Dedicated to the 150th Combat Engineers of WW II

This was the bulletin board we had with all the requestes for the past 4 years. I hope you will contact people and help them if you can.
At some point I will create another bulletin board for all of you past and present to be able to get some help, and help each other out.
In the mean time, please do not send me requests for any information outside of the 150th. All the info on the 150th, is what I have right here online.

Name: Scott
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Requests/Comments/Answers: If I could thank every veteran, and shake their hand I would, since I cannot the best I can do for now is make sure what they did is never forgotten. I can’t thank the men and women of WWII Enough. Ever since I attended the National WWII Memorial dedication in 2004, and met so many WWII veterans, I have been collecting stories from WWII veterans. During this time I have also made a video in honor of all who served during WWII. The video showcases different WWII Museums and Memorials and is set to some big band and WWII era songs. I have been interviewing and collecting stories from WWII veterans for over four years now and I am still honored to hear such history from such great men and women. If you have a story or some history you would like to share please contact me anytime. From one paragraph to several pages, anything you have remembered is a historical treasure. I wish you all the best life has to offer, and Thank You. I am also looking for any materials or items used during WWII such as patches, maps, uniforms, equipment, logbooks, etc.
Saturday, August 16th 2008 - 01:05:27 AM
Name: Leslie Ramatowski
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Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for Christmas pictures/stories (letters) of military personnel from the State of Connecticut during WWII. This is to be used for a Christmas program at the Naugatuck Historical Society Museum. There will be young singers and bell ringers for this event so the favorite Christmas songs of that time would be helpful in guiding our choice of music. Thank you for any help you can give us. Sincerely, Leslie Ramatowski Collections Manager
Wednesday, July 30th 2008 - 11:12:59 AM
Name: Kelley
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Requests/Comments/Answers: My son has been asked to do research and see if he can find out what "Area 72" was during WWII for school. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Friday, May 9th 2008 - 06:55:52 PM
Name: Lawrence R. Munyon
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I was with "D" Company when the unit was formed in Fort Devons Mass. Does any one remember Joe Wiesman or First Sgt. Onofrio,? Spent a lot of week-ends with Joe, his sister, Debbie, his mother, she was a wonderful lady and a great cook. I do have a few pictures of Onofrio and myself taken by Life Magazine during gas drill. When in Europe in 44 I saw Joe one time when we ran across the unit. Any information you may have on Joe, or other members of "D" Company please let me know. I am retired now from the Army.
Monday, April 21st 2008 - 12:40:17 AM
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Requests/Comments/Answers: I would like to find more information on the 339th, Company A. Does anyone out there know about them? My father was in this combat group. Thank you for all you did for our country.
Thursday, March 13th 2008 - 12:52:05 PM
Name: Bobby G. Carr
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Requests/Comments/Answers: What an honor it is to sign this book. I have looked for years for information about my dad in WWII. I am now 64 yrs. of age and in very poor health. I would like to pass this infor. (if I can find any) on to his kids and grandkids and great-grandkids. His name was Lloyd T. Carr and served with the Co.B, 351 st special service engineers regiment in campaigns of Northern France, Rhineland, and Ardennes-Alsace. I cant find any material much on his unit and what they did or if they were due campaign medals, etc. I am the oldest surviving son. I have had open-heart and prostate surgeries recently and would so much appreciate any infor. that any person could give to me. Thanks very much. Bobby G. Carr
Monday, March 3rd 2008 - 06:44:32 PM
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Requests/Comments/Answers: My father, PFC Olin C. Hinkle, served with the 351st engineering Regiment, Co. F, 3rd Platoon during World War II in Europe. I'm having a hard time locating any information of this outfit and what they were doing during that time, I do know he was at Camp White for training in Oregon in 1943. I found some old letters that he had wrote to my mother during that time and when he was over THERE. Thanks.
Tuesday, February 26th 2008 - 06:54:28 PM
Name: Leigh Conway
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Requests/Comments/Answers: I think my Dad, Edward Everett Hopkins (NH) was a Tech, Grade 4 in the "C" Company of the 150th. He passed away recently and I am looking for any information anyone can give me on his service time - stories, particularly re: how he was injured (got Purple Heart), where his service took him, etc. Thank you in advance for any helpful information.
Tuesday, February 19th 2008 - 06:37:45 PM
Name: Henry
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Requests/Comments/Answers: What happened in the county of Saalfeld, Thuringia, Germany on and after April 13, 1945 ? Why do countless inquiries to NARA not bring any results? There must be living veterans still of today. Which unit of the 87th Infantry Division was searching the slate stone mines there? Is there no information about it in the CIC files? Are all these files still closed to the public? Why? Any help is appreciated. thanks Henry
Saturday, February 16th 2008 - 03:44:21 AM
Name: john cameron
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: An add on to my earlier request for information on one pvt rocco marchegiano, he became better known by his ring name of rocky marciano; hoping this might jog some memories, please feel free to contact me at the above address, any and all information, no matter how trivial it may seem will be invaluable to my research. Many thanks.
Thursday, February 7th 2008 - 07:36:11 AM
Name: andre
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Requests/Comments/Answers: surch for WW II soldier burried in the netherlands -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hello we are andre and maggy from the netherlands were we live in the netherlands is a american militairy cemetery from ww2. we adopt a grave of a soldier who is burried there. that soldier was coming from Maryland, and died for our freedom. the people in the netherlands, are still so very thankfully, that all the 8301 graves are adopt sinds 1945, and still are now. adopt means you take care of one of more graves and you put nice flowers on the graves, a few days a year, memorial day, birthday x-mas etc. we adopt the grave of: LEMMON GEORGE F RANK: TEC 5 UNIT: 44 ENGR COMBAT BN 1 ARMY DIED: MARCH 24 1945 GERMANY BIRTH: 26-10-1904 SERIAL NUMBER: 33389229 MARYLAND carroll county HIS WIFE NAME: DE CHAUNTOL, LEMMON, LINWOOD, MARYLAND, 248 E GREEN STREET, WESTMINSTER NEW ADRES IN 1948: C/O JOSEPH WELLER, LINWOOD MARYLAND HIS MOTHERS NAME: ELEANOR LEMMON MIDDLE STREET HANOVER PENNA. HIS FATHER NAME : JOHN LEMMON who can help us to find his family. or further information we thank you so much andre and maggy from the netherlands
Monday, February 4th 2008 - 09:45:02 AM
Name: john cameron
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am trying to trace the records, archival material, personal recollections, etc, of one private Rocco Marchegiano, who served in the 150th during the years 1943 - 1946. If anyone has any recall of this individual please contact me via e-mail at any and all help in this matter will be sincerely appreciated.
Thursday, January 17th 2008 - 07:23:39 PM
Name: Lawrence Munyon
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Requests/Comments/Answers: To Tammie Juniel, I have a vsh tape of the 291st Combat Engr. Bn. Action from Normandy to end of ww2. Be happy to make you a copy, tape or cd. I was also in the Engineer's, 24th Armored, 4th Armored Div. Contact me at
Saturday, January 12th 2008 - 03:39:57 PM
Name: David L. Arnold, MAJ USAR(ret)
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Requests/Comments/Answers: Can anyone confirm for me if Col VanAtta subsequently served with the US Army Combat Develops Command? It would have been quite late in his career if he did. Thanks much. David Arnold St. Catharine Colleg
Thursday, January 3rd 2008 - 03:44:15 PM
Name: Carlton Arruda
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Requests/Comments/Answers: My father, Louis Arruda, served in the 150th in Company "A". Unfortunately, as you have indicated, the Fort Dix photo cannot be magnified like the others. Do you know how I could get a copy of that photo to examine to check for my father? Who holds the one used on your web page. I live in RI and would travel to view the photo, assuming you are close by in New England. Thanks a lot for your excellent web site. I recently obtained his military info from the National Personnel Records Center. Thanks again, Carl
Wednesday, November 28th 2007 - 02:22:37 PM
Name: Linda Hansen
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Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for info on : Wayne L. Cramer, father who served in Co B 1261 1st Engr. C Bn He was inducted in Illinois and went through FT Sheridan, Illinois. He was sent to North Carolina and shipped out from there in about Sept. of 1944. I know he was at the Rhine and into Paris. (Please use my email to let me know if anyone has info. Thanks for the opportunity to ask for info.) I signed the forms for the govt. to research records in St. Louis but my Dads records were in the part that was burned out and they said there was nothing else available to track down. I'd like to know more about the history of the unit etc.
Sunday, November 25th 2007 - 10:54:43 AM
Name: fred giers
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: 1945 Berlin Appreciate anyone with info on members of the 759th M.P. Batln serving the American Sector under Gen.Frank Howley and provost Major Dixon. send thoughts for a joyous Veterans Day to all! With gratitute for a great time. Fred Giers
Monday, November 12th 2007 - 06:33:52 PM
Name: Donald Blizzard
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Requests/Comments/Answers: I have a world war 11 era or before group photo of the 617th enginering equipment company. I lent a friend who was a vietnam vet a rather large sum of money to buy it but he'd never tell me why he wanted it?? It's yellowed with age and has a small tear and appears to have been rolled up for many years but all of the faces are clear as are the rank on collors and sleves. Anyone out there who knows anything about it??puzzles me.
Tuesday, November 6th 2007 - 09:08:14 PM
Name: Dennis Macaluso
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Greetings My Father, Peter C. Macaluso, served with the 88th Eng Heavy Bonton Bn during WWII in General Patton's 3rd Army. Although my Father passed over in 1991, he used to tell me a bit of his maneuvers during WW II. I have been recently inspired by Ken Burn's recent work on "The War", and I am seeking to gather and compile more information on my Father's maneuvers. I hope to compile this information and provide it to my immediate Family for Christmas. I noted that the 88th Eng Heavy Bonton Bn had an operation in Neirstein, Germany on March 23, 1945. Any information which you can provide me to learn more of the 88th and my Father would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your service and all you have provided. Dennis Macaluso, 11/1/2007
Thursday, November 1st 2007 - 10:50:26 PM
Saturday, October 20th 2007 - 03:10:08 PM
Name: tonya freemantle
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I'm trying to locate an american soldier whom died after d-day by the name of raliegh or raleigh fisk. I can't quite find the appropriate search engine to locate him. any help is appreciated. he is my great uncle & when my husband & i take our european vacation i wanted to visit his grave. thanks!
Tuesday, October 16th 2007 - 01:14:40 AM
Name: Rebecca Vanfossen
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Searching for anything on the # 278 Combat Engineering Batallian - WW2 @ Normandy
Saturday, October 13th 2007 - 11:49:02 AM
E-mail address: JLENZA1420@AOL.COM
Tuesday, October 2nd 2007 - 06:04:11 PM
Name: Diane Bean
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Hello, My father Roger A. Durocher Sr. of Company A of the 150th Combat Engineers. He served in Normandy, Northern France, The Ardennes, The Rhineland, and Central Europe. He was awarded the American Theater ribbon, the European-Africian-Middle Eastern Theater ribbon with five bronze battle stars and the World War II victory ribbon. He was seriously injured when a bridge collapsed, he must have had at least one purple heart. He had a long recovery, up to a year, then discharged sometime after the end of the war. I can not find him in your account of the 150th. Is there another place I should be looking for him? You have a great web site. Thank you, Diane Bean
Tuesday, September 25th 2007 - 05:35:48 PM
Name: Jeff Domowicz
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Does anyone have any information on Combat Engineers that went throught training at Ft Belvior, and graduated in April of 1944. My father was in Company "C" 7th Battalion, 1st Platoon. He was injured in training and lost the use of his right arm. The men in his unit were deployed overseas, and my father was re-assigned to a Service Command Unit guarding POW's in Texas and New Mexico. Thanks for any information.
Friday, September 14th 2007 - 03:49:27 PM
Name: Tim Coulson
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: First i would like to say your website is great!.My father in law was in the engineers during world war two in Europe.Iam trying to find out what unit he was in over there.My wife has shone me letters but there all confusing, Its like he was in different companys.We would like some way we can get information.He was in the army from 1943 to 45.We have his dog tags if that would help us.His serial # is 32662866 T43 44 O John J. DeCapita. THANK YOU FROM BOTH OF US FOR YOUR TIME....
Sunday, September 2nd 2007 - 12:53:21 PM
Name: Scott McKendrick
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I'm writing an oral information in regard to my deceased Grandfather, T/4 Sgt. David P. McKendrick,42046932, Company "C" 288th Combat Engineers 1943-1945 ETO.He was a 37 yr old draftee who went to Boot Camp at Ft. Belvior,Va. and continued on for more training at Camp Rucker,Alabama.The 288th was in England and during that period I recall my Grandfather discussing with me about a training accident that killed a young Lt.and his driver.They were at the Roer River and lost a guy off a pontoon bridge (Sniper).Attached to 2nd BA w/Grenadier Guards in Holland/Nijmagen Bridge-heavy combat.Toured the streets of Aachen-more fighting.Traveled south to Remagen bridge and relieved forward element for repair and made swim call.Proceeded further south to Geisen? near Munich.I have more personal stories.I welcome any 288th CE unit history.
Saturday, August 11th 2007 - 12:03:43 AM
Name: Marilyn Gallagher
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: If anyone is interested in finding information about their loved ones during the War, you can go to It takes about three months to get all the information you want. I received a copy of my dad's Discharge Papers, Service Record Book and his Medals. They are all for free. The Military needs the Information that is on the Discharge Papers. It is the WD AGO Form - 53-55 (ARMY), the same as the DD Form 214, My dad, August Schunk was in the H & S Co. 1256th Engr C BN. He served in Central Europe and Rhineland during World War 2. His nicknames were Gus or Gussie. If anyone has any information on him or if they remember him, please let me know. Thanks, Marilyn Gallagher
Thursday, August 9th 2007 - 04:23:15 PM
Name: Monika Ragland
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Requests/Comments/Answers: My father-in-law just passed away and we got a box of WWII stuff. I've identified everything except a patch. It is a horizontal, khaki background diamond about two inches long. Embroidered on it is a gold eagle looking left inside a gold circle. Its left wing goes behind the circle. Can anyone tell me what this signifies? He was in the Pacific. Additional patches he had were: Ninth Corps and Engineer Amphibian Unit. Thanks.
Wednesday, August 8th 2007 - 06:06:07 PM
Name: Charles Redding Sr.
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for Information on the 610th engineer light equipment company. My Dad never said much about his service to his country as it was most difficult for him to speak of all he went through. He was at Normandy.Omaha beach,Ardennes,Rhineland,Central Europe. ww 2. Anyone who could direct me to any info about the 610th at that time would be Greatly Appreciated as Dad has passed away without giving us much info. I would like to leave his Great Grandchildren info on his service to his country. Thank You Chuck Redding sr.
Monday, July 23rd 2007 - 07:50:02 PM
Name: Sam Caldwell
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: RE: 2731st Engineer Light Equipment Company My father served in this company during WWII and I would appreciate any information that you may have on it. I believe that the 2731st was activated in July 1944, deployed to France in January 1945, and was attached to the 7th Army. Thank you.
Friday, July 20th 2007 - 02:20:59 PM
Name: Rolfe V Lindquist Jr
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Any information on Rolfe V Lindquist Fort Devans 1942 - 1943 Boating accident at Fort Devans MA
Monday, July 9th 2007 - 10:04:51 AM
Name: Ramona Bartos
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Hi I am the daughter of a1282 combat engineer who is still alive and kicking. It wasn't until the last few years my dad has talked about his service time and some of the horrible things he lived through.. I have found it very difficult to find any information on the group. My father trained at Camp Van Dorn and shipped out in March of 1943 and was discharged in March of 1946/ He was at the Battle of the Bulge and Normandy beach and ended up in the Phillipines when he was finally sent home. Any info or pictures you have would be appreciated or info on where to go to get more info on this great bunch of heroes.
Saturday, July 7th 2007 - 11:47:00 PM
Name: andre and maggy
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Hello to you We are andre and maggy van driel, from the netherlands. We live in the near of the American militair cemetery in margraten the Netherlands. 8301 fallen Americans rest in peace there. The thankfully local people adopt all the graves, sinds 1945. Adopt means you take care of the grave you adopt and put nice flowers on the graves, a few time’s a year. Memorial day x-mas etc. See this site Or this site Ok my wife and I adopt 3 graves but we just got our 3th It’s the grave of LEMMON GEORGE F TEC.5 SERIAL NUMBER 33389229 UNIT: 44 ENGR COMBAT BN. DEAD AS PRISONER OF WAR IN CAMP STALAG 4 B MUHLBERG SACHSEN 51-13 ON MARCH 24 1945 AND HE CAME FROM MARYLAND. WE WANT TO KNOW, DO YOU KNOW WERE WE CAN FIND INFORMATION ABOUT THIS HERO. DO YOU KNOW WERE HIS UNIT WAS ATACHED TO WITCH DIVISION IN THAT TIME?? We found this email adres on the internet, so it’s a guess that you can help us further ok All the best and thank you for your time Andre and maggy van driel Lindenlaan 4 b 6301hb valkenburg a/d geul The netherlands Email: Phone: 003143 6010706
Thursday, July 5th 2007 - 05:25:15 PM
Name: Sam C. Brown, Jr.
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I was a member of the 167th Engineer Combat Battalion. The unit was assigned to the 1117th Engineer Combat Group as a part of the 7th, 3rd, and 9th Armies in the Europen Theater between August 1944 through May 1945. My son and I are putting a web site together to maintain a historical site for the units decendents. We currently hold reunions once each year. We have had more than 10 reunions. We are currently working off of a web site Please look the site over and maybe we can exchange some information.Sam C. Brown, Jr.
Friday, June 1st 2007 - 04:59:10 PM
Name: C Goodwin
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My father, Charlie Lyles, was assigned to the 150th Engineer Ponton Bridge Company from March 1951-March 1953. He didn't talk very much about it before his death in 2003, but he also served in Korea. I requested his military records, but unfortunately, his were among the ones destroyed in the fire in 1973. If anyone can give me info. or leads that will help me learn more about my father's experience during the Korean Conflict, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, C Goodwin
Friday, May 25th 2007 - 03:08:58 AM
Name: Lee Archer
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am part of a two man self publishing team producing a series of books about wrecked, surrendered & abandoned German tanks & vehicles from 1944-45 called Panzerwrecks. Does anyone out there have any original photographs of this type for use in future volumes of Panzerwrecks? If your images are published, you will be fully credited & will receive a complementary copy of the publication. Please see our website: Best wishes. Lee Archer
Saturday, May 19th 2007 - 05:24:23 AM
Name: Kay Gutknecht
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: What is chess paling? My father served with the 121st Engineer Combat Battalion, and after they reached the border of Germany, they were frequently "making chess paling". I assume this is a type of fencing, but I would like ot know how it was made and the type of wire used. Can anyone help?
Monday, May 14th 2007 - 02:06:53 AM
Wednesday, April 25th 2007 - 08:52:28 PM
Name: Bentley T. Bottrell
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I have been doing some researching on Combat Engineering. I would like to know: during World War II, how much "Trigger Time" (fighting as infantry), in addition to their engineerig duties, did combat engineers get, in areas where major combat operations took place?
Wednesday, April 25th 2007 - 03:42:09 PM
Name: Mike Evans
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My father was in the 252nd. Engineer Combat Batallion... looking for information or anyone with ties to this unit
Saturday, April 21st 2007 - 07:04:08 PM
Name: Tim Reeves
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Looking for info on Carmer Green Reeves (my uncle), was at Bastogne. Told me he was an engineer and "Don't take those little white pills to keep you awake." When I joined the Army out of High School in 1978. I don't know what unit he was in. He was from Mississippi and one of his nicknames was "Big boy". Thanks for your service and assistance Tim Reeves
Sunday, February 18th 2007 - 02:16:59 PM
Name: Frank Acosta
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Great Site. Does anyone have any information about the 1303 Engineer General Service Regiment during WW II. My dad, now deceased, was with this unit from Normandy to Germany and then shipped to the Pacific Theatre. Any information would be helpful. Thanks
Wednesday, February 14th 2007 - 04:13:58 PM
Name: Ryan Crooker
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am the grandson of Wesley Crooker. He was, as I under stand, was in from 43'-45'. B Company 2nd Div. I would like to find any Information,pictures, letters,with him in them.
Saturday, February 3rd 2007 - 01:54:10 PM
Name: Erma J. Huston
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for anyone or information on Harry Parker Pennington. He was with the 150th. He is my father. He passed away at the age of 64, quite some time ago. He left me with many pictures & letters and names of some of his buddies in the war. Thank you Erma BJ, Huston
Wednesday, January 31st 2007 - 04:19:56 PM
Name: Tom McLeod
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am researching the movement and missions of the 145th Combat Engineers also attached to the 3rd Army after arrival in Frane July 6, 1944. My father in law Cameron Cox served with this unit after Enlisting in early 1941. He was assigned to the 35th Combat Engineers and spent 18 months in Alaska building the Pioneer Rd which became the ALCAN highway. He documented this quite well. ETO was a different story and not much info or family disscussion. Any help would be appreciated.
Thursday, January 18th 2007 - 09:58:40 AM
Name: Irving Edelstein
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Am a veteran who served in WW 2 with H & S company, 49th Engr Combat Bn. Basic training at Camp Carson, Colo, 2 years and 5 campaigns in the ETO with General Bradley's First Army, General Collins 7th Corps. Any questions are welcome.
Wednesday, January 3rd 2007 - 11:02:42 PM
Name: Irving Edelstein
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Am a veteran who served in WW 2 with H & S company, 49th Engr Combat Bn. Basic training at Camp Carson, Colo, 2 years and 5 campaigns in the ETO with General Bradley's First Army, General Collins 7th Corps. Any questions are welcome.
Wednesday, January 3rd 2007 - 10:54:49 PM
Name: Roy Cheney
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Looking for info on the 846th Engineer Avation Battalion(EAB), 1stSgt.Tim Jordan
Monday, January 1st 2007 - 08:11:35 PM
Name: brenda kidd
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I just found your site and it's wounderful! I'm looking for more information on my Grandfather's unit. he was in the 556th Engineer's battalion. July 1943 to Sept 1945. I have one photo that was taken in basic training WE think which has a unit number on it of 1025. We do not know what those numbers meant. thanks for any help with learning more about this unit.
Monday, December 11th 2006 - 04:05:37 PM
Name: overt elena
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: hello: i did basic training at Ft.Dix in oct.1986.i will like to know how to get the cycle book, because we got our photos taken but we never got the book, because some sort of problem thank you for your help Overt
Saturday, December 9th 2006 - 03:14:38 PM
Name: devin
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: i am a grandson of a ww2 veteran and i am desperatly looking for any body who has any unit rosters from the campaign in new guinea or guam. i'm looking for grandfathers unit and what he did his name is Edward J voelker if anybody knows a person that served with him i greatly appreciate any information. i dont know his serial number or unit but i do know that he was in the army and was shot and wounded in the ear and was medically discharged after contracting malaria. so if anyone has any information please email me at or thanks
Thursday, December 7th 2006 - 02:16:33 PM
Name: Clifford williams
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Aftre two years looking for someone from the 168 Engineer BN. I lucked upon your site. If there are any more guys from the 168 combat Eng. out there e-mail me. The year is 1956-1958--Fort Campbell, Ky to Nellingen Germany. I was in headquarters Co. Mayby some one will remember my truck during Armed Forces day over there not one like it in all the military, gloss OD with gloss black mixed in. It was Hq. 45. Please write, this is the first time that I have been in contact with another one from my unit.
Monday, December 4th 2006 - 10:14:22 PM
Name: Tom Baxter
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for any information about my father's unit from WW2. He was with the 250th Engineer Combat Battalion, Company B. They were trained at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin. I have the menu from the Thanksgiving dinner of Nov. 25th, 1943. In it is listed the entire company roster. I would appreciate any information regarding the company's activities during the war.
Thursday, November 2nd 2006 - 11:45:02 AM
E-mail address: LIZFUZZ@AOL.COM
Monday, October 30th 2006 - 10:37:39 AM
Name: Billy
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Hello to all Engineers, anyone out there that was stationed at NELLINGEN BARRACKS Germany near Stuttgart ? Always looking for Pictures concerning the Kaserne for my Website under please reply for any Information. Thanks Billy from Nellingen Germany
Saturday, October 14th 2006 - 02:35:49 AM
Name: Heather Stewart
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Hello. I am researching information on my grandfather's service and cause of death during WWII. His name was Garth Howard and he was assigned to the 1056th ENG. He served in the ETO and was killed Nov. 1943. He is buried in a American Military Cemetery in Nettuno, Italy. Before being shipped to the ETO, he received his Heavy Equip Training at Fort Screven/Tybee Island GA in 1942-43. If you have any information on how I may be able to gather more information on his service, I would appreciate it! I am trying to create a written history for my mother, who was just an infant when her father was killed during the War. Thanks in advance, Heather Stewart.
Sunday, October 8th 2006 - 07:39:53 PM
Name: Mary
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am trying to find some information on my fathers unit. I have a picture of my father in his US Army uniform taken about 1943-1945. On the back of the picture he wrote "9th Engin. Equipt. Manila. Can someone tell me what this means and where could I find out more information. Thanks in advance.
Sunday, October 8th 2006 - 02:29:06 AM
Name: Bert Jansen
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: First my excuses for my poor English. I live in the south of the Netherlands, about 20 km from the town of Margraten. Here is one the greater American cemeterys. About 8300 Americans who gave their live in WW II. My wife and I adopted one of these graves. Here is burried Charles M. Stoneman, 84 th Division, 309 Combat Engineer. I know this is the site of the 150 th.But is there anyone who can tell me more about the 309 Combat Engineer.
Saturday, October 7th 2006 - 03:04:27 PM
Name: William Sayles
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I trained with Charles D. Shufelt in ASTP in World War II, probably in 1943, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He then went to the ETO & I went to the Pacific Theater. I am trying to find information about him, in particular the action which resulted in the awarding of the Bronze Star and the place of burial. What division and army command was his outfit in? I am asking because we trained together for a year, and we were close friends. I knew that he died in the war, but I do not know much else. His fiance told me he died at the Rhine crossing in Luxembourg, and I wanted to know if this was correct, and what action it was. Would you have a copy of his citation? I would be interested in reading it. Bill Sayles
Thursday, October 5th 2006 - 08:26:01 PM
Name: Alan Fairchild
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am the grandson of a WWII vet. My grandfather was the tail gunner in an SBD Dauntless and an engineering clerk 457. I am looking to find out if there is a reunion for his (Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 244, Marine Aircraft Group 24, FMAW) group. He passed in 1988 and passed on many pictures that I want to share with anyone left from his group. Can anyone help me find any information regarding this topic? Thank You
Tuesday, October 3rd 2006 - 10:29:01 AM
Name: Betty Revis
E-mail address: W84sundown2@aol.con
Requests/Comments/Answers: Company "A" 1341st Engineers,attached to Fourth Marine Division. Any information appreciated.
Thursday, September 28th 2006 - 12:43:51 PM
Name: Rick Lindquist
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Looking for info on 372 GS Engineers, XII Corps
Sunday, September 17th 2006 - 02:04:23 AM
Name: Lou Siri
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My father (same name) was part of the 202nd Engineer Combat Battalion Co C. I would like to get in contact with anyone form this co. or anyone with information about them. My father died in 1974 when I was 5 so I did not get to talk to him about WW II. Thank you
Friday, September 15th 2006 - 04:24:27 PM
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My father died last year and while going through his papers we found his discharge.Imagine our surprise when we found that he had been awarded a BRONZE SERVICE STAR for the Rhineland Campaign Per WDGO #33 & 40,1945. He NEVER spoke of the medal and we (his 4 children) have no idea what he was awarded the medal for. Is there someway to find out?.......Please stear me in the right direction if possible. Thanks in advance and THANKS TO ALL VETS.
Friday, September 8th 2006 - 03:20:12 PM
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: In memory of all that gave some and the ones that gave all. My grandfather (Cecil W Kinser) was in Normandy, 313RD INFANTRY REGIMENT / 79TH INFANTRY DIVISION 6/12/1944 the 79th Infantry Division landed on Utah Beach, Normandy, 12-14 June and entered combat 19 June 1944, F.O.D On 10/23/1944, He was Buried in the Lorraine American (AMBC) Cemetery and Memorial Saint Avold Lorraine, France. If anyone has any Information or photo's on the 313rd INFANTRY REGIMENT please contact me @ e-mail me ( Thanks, Greg Belcher
Tuesday, September 5th 2006 - 11:16:38 PM
Name: Robert Grover
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Does anyone have information about the 1251 combat engineers, or where I can find internet information?
Thursday, August 24th 2006 - 07:55:58 PM
Name: Paret
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Great web site....I was with the 168 from 57 to 60 stationed at Ft. Campbell and Nellingen. There was a web site dedicated to the 168 that was loaded with our bn history. I was given 2 CD's by the soldier that had been collecting info and maintaining the site. Lots of WW2 history, old maps and pics. I'd be glad to share any info that I have with anyone connected to the 168 wishes. It was a sad day when our battalion web site was discontinued.
Tuesday, August 15th 2006 - 11:51:16 PM
Name: Ramona Bartos
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My uncle Richard Murphy was a corporal in the 1282nd Combat Engineer Battalion. They trained in southern Mississippi, and were sent to England in 1944. They were not deployed in Europe until February 1945, and participated in the final push to the Rhine. They were then sent to the Pacific through Marseillse and the Panama Canal in preparation to take part in the invasion of Japan. They were an occupying force in the Phillipines. Mr. Arne J. Johnson (a former Lt.) of Silver Springs, MD, was the contact for this group, but I understand he passed away earlier this year. I would like to hear from anyone who has a connection with this unit. I have some of my uncle's photographs and memorabilia from the war. Thanks much!
Saturday, August 12th 2006 - 09:12:57 PM
Name: hubert gauché
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: hello, I am looking for information regarding the 84-th Engineer Aviation Battalion and particularly the airstrip (code 1 36) they built in Saint Léonard (France) in 1944, August-September. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated
Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 02:45:43 PM
Name: Diane O'Brien
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My father, Ervin Darsow, from Minneapolis, MN served in WWII in Company D, 175th Engineer General Service Regiment from Nov. 1942 through October 1945 in Naples-Foggia, Rom-Arno, and PO Valley. I would love to hear from anyone who might have served with him or knows of someone who also served in this unit. I have just begun researching this so I do not have much information so far. I will appreciate any response. Thanks.
Friday, August 4th 2006 - 03:03:33 PM
Name: Joseph Yarsawich
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My father: Joseph W Yarsawich Sr. served in the 168th in WWII. He was a Tech Sgt. In the third platoon of Company B(?). He passed away in 2001. I went to a reunion of the 168th in 2005. A great group of guys but most them were from Company C and did not remember much about my Dad. There is a monument ot the 168th at Fort Devers in MA that has all the names of the guys that served during WWII If anyone has any information about my Father or other WWII survivors from the 168th Combat Engineers, please let me know. Joseph W Yarsawich Jr. 109 Ripton Road Shelton CT 06484 203 915 3322
Saturday, July 22nd 2006 - 06:14:00 PM
Name: Donald E. Embry
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am trying to retract my uncle's military record. On February 15, 1945, Captain Bob Purkhiser was promoted to Combat Engineering Unit Commander of the 2829th Combat Engineering Battalion and on March 1, 1945, he was made Operations and Training Staff Officer. Does anyone remember him? Are there any stories that you might tell? Don Embry
Friday, June 23rd 2006 - 12:50:24 PM
Name: Anita Drexler
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am trying to find any information on the 368th Engineers from WW II. My father was in Unit E of that battallion and in trying to reconstruct his military records which were lost in the fire in St. Louis, I was able to piece together some information from his medical records which were in a different location due to his being a DAV from an injury incurred in Germany in 1944 while he was serving with the 368th. To date all I have is quiries from other people who had fathers who were also in the 368th but in different units. I am also trying to find out if there was a unit patch, I have not been able to locate one.
Monday, June 19th 2006 - 12:57:35 AM
Name: Shawn Mulligan
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I want to thank you first of all for creating this web page. I just found my fathers name Thomas E Mulligan on you list of men who recieved the purple heart. I know that I have found the right place. Again if there is anyone who has any information about service records or advice on how to go about finding this information at all please contact me. Thank you ever so much! Shawn Mulligan
Saturday, June 10th 2006 - 11:27:03 AM
Name: Shawn Mulligan
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for any information on my Father Thomas E Mulligan who served in the Third Army 150th combat engineers Batallion. He went oversees around June of 44 and into France around August of that same year. My Family and I are extremely proud of our father but we do not know much about his service record. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. Please help Thank you Shawn Mulligan!
Monday, June 5th 2006 - 10:17:39 PM
Name: Tammie Donaldson
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My father, George W Donaldson, was a in the 291st combat engineers. He served in World War 2. He was in the Battle of the Buldge and landed on the beach in the 3rd wave on D Day. I am trying very hard to assist him in locating some of the men that he served with. Please contact me via e mail if you have any information. Thank You!!
Sunday, June 4th 2006 - 08:26:09 PM
Name: Michele Brock
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Hi. I am looking for information about my childrens great grandfather. His name was Barkley Brock. He was a 2nd Lt in the 158th Combat Team-Pacific Battle Zone US Army WWII. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
Saturday, June 3rd 2006 - 11:31:53 PM
Name: Mariann Saulenas
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking to find names of those killed in the Battle of the Bulge on January 13, 1945. I am researching for someone who lost her husband (William Francis King from Massachusetts) on that day. I have no idea how to go about this search. Any help would be useful. Thank you.
Monday, May 15th 2006 - 09:13:39 AM
Name: Dennis Wile
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My father, Dennis E. Wile, was the battalion photographer for the 1270th Combat Engineer Battalion in the Third Army in the Rhineland in WWII. I am would like to contact any members, or relatives of members, of this battalion. Thankyou, C. Dennis Wile
Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 10:28:04 PM
Name: George J. Carroll
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I'm looking for any information on the 288th Combat Engineers who served in Holland next to the Nijmagen Bridge and were loaned out to the British 2nd Army. We kept the main road passable by the British tanks by the bridge. We were assigned to Patton's 3rd Army and ended up just outside Munich in a town called Frising, Germany. I was a demolition specialist. Thanks for any info you may have.
Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 12:09:26 PM
Name: Jared Okerson
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for information about my Grandfathers unit. His name is Fred Lloyd and he was in the 1021st engineers and thats all I know. He passed away when I was 10 so I never got a chance to talk to him about the war. If anyone has any information or could point me in the right direction to find some I would be very thankful.
Saturday, April 8th 2006 - 11:46:48 PM
Name: dave kaufman
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Hi - Read your request on the 150th Engrs site concerning any unit awards for the 175th Engineer Regt. According to DA pamphlet 672-1 "Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register", the 175th did not rec'v a PUC, MUC or any other type of unit award. You might try contacting the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and inquire about obtaining copies of all documents in their files - including AARs, daily journals, unit histories, etc. Dave Kaufman
Friday, April 7th 2006 - 08:50:38 PM
Name: Debbie Bright Pierce
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Requests for Company B of US Army Soldiers that were sent to Japan during the US Occupation of Japan special weapons from about 1946 to 1949. Looking for photos of units that were stationed on an island and maybe near Mt. Fuji.
Saturday, March 25th 2006 - 01:05:48 AM
Name: Carl L Swindle
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My father LLoyd Swindle (originally from Ft. Worth Tex) served with the 352nd engineer GS Regiment Co B from 1943-1945. This was a primarily Black unit and few could read or write. Fortunately (for me) my father was a great writer, typist and one for keeping notes, records. One such note is about a young black soldier named Alfred Ford (Jan 20 1943). My father was killed (non military) when I was very young and all I have is one picture and his book of letters he wrote for himself and on the behave of his fellow soldiers and loving memories. If anyone knew of my father or the family of Alfred Ford or had a family member that served at the same time as my father I may have some information for you. Please contact me. Buffalo NY
Friday, March 17th 2006 - 11:58:07 PM
Name: Anne-Mai
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Trying to find the place where my father, a civilian DP refugee from Estonia, was killed by a bomb-blast somewhere in/near a trainstation in Bavaria on April 17th, 1945.His remains were never found. I would like to have closure.
Saturday, March 11th 2006 - 11:44:49 PM
Name: Jessie Heinzman
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I have searched in vain for any reference to the 1261st Engineer Combat Battalion. The battalion was organized at Camp Gordon , GA . trained at Camp Gordon, Camp Forrest, TN, Left from Myles Standish, Boston for Liverpool, Nov 10, 2004,arrived in Liverpool Nov 17, 2004, trained in Building bridges near Henley on Thames, built prefab houses in Croydon prior to leaving for the continent about March of 1945. Maintained bridges at Wesel on the Rhine. DOes anyone know of this Engineer Combat Battalion? I am particularly interested in Companies B & C of the Battalion. My late husband was a 1st Lt with the 1261st.
Friday, March 3rd 2006 - 11:49:06 PM
Name: Don Duggan
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: To Travis VanBuren re: posting from 12/04 pertaining to his grandfather Joseph A VanBuren of the 256th combat engineering battalion serving in France and Germany in WW2-I have information pertaining to Pvt VanBuren and the battalion. I was unable to get any response your email address is no longer valid. Don Duggan
Saturday, February 25th 2006 - 10:28:58 AM
Name: Kelley
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: In addition to my last post regarding Henry Densky, his Va markings on gravestone are TEC 5 B-823TDBN Any insight as to what these stand for what also be greatly appreciated.
Thursday, February 23rd 2006 - 03:15:27 PM
Name: Kelley
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am interested in any information regarding a soldier in the 150th named Henry Densky, from Stamford, CT. Thank you in advance for your efforts in this matter.
Thursday, February 23rd 2006 - 10:48:28 AM
Name: Henry Hatt
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for any information about the history of the 90th regarding the area of SOUTHERN THURINGIA, county of SAALFELD, a region where mountains are covered with black stones from the slate mines. I am desperately looking for veterans who have been in that area or for any material (pictures, notes) which they might have left to someone. IG Farben had started to built an underground fuel production site in Unterlockwitz. The slate mine in Unterlockwitz was than guarded and closed for public. US military searched the mine for 4 weeks but NARA does not have any documentation. Also IG Farben had hidden 50 boxes with secret papers (also other content?) in the mine and it remains unclear what happend to them. Where are there no records or why are they not available in US archives? Any help about that subject is highly appreciated. thanks Henry
Wednesday, February 22nd 2006 - 03:26:06 AM
Name: Martin Rigg
E-mail address:
Tuesday, February 14th 2006 - 11:02:06 AM
Name: Tom Neiheisel
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My father, Vincent Neiheisel (Cincinnati, Ohio), was a member of the 246th Combat Engineers in World War II. He passed away on December 28, 1998. He told his children and grandchildren many stories and accounts of his experiences during the war, yet there are questions I wish I would have asked. I would love to hear from any members of the 246th or their families. Thank you.
Saturday, February 4th 2006 - 02:32:34 PM
Name: roger k. morgan
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for information on my grandfather he was a combat engineer in germany during World War II. His name is Kenneth Morgan has had the rank of E7 in the army and was awarded the bronze star for bravery under combat situation. If you could help me find more information on him i would greatly appreciate it. Thank You
Tuesday, January 31st 2006 - 10:49:05 PM
Name: Steve MacKinnon
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for information about my Father, Ernest Charles MacKinnon. He served in Europe during WWll. He pasted away several years ago, unfortunately he never would speak about his service during the war. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you
Saturday, January 21st 2006 - 02:38:07 PM
Name: tino breedveld
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Ik ben geboren in Rotterdam in 1940, Heb de oorlog onderbewust mee gemaakt,drie maal gebombardeerd.Mijn vadre zat in de ondergrondse en deed daar heel veel sabotage werk. Ik ben al die soldaten die gezorgd hebben dat wij van nazi duitsland bevrijd werden dankbaar.Dat ik met mijn kinderen,over de oorlogbegraafplaats in Margraten hebben wij te danken aan hen die vielen.Sorry dat ik dit in het Nederlands schrijf maar mijn Engels is daar te slecht voor om het zo te verwoorden.Wij mijn vrouw en kinderen danken hen die vielen voor onze zaak vergeten doen wij dat zeker niet.
Roughly Translated from Dutch to English;
I was born in Rotterdam in 1940, Did the war by deliberately made it three times gebombardeerd.Mijn vadre was in the underground and did a lot sabotage work.
I am all those soldiers who have ensured that we were liberated from Nazi Germany dankbaar.
Dat my children, about the war cemetery in Margraten we owe to those who vielen.
Sorry that I write in Dutch but my English is too bad so to verwoorden.
Wij my wife and children thank those who came for our business, we forget that not.
Tuesday, January 17th 2006 - 06:02:51 PM
Name: Tim Kinsella (SGM E-9 retired)
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am researching some information for my father in law who was a member of Co B 175th Engineer Regiment . He enlisted on 18 Feb 1942 and served through Naples Foggia, North Apennines, Po Valley, Rome Arno, Sicily and Tunisia. He was discharged on 9 Sep 1945. We are trying to establish if the unit received any Distinguished Unit Citation/Presidential Unit Citation, Joint Meritorious Unit Award etec. There is nothing listed on his DD Form 214 but we realize that some awards were issued after the war and were retroactive for time served. We need this information for a NYS Award for the NYS Conspicuous Service Star. Any help would be apprecciated
Sunday, January 15th 2006 - 08:49:21 PM
Name: Harold Whiting
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Have been serching for info on the 1109 eng group eto ww2 157(c)eng bn and the 163 (c)eng bn
Sunday, January 1st 2006 - 09:00:17 PM
Name: Richard Merlino
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for information about the 288th Combat Engineers Company B. My dad served with them during WWII.
Monday, December 26th 2005 - 08:54:45 AM
Name: John Wernick
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Hello! My Uncle Ronald F. Baker was with the 167th Combat Engineer Battalion attached originally to the 1117th Engineer Combat Group assigned to Third Army. They landed on Utah Beach the 5th of August, 1944 and by August 11th were bivouaced near Laval, France. The morning of Saturday the 12th, T/5 Baker was assigned to drive a headquarters jeep with Lt. Orpha Ziegler and two other men; T/5 Edward Nicholson and T/4 Virgil Newlin to do some reconnaisance to the town of Villaines-la-Juhel about 50 km distant. About 1km from town, the men were ambushed from behind the hedgerow by a German machine gun nest. As fire erupted, the men immediately dove for the ditch. The Lieutenant, seeing that his driver apparently tried to put the jeep in reverse, noticed that the jeep had backed into a telephone pole with Baker slumped behind the wheel. As the Lt. made a dash to get to Baker, a German stepped out from behind the hedge with his machine pistol and fired two shots - each hitting Ziegler in the thigh. He again got up and tried to get to the jeep- the German fired two more shots hitting the Lt. again in the thigh and hip. With no choice but to surrender, the German squad took the three men prisoner and had the two uninjured men bury Cpl. Baker a short distance away in the field. After field dressing the Lieutenant, the German soldiers loaded the men up and took them to Carrouges, about 40 km to the NE. Corporal Ronald F. Baker was the only American soldier to die at Villaines-la-Juhel the day of their liberation, and because of that, the people of Villaines erected a Granite monument at the spot he was killed - and TO THIS DAY - EVERY AUGUST 12, THE MAYOR AND DELEGATION PARADES FROM TOWN TO THE AMBUSH SITE TO LAY A SPRAY OF FLOWERS AND DELIVER A SHORT SPEACH GIVING THANKS TO BAKER AND ALL OTHER AMERICANS THAT SACRAFICED SO MUCH TO GIVE FRANCE THEIR FREEDOM. For anyone interested, I will email them a photo of Cpl. Baker's monument. For the 60th anniversary of Ron's death, I had a porcelain portrait made of Ron and sent to Villaines which they mounted on the memorial. By the way, Lt. Orpha Ziegler,83 is alive and well living in Dallas as well as one of the men that buried Ron - Edward Nicholson,94 in Mesa, Arizona - both I had pleasure to meet!
Friday, December 2nd 2005 - 09:39:21 PM
Name: Charles Davis
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Looking for a veteran that served with my father (S/Sgt James M. Davis)from Columbus,Ohio from 1943/1945 (Normandy,Northern France,Rineland,Central Europe and Ardennes). He was with the 119HQ 1056th combat engineers. He received EAME Theater Ribbon w/5 Bronze Stars and Good Conduct Ribbon. Thank You ! Veitnam Vet Charles D. Davis
Thursday, December 1st 2005 - 04:10:22 PM
Name: Carolyn Koch
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My father, Richard B. Koch, presently 86 years old, was a Corporal (finished as a Sargent), 1301st Engineers, "C" Company, from Detroit, Michigan. Members of other 1301st companies may remember him as he liberated a German Zundop Motorcycle with sidecar from a shed in Belgium and rode it for a while during the progress though Europe. Any contacts or communication related to the 1301st would be appreciated. Thanks much, Carolyn Koch
Friday, November 18th 2005 - 10:09:56 AM
Name: Elwood Showell
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Hello to all the people i'm trying to do some research on my uncle he was in ww2 his name was david showell if any one has any type of info please email me thanks!
Friday, November 11th 2005 - 07:01:17 PM
Name: Randy Stone
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I hope someone can help. I am trying to piece together my Fathers service in WWII. He passed away in 1985, the year I joined the USAF. I retired this year and decided to try to find out about his service, he always said his unit helped build bridges all the way accross Europe for Pattons tanks. They were in Linz, Austria on V.E. Day. The National Personel Records Center in St. Louis was virtually usless, Help me if you can!
Friday, November 11th 2005 - 05:03:35 PM
Name: Dave Kaufman
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: T-4 and T-5 ranks were specialist ranks created during WW II. They were the eqivilent of "buck" Sgt (T-4) and Corporal (T-5). These specialsit rnkas were used in all branches of the U.S. Army, not just the engineers.
Thursday, November 3rd 2005 - 07:52:45 PM
Name: Howard Cooksey
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My uncle Bernard Cooksey was in the 44th combat engineers,landed in France 6-7-44,all the way to Checklosvakia. looking for any survivors and info on thier battles and journey.
Monday, September 26th 2005 - 07:19:23 AM
Name: Ben
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: What is the difference between a combat engineer Tec 4 and Tec 5? Thanks.
Sunday, September 25th 2005 - 05:45:27 PM
Name: Jocelyn Lee
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My father, John Lee, is now 81 years old and going strong. He was with the 1256th Combat Engineers. He was only 18 years old when he was drafted prematurely out of a special training academy in Arkansas right into the depths of World War II Europe, including the Battle of the Bulge, then later the Cold War Front. He recalls most of the soldiers in his battalion were from the East Coast. One of his war buddies' surname was Blanchard. 'Would love to locate war buddies or reunions to connect with my father.
Saturday, September 24th 2005 - 12:17:52 AM
Name: Jamie Schultz
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for information on Company A 202nd Engineer Combat Battalion from WWII. It was the company and battalion my grandfather was in. He died on February 9th, 2005 before we could talk more about his time there and I would like to know more. Please email me with any information. Thank you.
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 02:22:02 PM
Name: Joe Bimler
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Request information on the 613th Light Engineer Company, 1158th Engineer Group, 23rd Corps of WWII.
Wednesday, September 21st 2005 - 01:58:46 PM
Name: Gene Fiducia
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am pleased to see that there are so many sons and daughters and grandchildren interested in the engineer units that their parents were in during WW2. Time is running short we will not last too long. It would be better to get information first hand from those still alive. I have information on the 631St. Engr. Lt. Eq. Co. and 148th and 207Th. Combat Engineers.After action reports and information on the 1110 th Engr. combat group of wich our units were assigned to.
Monday, September 5th 2005 - 08:56:27 AM
Name: Jeffrey Penner
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: My deceased dad enlisted in the Army and fought in the Pacific theatre during WWII. He was in the first landing in Okinowa. My son is now 13 years old and hoping to do a school research project on his grandfather's army service. We have two "artifacts" to serve as a starting off point for research: one is his Army "Eisenhower" jacket with a bunch of decorations (which I don't understand). And second is his army tags. Does anyone know if I could access records concerning his service? Thank you very much. Jeff Penner
Monday, August 22nd 2005 - 10:55:43 PM
Name: David Smith
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Does anyone know anything of a corporal later s.f.c. Erie Lee Haynes. He joined the army in world war 2 from Joplin Mo. He joined the national guard after the war and later served in Korea as a Sergeant in the Military Police. He lived in Kellogg Idaho after Korea. David Smith.
Sunday, August 21st 2005 - 11:11:20 AM
Name: Jim O'Boyle
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Looking for information on the 149th Combat Engineers, Company B....
Friday, August 19th 2005 - 12:50:12 PM
Name: Larry Philpott
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for anyone who may have served in the 157th Engineer Combat Battalion with my father, John Philpott, from Fieldale, Va. Thanks.
Tuesday, August 16th 2005 - 06:32:08 PM
Name: James D. Carr
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Where were all the members of the 160th Army Band sent to from Camp Swift Texas? I was sent to Camp Rucker Alabama to train with the 288th Combat Eng. Batt. I would like to hear from anyone that knows what happened. The WARRANT OFFICER THAT CONDUCTED THIS BAND WAS JACQUES SAENGER. Sgt. Lively was leader of the Jazz band. J D Carr
Saturday, August 13th 2005 - 09:21:47 PM
Name: James Carr
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: John Bell, Lebanon Tn.. a veteran from the 207 Combat Eng. Batt, and the 82nd Combat Eng. Batt; Any information of eith or both of these units would be appreciated. John lost his right leg from a land mine just 2 days before his unit (82nd) was to be pulled out . Thank you for this site.
Saturday, August 13th 2005 - 05:18:27 PM
Name: James D. Carr
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Great site..... I served with the 288th Combat Eng. Batt. until Nov. 1944, was hospitalised then and lost touch. I never got back to the 288th. I would like to hear from any one who might have served wth it during thos last months of 1944 and early 1945. I remember that I was told that they suffered severe casualty while building a bridge near Aachen. Thanks for any help J D
Friday, August 12th 2005 - 11:48:19 AM
Name: James D. Carr
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: I started my carrer with the 288th Combat Eng. Batt. in 1944 at Camp Rucker, Al; then from Camp Shanks N Y, We went to Wales, then by rail to somewhere near Southhampton, Eng.; I had pneumonia, and while in tthe hospital, the 288th went to France. They built a floating bridge near Aachen and had severe casualty. I never got back to the 288th, and have tried toget info. all these years, and thanks to John Bowen and sights like yours, I find some information, and hope to get more. I am 84 but still eager to hear anthing about the 288th. J D
Friday, August 12th 2005 - 11:40:01 AM
Name: josephine Mulroy Powers
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: Looking for information regarding my brother, Tom Mulroy, who was with the 167th Combat Engineers. He was killed crossing the Rhine on March 26th, 1945. Iwould like to know where he was-near what town-when he was killed. He was inducted into the army on March 26,1943. He was sent to the Army Specialized Training Program. He was studying engineering there but when the war effort needed more manpower, the program was abruptly closed down. Ironically, he left the school on March 26, 1944. He had been stationed at Rhode Island State University. I remember he then went for training to a camp in Wisconsin. He had also been at Fort Bliss. He was from the Bronx and was 20 when he died. THe last time I saw him was in June of 44. He came home for our mother's funeral. I was nine and he went overseas right after that. I know he was in Belgium and Luxemburg. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Tuesday, August 9th 2005 - 01:10:26 AM
Name: Frank Nolte
E-mail address: Fraken793@AOL.COM
Requests/Comments/Answers: I served with the 556 Engineers from August 1943 at Camp Beale (Sacramento area) Califonia until unit was deactivated in Yokahama December 15, 1945. My history of 556 is in limited edition Print with almost 600 never before published photrographs from Basis training through Finschafen New guinea, Leyte Luzon and Japan. UNder very early construction now is a web site with material from the book and many photographs
Sunday, July 31st 2005 - 06:21:28 PM
Name: Julie Balke
E-mail address:
Requests/Comments/Answers: If anyone knew of the 179th general hospital in Rouen, France in 1944-45, please contact me. If you were a patient there, you might have been cared for by Dr. Alvin Swingle or 1st Lieutenant, Norma Barker. If any of this sounds familiar, please reply! Thanks!
Tuesday, July 26th 2005 - 01:01:14 AM
Name: Lisa
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Requests/Comments/Answers: Hello I am the grandaughter of George J. Snider. He served with the 252 D Engineer Combat Battalion. Sadly he passed away in Feb. 2000. I regret I never asked him about his experiences. My cousins said that he never really talked about the war. I know that he assisted in building the Venlo Pile Bridge and the Roosevelt Rhine Bridge. I have a copy of a collection of letters and a history detailing, the actions of the 252 Companies A, B and D. The book was given to my Grandfather at the 50th anniversary on September 9 1993. In this book there is mention of the 1146 Engineer Combat Group, APO 339, and 250 and 252nd Engineer Combat Battalions and H/S, 252 Engineer Combat Battalion. You will have to forgive me I don't know much about the divisions and groups, these that I have listed previously may all be one in the same for all I know. I would appreciate any info that anyone has to share I would greatly appreciate it. I am also willing to share any of the info that I have. Thank you so much Lisa
Monday, July 25th 2005 - 10:31:31 PM
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Requests/Comments/Answers: My Dad was in the "HT S CO 347th ENG GS REGT". I would like to find out as much information as I can. I would like to see a roster from Regt. I also have some pictures of the 347th crossing the Rhine. Along with these pictures I have other one of Gen. Patton at the Rhine crossing and some of him inspecting a piece of equipment called " MOBY'S DICK ". I would like to talk to someone who was there or knows more about the 347th Engineers. Thanks Carl
Wednesday, July 20th 2005 - 11:40:42 PM
Name: Michael J. Krupansky
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Requests/Comments/Answers: My father, Stephen R. Krupansky, was a member 1301st Engr Gen Serv Regtin WWII. Stephen was from Detroit, MI. He was a T5 in Company "D". I am seeking information about the 1301st's and company D's movements in Europe and Pacific. I would like to hear from anyone in Company D. I am going through photo's my dad had from the war and would like to eventually scan and post on web somewhere.
Saturday, July 16th 2005 - 05:00:23 PM
Name: nicki haynes
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Requests/Comments/Answers: seeking info on Frank Engel of Cincinnati,Ohio Company A , 1285th Engineer Batallion during WW2.Please e-mail any info or contacts reguarding same.
Monday, July 11th 2005 - 09:58:38 PM
Name: Kelly
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Requests/Comments/Answers: There is currently a 1945 history of the 1263d Combat Batallion on EBAY along with a letter from soldier in this unit from WWII Europe.
Monday, July 11th 2005 - 10:03:56 AM
Name: Mari Nishiguchi
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Requests/Comments/Answers: Hello, My father was part of the 2829th Combat Engineer Battalion. I am trying to find more information about his service in the army and his experience in WWII. If anyone has any information on this Battalion, please send me a message. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Saturday, June 25th 2005 - 06:07:33 PM
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Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for information about WWII COMPANY C,44TH ENGINEERS,C BATTALION My father, Hubert J. Christensen from Marshall County, Iowa, served as a construction foreman from January 21, 1943-December 2, 1945. They built a floating Bailey Bridge across the Marseille River in France. They were in Belgium and at Buchenwald prison. They constructed a bridge of steel treadway and rubber pontoons across the Rhine River at Boggart, Germany. It was 1080 feet long and was built in 9 hours 15 minutes by the 44thEng.,C Bn. If you could provide any resources for me to access or any information about fellow comrades, I would greatly appreciate it! If you have a fax machine, I could fax you a one page photo layout I have created of his war experiences. Karen
Tuesday, June 21st 2005 - 12:52:52 PM
Name: Alex
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Requests/Comments/Answers: My Grandfather Harold E. Sala, passed away at Yale New Haven Hospital on Monday, June 28, 2004 age 79. He was in the 150th. H&S Company.
Monday, June 20th 2005 - 10:04:33 PM
Name: Dave Kaufman
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Requests/Comments/Answers: My dad was a medic in Co. C, 244th Engineer Combat Bn. I have info on the unit, some pix, available upon request. Web site under construction.
Sunday, June 12th 2005 - 05:48:11 PM
Name: Henry Hatt
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Requests/Comments/Answers: On April 13 and 14, 1945 you came to Graefenthal and Probstzella in Thuringia, than to Ludwigsstadt, Bavaria. Please help me! I need to find out which units explored the underground production sites in the slate mines in this part of Germany. One mine was a deposit site for the Navy and for IG Farben. It was called Glueckauf-Brand and some of your troups locked and searched the slate mine for 14 days hoping to find secret papers. Please help me find out who examinded the mine... THANKS Henry
Sunday, June 12th 2005 - 04:48:07 AM
Name: Richard Horrell
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Requests/Comments/Answers: Ms. Betty Almond, I have tried to e-mail you in regard to information about Mr. Daniel. The e-mail address that you posted does not seem to be correct. I am a Historian that specializes in WW 2, especially US Army Engineer Unit History. The units that you have questions about are ones that I have facts on file. Please e-mail me at so that I may try to assist you. Respectfully, Richard V. Horrell
Saturday, June 11th 2005 - 10:48:30 AM
Name: betty almand
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Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for any information on Cecil Toliver Daniel, who served during World War 11 with the Army combat corps of engineers. He was in the 95th division, 187 and 368 combat batalion, also he was in the 79th infantry, company A, I think. This gentleman did work all along the Rhine River in Germany. This man is the father of a friend of mine. His father died when my friend was only 16 years old, and his father never would talk about the war with him. My friend is hungry for information on his father as to where he did work along the Rhine River, etc. Could you help him, and if you can't, can you offer any other advice to him about how he might get some info about his father, who died in 1962 long after the war?
Friday, June 10th 2005 - 01:23:50 AM
Name: Ron Sanders
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Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for any information on the 694th Engineer Base Equipment Company. It was the unit my Brother in Law was in during WWII. He said their unit shipped out in 1944 from a Camp Clayborn located in Louisiana. He said they arrived in England, then to France, Antwerp and to Belgium. He thought his Company Commander was a Captain Schaad or Schad. Later the C.O. was a Peterson. Would appreciate hearing anything at all about this Unit. Thank You, MSG Ronald Sanders, USA Retired.
Wednesday, June 8th 2005 - 10:14:39 PM
Name: mike kerr
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Requests/Comments/Answers: Hi, I was actually looking for any information about the 66th infantry division combat engineers in World War 2. My Grandfather, Michael Kerr sr. was a member but unfortunately he passed away several years ago and did not leave much info.If nayone knew him or his unit or has any info it would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot, mike.
Monday, June 6th 2005 - 12:24:12 PM
Name: Anthony Consiglio
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Requests/Comments/Answers: Interested in my late uncle Fred Baldini's receiving Silver Star Medal and the reason. He served in the combat engineers under Gen Patton.
Sunday, May 29th 2005 - 01:47:20 PM
Name: Jeff Lutz
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Requests/Comments/Answers: Just a side note on the last message from our family. There are many proud and interested family members who would love to here any info or stories about Paul Inman or his older brother, James Inman. We Know Paul started in the 90th infantry on D-Day but was wounded in the Hedgerows on D + 13.James was then able to get a transfer for him to the 150th as a typist. If any one has info or stories we would be honored to read them.
Saturday, May 28th 2005 - 01:15:01 AM

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