The Photographer for the reunion snapped 111 Pictures for the reunion. This included over 50 just for the website, so you could see the reunion. Below is 62 of his pictures. Pleasde consider purchasing a Company or Battalion Photo from him, if you have not already. Unfortunately, I had to lower the quality of the pictures on the website, due to space limitations. If interested in clear copies of these pictures, please contact me for information. (Available only if you or a family member is in the 150th).

1. Battalion and Company Photo's
2. Warming up
3. Lining up
4. The Ceremony
5. Table pictures at dinner
6. Relaxing after dinner

For reprints of the Company or Battalion photo's, contact Paul at The Loft Studios. 10 Laurel Ln. Kensington, NH 03833-5612 (603)778-8864

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