pg. 3 Pg. 4
"B" Company
Pg. 2 Pg. 3 Pg. 4 Pg. 5
"C" Company
Pg. 2
Road Crew
The Dogs


Pg. 2
Other Vehicles

Front Lines
Pg. 2

A USO Show the 150th attended

Letters, Papers, & Cards
Co. "B" 3rd Platoon Roster
Stars & Stripes humor
Write up of the Units Presidential Citation
War Rationing
3 Stories
Northern France 1944 Streamer & Explanation
Comments on Leadership
Letter from Mike Luciano's Sister
POST Newspaper Vol. 1 No. 1
Pg. 2 Pg. 3

Newspaper Articles
Connecticut soldier gets doughboys across river
Army wounded get chance at life thanks to courage of medical aids
Death Separates 'Inseparable' Pals
Yanks, Crying in Rage, Tell How Nazi's Killed Wounded
Local boys take part in push into Reich
Corporal Wears Five Battle Stars
General Patton
54 year Guilty Conscience eased
Sure River

Eisenhower's leaflet to keep high moral
Eisenhower's relinquish of Combined Command
The Landing Beaches (a flyer)
The Army & You

Letters Home
A letter home about a 48 hour pass in
A letter home, with pictures, about leave in Paris
Brief Letter about war not being over
Letter about different rations and Bridge
Letter about staying in peoples houses in the war
G-4 Liaison working in Gen. Bradley's staff

Post War Activities

List of reunions 1947 - Present
1948 Newsletter

1949 Newsletter & Flyer
1950 Newsletter & Postcards
May 1956 Newsletter
Fall 1987 Newsletter
Fall 1988 Newsletter
Spring 1989 Newsletter
Fall 1993 Newsletter
After the 50th, the 150th continues
Fall 1994 Newsletter
Spring 1995 Newsletter
Fall 1995 Newsletter
Spring 1996 Newsletter
Fall 1996 Newsletter
Spring 1997 Newsletter
Fall 1997 Newsletter
Spring 1998 Newsletter
June 1998 Newsletter
Fall 1998 Newsletter
Spring 1999 Newsletter
2001 Motel Application

Past Reunion Portraits
1947 -- The First Reunion
1948 -- The Second Reunion
1949 -- The Third Reunion
1952 -- The Sixth Reunion
1953 -- The Seventh Reunion
1957 -- The Eleventh Reunion
1958 -- The Twelfth Reunion
1959 -- The Thirteenth Committee
1962 -- The Sixteenth Reunion
1966 -- The Twentieth Reunion
1971 -- The Twenty-fifth Reunion
3 Pictures from the early days

4 Men from the early days

4 Pictures from the early days
5 Pictures from the early days
3 Pictures from the 80's

Reunion Pictures
52nd Reunion Ceremony (1998) & a few misc. pictures
Pg. 2 Pg. 3
My Dad receiving a Plaque
53rd Reunion Pictures, (1999) & a brief movie

Pg. 2 Pg. 3 Pg. 4 Pg. 5 Pg. 6
54th Reunion Pictures, (2000)
Pg. 1 Pg. 2 Pg. 3 Pg. 4 Pg. 5
Pg. 6

Articles on the Reunions
Combat Engineers Discuss War Days (18th)
Battalion's 22nd Reunion Held
Manchester Union Leader Article 1984
Decades Don't Dim War Friendships (47th)
150th Engineer Battalion Launches WWII Reunions Here (50th)
150th Prayer

1999 Normandy Revisited
1984 Battle Sights Tour
1984  Luxembourg
Nothing is the same
The Trip Itinerary
Europe Revisited 40 years Later
1984's Pictures
Pg. 2

The NEW 150th!
More Pictures
News Letter

This section is while the unit was in training.
Incidents, Messages, Orders, Etc.

September 1943
October 1943
November 1943
Dec. 1943
January 1944
February 1944
March 1944
April 1944
May 1944
September 1944

3 Oct. 44 Oral commendation from Major General Baade
20 Oct. 44 Generals letter about frightened German soldiers
5 Feb. 45 Commendation from Lt. General George S. Patton, Jr.
20 June 45 Commendation from 1135th Engineers
11 July 45 Letter of transmittal preserving documents of historical importance

Unsorted Pictures

History and Traditions
History of the Corps of Engineers
The History of the Engineer School
The Engineer Button
The Engineer Castle
The Seal of the Corps of Engineers
The Corps of Engineers Song, "ESSAYONS"
Engineer Regimental Punch Bowl Ceremony
The Engineer Toast
An Engineer Hymn
A Poem for the Engineer
Campaign History of the United States Army
Battle History of WWII
The Corps of Engineer
Origin of the 21-gun salute
Origin of the saying ESSAYONS

Decorations - The insight - Webrings - Awards

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What 56 men gave up for YOUR freedom

The Current Changes
1999 / 1997-1998

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