Thanks to everyone for their contributions.
Be sure to check this page each time you return, so you know what has changed since your last visit here.

A special thanks to Ralph Randlett, "C Co." & his family for making a donation to the website, and for a gift certificate for my son and I.

1/5/99 Added another Christmas card from 1944. Moved a commendation from reports to XII corps map under Rivers Crossed. Added to, or fixed commendations for the Moselle, Rhine, Blies, and Sarre Rivers.
2/4/99 I took most of the past month off from working on the website. A much needed vacation. I moved the wide picture of Company A to basic where it belonged. Added pictures to page 2 of Basic, Rhine River Crossing, made a new section the dogs of the 150th. Added to Planes & Trains. I still have plenty coming, but after 9 hours work, I am out of time until the weekend. Check back for more then.
2/7/99 Happy Birthday to my son Robert. He turned 5 today! I moved some of the troops pictures, and added to Trucks, Jeeps, Other Vehicles, Planes, Road Crew, Frontlines, Rhine River pictures, Medics, Company "A" of troops, and Dogs of the 150th. Removed about 6 dead links from military websites. Added a new webring "The war ring". 6 more hours put into it, and I still have more coming this week.
2/9/99 Added 8 more pictures to Company "A". We are one of the selected sights from Del Rey books to receive a free copy of Harry Turtledove's continuation of his acclaimed WWII alternative history. Please stop by Del Rey Books at .
2/22/99 On Sat 13 Feb., my computer hard drive crashed. In the crash I lost all my information on 2 hard drives. I managed to restore 1 of the 2, but the drive that had all my tools for the website, and all the files that make up the website, would not restore from my tape back up. So the last 1-1/2 weeks I have been trying to get it all replaced from different sources.
The good news, I have the website and most of the tools for building it restored now. It took a lot of updates to get it all back up to date on my computer.
I have also started scanning in more pictures again. I just updated all the pages in the reunion section, and added in a picture from the 7th reunion, in 1953. I also moved all of the changes prior to 1999 to the next page.
3/8/99 Minor facelift of the opening page, to entice more users to go beyond the first page. With the help of his son, Identified Col. Van Atta on the officers pictures page.
Added pictures to;  1st reunion picture. Pg. 1 & 2 of Basic Training. Troops, Co. "A", "C", & H&S. Also alphabetized the pictures of the troops, and removed a few of the low quality pictures, or if there were to many of any one soldier.
3/22/99 I decided it was time to add to the emails received about this site. Let everyone know the things being said about the site, and my work.
For the next 6 weeks the updates will not be to frequent. I have just bought a house, and am putting most of my time into working on it, and then moving in. I will try to make a few updates on the days I am relaxing (or recovering) from the work on the new house.
I added something different for a change, a letter home about a soldiers leave in Paris, complete with pictures. This is in a new section for Newspaper articles, Fliers, and Letters, which now has 11 other items in it I did today. Added a GREAT picture of a bridge, 1944 and today on the Sarre River. Our friend in France really out did himself on this one. Also in a help section for those who are looking for information.
3/24/99 Added war ration information in the letters & newspaper section.
3/25/99 Added more to the Newspaper, Fliers, & Letters section.
4/8/99 Moved Christmas and postcards to the Newspaper and Letters section. Added a couple Christmas cards. Added the history of the 21 Gun Salute, the Corps of Engineers, Battle History of WWII, & Campaign History of WWII, to History and Traditions.
4/12/99 Fixed an error, the links for the cards were not showing up. Added the latest news letter to the reunion information. Fixed the problem about the story of Pat MacIsaac, where his picture was not showing up.
4/17/99 Moved the news article of Pat MacIsaac and Gen. Patton to Letters and Newspapers. Fixed the sound on the stories page. It would cause odd errors on some browsers, and play twice as loud as other pages. Also added my e-mail link to the bottom of the stories pages
5/11/99 Added my fathers Bronze Star to Decorations received. Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon above the citation on bottom of the main page. WWII victory Ribbon to opening page. The Army and You, a booklet given out to new recruits in the letters section. Added 5 letters home to letters section. Co. "B" 3rd Platoon roster to letters. Added a letter about Comments on Leadership from Col. Van Atta to Letters.
5/17/99 Added a letter from Mike Luciano's Sister to letters, and a story about the trip home to stories. Also would like to welcome aboard Carolyn Buckner, wife of Harry Buckner, who is helping with some typing.
5/27/99 Added names to a bunch of "A" Company Troops and a picture to Officers, a news article about a 54 year guilty conscience, a story about Germans surrendering. 
6/27/99 Added over 50 pictures from the 1999 reunion, plus 1 short movie. All to reunions, located under post war activities. I also updated the list of reunions.
While there, be sure to check out who was the hit of the dance floor on Wednesday evening. A special thanks to all the ladies who danced with him.
First, this is a sad day for the USA. It we have lost a VIP, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. 38 years young! I ask everyone to give a moment of silence in his honor.

Added a second page of Major Edmund Knight bridge pictures to final bridges built, a second page of leftovers, more then and now pictures under Sarre River, all under the rivers crossed section. Added a picture to road crew, and a section called women to troops, a picture to Frontlines, a picture to Miscellaneous, three pictures the the PTA section. Added pictures from the 1958 reunion, and added that reunion information to the reunions list. I am STILL looking for information on when and where the 1951, 1954, 1959, 1960, and 1975. Corrected an error and added to the 6th reunion pictures. I had mistakenly called it the 5th reunion. Added 2 cards to the letters section. Added the British Medal of Honor Citation given to Sgt. Poisson under decorations.
This is less than half of what I still have to get online still. I am going to try to take a few days to get this site updated completely. The above work is at least 40 hours of work between two different people. 
For those who do not know, I have been working constantly on my new house. This is why updates to the website have been so slow. I finally have the ability to sit back and relax sometimes. So maybe I can knock out more work on the website.
Added the preview section again. 31 more pictures. BUT I still have another 50-75 pictures still to work on so I can post them. Maybe some time this week I will try.
8/12/99 Fixed a few little problems that come up with Microsoft's Internet explorer. This was a shock to me, seeing I use Netscape all the time. It seems like Microsoft if very picky. So please, if you see a page that things do not look right on, let me know so I can fix it up some. 
Over the past 3 weeks I have done a lot of little things on the site just doing some much needed maintenance. I never did get around to putting the rest of the pictures online though... Sorry about that. I will get to it shortly. I also have another story to put on-line, and some manuals. So keep checking back. This fall is when the manuals on the bridges and the soldiers handbook will come online. That is going to require quite a bit of work.
8/21/99 Added something to the bottom of most pages so I can track what is popular and what isn't. Spent the past couple weeks mostly promoting the website further, to get more traffic on it.
8/26/99 Minor Facelift time. I rearranged things on the opening page and main page, so that we may be able to increase traffic, and to make the site look even better.
As of now I have removed the short addresses from the opening page. (,, They have not worked out all that well. To often you would type in the name and it would not take you to the website. Now they are putting pop-up ads on my sites.
8/28/99 Added more names to Pg.'s 1-3 of "A" Co. troops, and to officers. Fixed some typo's. All thanks to Bill Morrissey.
9/10/99 In the past week or so I added a new site to the list of places hosting the 150th's Website. It is I ask people to try that and see if it works without a problem. I am trying to find the most reliable place to host our website. I hope eventually to have an address like or If you think you might be interested in sponsoring the cost for this to happen, please contact me.
Added another 1st Reunion Picture, of everyone there. A better 25th Reunion picture so you can make out people. 3 more Early Reunion Pictures. Placed most of the Ribbons onto the Decorations Received.
9/12/99 Changed castles on the main page. Replaced the photo of my dad in the farm house dark room with a better quality one, and added an enlarged view of that picture. Added more information about the Rhine River Crossing to the Rhine Crossing under the rivers crossed section. Added pictures from a USO show to the Miscellaneous pictures section.
9/16/99 Added a new story to Stories. "Jumping Joe" Calve
9/27/99 Added a new Webring WWII Analyzed. Added new award.
9/30/99 Added 2 more stories from Bob Pearl, A Night Out, and Sgt. Szychulski. Remodeled a little bit of the main page. It's that time again... time to make this site look even better... As soon as I get a few more pictures scanned in I will be working more on a new design.
10/4/99 Added Battalion Officers Group Photo from Ft. Dix, NJ. Just before shipping out overseas. 
10/5/99 Added Company "B" Group Photo from Ft. Dix to Basic Training main page.
11/8/99 Found out the above was "C" Company, and corrected it. Bigger news is we have a new EASY address.. or . Either way you come to our site. Added another award I received.

Now have A, B, & C Company's group photo's under Basic. All we need now is H&S. On another note, For the first time in my life I now have the chicken pox! What a horrid thing this is for anyone to go through. I am now on day 4, so about another week of torture to go yet.


I am JINXED on these large company pictures from Basic. I replaced the one I had from A company with one I scanned in much better..... I scanned in the wrong one... so we had two of C Company again! I have fixed it now! I also have added the following;
Story from Bill Morrissey-- He stood between me and death, about Bill and Ed Barsom. H&S's Basic Training Picture. 1949 Reunion Letter and Flyer, 1950 Reunion Letter & Post Cards.


I was surprised. It took almost a days work to scan in and set up the newspaper the POST under the letters section. It was from the end of the war in Regansburg, Germany. Added the following;
a little more to the 1949 reunion newsletter page. The 2000 Motel Application. Identified many names in one of the early reunion pictures.
Many more Medics Pictures.


I moved everything from the preview area to where it belonged; Miscellaneous Pictures, P T A, Troops (A company pg. 4), Rivers Crossed (leftover bridges pg. 2), and Frontlines. I added bombed out buildings to Frontlines. Also took some from "miscellaneous pictures" and put them into frontlines.
Added the following; S-3 map of Ft Dix Dec. 1943 to Basic. 3 pictures to reunions (80's), 1 picture to troops, pg. 4 of Company A, 4 pictures to "unknown" troops. Drawing of bailey bridge added to story of bailey bridge under rivers crossed. Picture of Patton "marking" his territory under rivers.

12/12/99 It has been a LOT of work. I just went through all 295 pages, online. I fixed many small problems. I need YOUR help. If you come to a page that a picture does not load, or get an ERROR message page or document not found, Email me and let me know what page so I can fix it. I think I have all the bugs out now.

Added the correct ribbon to the Presidential Unit citation, and changed the music on the opening page.


Rearranged the main page so people looking for assistance to find another unit or person not in the 150th will hopefully look at the assistance page before sending email to me, asking me.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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